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  1. What sense does it make to have a PRIVATE MySpace account if people can still hack &
  2. Video Game Blog #2: The Brawl Roster/Represention/Character rants (this is long)
  3. Rage!
  4. Nostalgia Warning
  5. Is common sense extinct or something?
  6. SMGD's Apology
  7. Blog #3: Yet another poem
  8. CrAzYoNzZ and Kids!
  9. Le gasp~
  10. Drawn out explanation time
  11. Got a new wireless card, but having some problems
  12. Boys, I need some help
  13. What should be a job for me
  14. What it feels like in an earthquake
  15. The bottles, they suffer
  16. FFTA2: The Lost Chronicles
  17. AotA's Adventures in AmericaLand
  18. Darn it...
  19. Exercising
  20. My Computer is Sick.
  21. Selling my Yu-Gi-Oh Collection
  22. You Jelly?
  23. An open letter to agnostics
  24. Cam's LP's Thread (Watch em!)
  25. Writing classic game guides/FAQs, anyone want to help?
  26. I'm a sinner. My last words before I die tomorrow..
  27. DragonLX's Let's Plays
  28. Get at me
  29. Azure's Let's Play Thread
  30. Won't be here as often....
  31. Rock Band Equipment for sale or trade
  32. Tumblr
  33. Anyone need these textbooks?
  34. Didn't think I'd ever see this
  35. Backness!
  36. My laptop sucks too! seeya probably... (also blogging)
  37. I'm back, back in the NFF groove.
  38. Might not be around for a while
  39. Well Holy Shit
  40. Collaborative Let's Play channel: WANT name ideas and game suggestions
  41. What does NFF want me to ask the drivethru?
  42. Welp, Youtube axed my account
  43. D.M. Studios.
  44. If you're health conscious, jsut stay out of college
  45. One Man, One Army..
  46. Halp.
  47. SMGD's State of the Union Address 2012
  48. I'm going to record an ocarina performance for you guys
  49. A message from SG64
  50. The Queen of Goats is here, baby
  51. origins of shadowfox
  52. SG64's first let's play - you decide!
  53. A Formal Apology from Colorful CrAzYoNzZ
  54. Salutations
  55. Hudson's Debate Depot
  56. I have a Master Sword, your argument is invalid.
  57. Dear Review Team...
  58. Come up with SG64's user title!
  59. History channel ain't got crap on me!
  60. SG64's Facebook page and why you need to like it
  61. You Tube channel (Based around gaming)
  62. `MrKidPixel's SSB Ideas
  63. The Kush Network
  64. Need help with our Lets Play Collab Channel...
  65. Official Swag Thread
  66. Gym is my church - Level up irl
  67. Diary of a Black Nerd
  68. Looking for people.
  69. Sir ManguyPlays
  70. Hello there!
  71. Thinking of writing an NFF Fiction featuring you guys
  72. Alice's RPG idea thread
  73. Where have i been?!
  74. Unexpected Encounter With Nintendo
  75. A Thanksgiving Message from SG64
  76. Attention Nintendofanforum User Hakuryuu!!
  77. Nights Pics
  78. It's been an honor
  79. How I Got Here
  80. About my mood
  81. Birthday
  82. My Life in 100 Short Stories
  83. Gamecube reviews
  84. Shaving my Head for Charity
  85. My Let's Play!
  86. Paper Mario Download Code (Wi/Wii U) giveaway!
  87. Custom Gaybo
  88. What Misdirection does in his free time.
  89. Song Translations
  90. Song Translation: "And Counting..." By LIGHTS
  91. So this happened...
  92. So this recently happened
  93. Want free stuff? I'm giving away free stuff. Everybody likes free stuff!
  94. I want to try a video review...
  95. A rant about a "friend"
  96. Hey guys
  97. Ask SG64
  98. -claps hand together-
  99. Magikarp Gamers
  100. How many bassists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
  101. For Real This Time! Cam's Let's Play/Livestream Thread!!
  102. What is a console war?
  103. Alice-sama's Let's Plays
  104. The Misadventures of Doom Blade, the Cyborg Ninja
  105. About my inactivity
  106. Livestream Dedicated Thread
  107. My New Thing: Rare Fruit.
  108. Portable Consoles
  109. I'm 18 now.
  110. Questions For You Guys
  111. Diary of a Black Nerd 2
  112. Why I'm not around as much, etc
  113. Based on my day and day
  114. Mario Party(s) Multiplayer Let's Play [High Quality]
  115. The Manguydudes
  116. My figure reviews
  117. Last night, I was arrested for shoplifting
  118. Nerd Block, Nerd Block Jr, and Arcade Block Unboxings!
  119. Zodiac - a collectible card game
  120. Best Birthday Ever!
  121. Emulation Rating
  122. Vote for an RP
  123. Happy Birthday Pokeman
  124. Lootcrate Unboxing
  125. leaving for now
  126. Minecraft Group Hardcore Feat. SanePsychoSuper, Takeayoshii, Alex, James
  127. stuff that happened since I have been gone
  128. I'm back again.