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DuckTales Remastered
09-05-2014 - Game Review written by Mable
DuckTales Remastered Iím one of the 17 people on the internet who didnít lose their shit when Ducktales Remastered came to fruition. I vaguely recall the original game, but truth be told, it was released before I was born and I donít really care for its legacy. Iím here to play Ducktales Remastered as if itís only now been released. ... [Read More]
SteamWorld Dig (Wii U)
08-25-2014 - Game Review written by AlloftheAbove
SteamWorld Dig (Wii U) SteamWorld Dig for the 3DS has been one of the more successful game releases gracing the Nintendo 3DS eShop, both critically and financially. Those who played it all enjoyed the game, although I never really got a chance to get my feet dirty digging with the game due to time constraints. I also didn't know much about... [Read More]
Game & Watch Gallery 2 (3DS VC)
09-17-2014 - Game Review written by Brandyn
Game & Watch Gallery 2 (3DS VC)
Release Date: 1997 (JP), 1998 (USA) Platforms: Game Boy Color, 3DS (virtual console) Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Like Captain Falcon, most people know more about Mr. Game & Watch from his appearances in Super Smash Bros. than from his respective franchise. I'm one of those people who knew exactly where he was from before his big comeback in Melee. The Game & Watch... [Read More]
Mario Kart 8
06-05-2014 - Game Review written by AlloftheAbove
Mario Kart 8 If thereís one thing that I ever worry about with Mario Kart, itís that thereís only ever one game per console. We get multiple Mario, Pokemon and Zelda titles, but Mario Kart? Thatís a one per generation deal. It has to be good. Nintendo know this though, they know that Mario Kart appeals to everyone and anyone even... [Read More]
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