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  1. Extreme Rumor: MW3=Prequel?
  2. Vintage gaming collection washed away in Aussie floods
  3. Final Fantasy XIII-2 announced
  4. 3DS Conference: Everything you need to know
  5. NintendoXCapcom: Is it possible?
  6. Cam, you might want to see this
  7. Everything You Need to Know About Skyward Sword*SPOILERS*
  8. NEW! Sony NGP (PSP2)
  9. Stacking
  10. Black and White event pokemon - Victini
  11. Super Mario Bros. for 3DS in development
  12. Farewell Hudson....
  13. Guitar Hero is finally axed
  15. Get a Free Mythical Pokemon Celebi
  16. Nintendo explains why 3DS battery life is only 3-5 hours
  17. Ocarina of Time 3D to Feature Master Quest
  18. GameStop May Not Be Able to Fulfill all 3DS Preorders
  19. Nintendo 3DS New York City Launch Party Photo Coverage
  20. 3DS 2011 Launch List
  21. Possible Rumor: Secret Megaman and Street Fighter Projects
  22. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City aka Left 4 Evil...and RE4 Re-release
  23. 3DS Snags Highest Day-One Sales of any Nintendo Portable
  24. Nintendo Announces more N64 re-makes for 3ds
  25. R.I.P. Megaman Universe
  26. Secret Capcom Game- DD
  27. Pandora's Tower Trailer
  28. The Commodore 64 Lives again!
  29. Sony Strikes Again with Trash Talk Against Nintendo
  30. Video Game Pioneer Dies at 70
  31. New Nintendo Console to be Announced at E3, Says Multiple Sources
  32. Retro Working on Popular Title for new Nintendo Console
  33. Megaman Legends 3 "Prototype" announced for 3DS eShop
  34. Project Cafe and Its Rumored Tech Specs
  35. A Link to the Past 3DS remake possible
  36. Rumor Overload: Rare And Nintendo, Future of Metroid
  37. Official Console/E3 rumor thread
  38. Free 3D classic, Excitebike, for upcoming 3DS store update
  39. Sonic Generations
  40. Budget Priced Wii Games
  41. Soul Calibur V announced
  42. 3DS e-shop delayed till June 6-7th
  43. Pokemon Black and White international eevee evolution giveaway
  44. PSP titles being remastered for the PS3
  45. Legend of Zelda Online? Flash game or more?
  46. New Controller confirmed
  47. Super Smash Bros. Strife
  48. McDonald's! I choose you!
  49. E3 Conference Times
  50. Nintendo E3 2011
  51. Wii U
  52. Dear Nintendo, about Wii U
  53. Ocarina of Time 3D Sold out almost everywhere
  54. Kirby Wii
  55. GTA 5 Rumor
  56. Megaman Legends 3 Project - Canceled?
  57. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is Announced - It's Mahvel Baby
  58. Comic-con Skyward Sword Trailer
  59. Assasins creed: Revelations
  60. Hello Kitty X Street Fighter
  61. Majora's Mask Remake on 3DS?
  62. 3DS $80 Price Drop
  63. Iwata taking 50% salary cut
  64. Miyamoto: Buy Starfox for 3ds or Starfox is dead.
  65. How the Mighty (Rare) Have Fallen.
  66. Next gen consoles will fail? Mobiles the future? WiiU not ideal for devs?
  67. Next gen is about the controller, not graphics
  68. Lollipop Chainsaw
  69. Zone of Enders for 3DS?
  70. 3DS Release Dates
  71. Wii "Jr." to lose Backwards Compatibility?
  72. RUMOR: New Fire Emblem for the 3DS
  73. Nintendo patents phrase "Massively Single P
  74. Namco BandaiXTemco Koei Teaser
  75. Vulgar Images Found in Used Copy of Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games
  76. Slavery - The Game
  77. IGN chat bob about Zelda
  78. Weekly Releases: September 4-10th
  79. New 3DS add-on: Second analog
  80. Eiji Aonuma Never beat the original Zelda
  81. Weekly Releases: September 11th-17th
  82. Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS announced
  83. Play Zelda: Skyward Sword first at events in the UK
  84. What could of been an awesome Super Hero game.
  85. Visceral Games closes it's studio
  86. iPhone 5 will Kill the 3DS
  87. Warco - A different type of video game
  88. Free Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition
  89. Keiji Inafune's "King of Pirates"
  90. 'Pokemon Gray' Domain Registred
  91. Another 3DS Conference this Friday.
  92. WII: free Kirby TV channel.
  93. The BBC get Nintendo wrong again
  94. Major 3DS Update
  95. Simulated Mars mission astronauts has Nintendo Wii to fight boredom
  96. New, original Zelda Coming to the 3DS
  97. Claptrap's Eulogy
  98. RUMOR: New Xbox may have a bigger focus on Kinect
  99. You can play your UMD's on the PSP, but with a catch
  100. RUMOR: Wii U may support Steam or EA Origin
  101. PETA Targets Mario for Tanooki Abuse
  102. GameSpot gives Skyward Sword a 7.5 because they didn't know how to play the game.
  103. Nintendo at the LA Autoshow
  104. RUMOR: Final Fantasy VII or Dragon Quest VII may be remade on the 3DS
  105. RUMORS: Sony Smash Bros?
  106. CONFIRMED: Xenoblade finally coming to the US
  107. Best Game Ever
  108. 3DS Update AVAILABLE NOW!
  109. Geneva Conventions in Videogames
  110. Miyamoto stepping down from his position at Nintendo
  111. Retro could collaborate on Zelda
  112. Free GBA games!
  113. Wii U to appear at CES
  114. Teased: BF2142 Coming Soon(ish)
  115. The World Ends With You in Kingdom Hearts 3D!
  116. New Pokemon Crossover?
  117. Zelda timeline possibly confirmed
  118. Swapnote is Here!
  119. Ocean Marketing shoots itself in the foot with a rocket
  120. Square Enix goes "Mainstream"
  121. Anonymous threatens to hack Sony
  122. NFF GotY 2011 Nominees
  123. 3DS and Wii U may have E-Reader Functionality
  124. New Xbox and PS4 will be at E3
  125. Wii U: Coming after E3 2012
  126. 2 New Zelda Games for 3DS
  127. Resident Evil 6 announced
  128. Metal Gear Solid 3DS Bundle, Nintendo Network, Rayman Origins Release Date
  129. Nintendo Network?
  130. Free demos now available!
  131. Project Cars coming to Wii U!
  132. RUMOR: Rocksteady's - TMNT: Manhattan Crisis.
  133. THQ leaves it's longtime focus on licensed kids games
  134. Wii U: Release News
  135. Nintendo Live, WiiU/3DS Network.
  136. Nintendo to rebrand Wii U?
  137. Rumor: Nintendo stll considering re-branding the Wii U?
  138. Denpa Ninjen
  139. CoD: Black Ops voted greatest video game ending ever
  140. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Sequel announced
  141. Last Story coming to North America
  142. Capcom, Sega, And Namco Bandai Collaborate for the 3DS
  143. Production for the Next Super Smash Bros Starts
  144. Pokemon Black and White 2
  145. RUMOR: Valve may be working on a console
  146. Rollercoaster Tycoon coming to 3ds (all new game)
  147. Mario Party 9 is out
  148. Medal of Honor: Warfighter for Wii U?
  149. Capcom Interested in more Resident Evil for the 3DS
  150. Epic Mickey 2 Confirmed
  151. Fire Emblem: Awakening
  152. DarkSiders 2 to be a Wii U launch title
  153. Gamestop giving 50% Bonus Trade credit until April 1st
  154. Google Maps coming to an NES near you?!
  155. Wii U not as poweful as PS3 or X360?
  156. Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure
  157. Hirokazu Yasuhara, Sonic creator, joins Nintendo
  158. 3DS Release Dates (as of 4/6/12)
  159. Retro to be working on a new Starfox?
  160. F-Zero for the Wii U?
  161. 3D Sequel to A Link to the Past?
  162. New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3DS
  163. Rumors & Specs Leaks: Playstation Orbis and Xbox 720?
  164. Sony's answer to Super Smash Bros is revealed
  165. Walmart Prices Wii U at $350
  166. Nintendo focusing on Hardcore games first
  167. Microsoft tries something new: Xbox 360 for $99, but with a catch
  168. More games for Nintendo Selects
  169. Sony's US boss is against blocking used games. In his personal opinion.
  170. Steam Cards available at Gamestop
  171. Saints Row IV: A New Crazy
  172. Peter Molyneux "Not impressed with the Wii U"/Peter Molyneux contradicts himself
  173. Epic knows about the PS4/NextBox specs. Wants increase
  174. This is going to sound really weird, but just read it anyway
  175. Mario Tennis Open Yoshi Costume QR Code for Club Nintendo members!
  176. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate for the 3DS
  177. Nintendo Live-Streaming multiple events @ E3
  178. Zone of the Enders 3 confirmed
  179. New Sony Patent - Games will pause to show ads(What the f*** are they thinking?)
  180. Injustice: Gods Among Us - From the developers of Mortal Kombat
  181. E3 rumor thread - 2012
  182. Nintendo Direct - Pre-E3
  183. Wii U Pro Controller!
  184. Miiverse Announced
  185. Majora's Mask Remake Trailer Leaked?
  186. Info about Wii U?
  187. Humble Indie Bundle V - 4 games for $0.01
  188. Miyamoto interested in making a First Person Shooter
  189. Anyone who is worried about the Wii U's power can calm down now
  190. Nintendo now co-owns the Fatal Frame franchise
  191. Namco Bandai to help work on the new Super Smash Bros.
  192. 3DS Redesign: 3DS XL(aka 3DSWheretheF***isthesecondCirclePad)
  193. Kirby Dream Collection
  194. Namco Bandai - All-Star Battle
  195. You can sell resell digital games in Europe
  196. Want Metroid and Starfox Wii-U? So does Miyamoto
  197. Project Sora closes it's doors
  198. Wii U can use the Unreal Engine 4
  199. Zelda anime apparently in the works
  200. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle coming to XBLA and PSN
  201. Rumor: FFvsXIII cancelled?
  202. Sonic Adventure 3 Domain Name registered
  203. Nintendo Becoming 3rd Party?
  204. Fan expo canada! And guess whose got nff's exclusive coverage!
  205. Hideki Kamiya would like to make Viewtiful Joe 3
  206. Wii U Game Box art Confirmed
  207. Capcom Wii U announcement "Very Soon"
  208. "The Last Story" US Launch Goes Horribly
  209. Somebody finished Diablo 3 in 12 hours
  210. Nintendo responds to NSMB2 criticisms + Nintendo's DLC approach
  211. Nintendo Power Shuttung Down
  212. RUMOR:PS4 to support a whopping 4k resolution
  213. Fake Zelda 3DS Game Circulates
  214. New Characters in SSB WiiU
  215. Animal Crossing 3DS info!
  216. Interesting article about Microsoft's Rare
  217. "Console War: The Movie"? Domain name registered by Sony Pictures
  218. GAME lists Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
  219. Lot's of Metal Gear Solid Goodies
  220. Wii U price?
  221. Ace Attorney 5 for th 3DS
  222. RUMOR: Wii U Zelda in 2014
  223. Yaiba - Keiji Inafune's next game, possibly for the Wii U
  224. Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive
  225. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to The US(Wii U/3DS)
  226. Monolith Soft Creating a new game for the Wii U
  227. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning 15th Anniversary Edition!
  228. Koopalings aren't related to Bowser
  229. Nintendo and Unity Technology Team-up for the Wii U
  230. Kingdom Hearts HD Collection
  231. Capcom may remake Resident Evil 2
  232. Possible Banjo & Kazooie spiritual successor
  233. Special Edition 3DS Bundles NOT coming your way!
  234. Cliff Bleszinski Leaves Epic Games
  235. EA gives "rehashed Sports games" a whole new meaning: FIFA 13 on Wii is still FIFA 12
  236. Sony sues Jerry Lambert, AKA Kevin Butler
  237. PETA Attacks Nintendo again(Pokemon Black and White 2)
  238. Darkstalkers Resurrection and a possible revival
  239. "Scientifically Proven" Top 100 Video Games
  240. Medal of Honor Warfighter releases with a huge Day One patch
  241. Are IGN's reviews paid for?
  242. Resident Evil Revelations Director hints a Resident Evil game for the Wii U
  243. Nintendo Characters in Scribbenauts Unlimited
  244. Animal Crossing 3DS' US Title Released
  245. Nintendo selling Wii U at a loss
  246. Animal Crossing: New Leaf US Trailer
  247. Gamestop KIDS
  248. G4 cancels Attack of the Show and X-Play
  249. Treasure developing 3DS exclusive
  250. Wii U internet specs revealed