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  1. Miyamoto questions why Nintendo fans want another F-Zero
  2. Mario Galaxy is apparently the best game ever
  3. RUMOR: Xbox tablet(NOT SMARTGLASS)
  4. Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time
  5. Navy SEALs Face Disciplinary Action For Consulting On Medal of Honor
  6. Wii U Nintendo Network ID, Wii U Chat, No More Friendcodes
  7. Massive GTA5 Spoiler
  8. Xbox 720's Features Will be More About Design & Services
  9. PS4 & 720; The Last Consoles.
  10. Wii U 5 Gig Firmware Update at Launch
  11. Guy "accidentally" Accesses the Wii U's debug mode
  12. Wii U is profitable for Nintendo after game purchases
  13. The Last Story is a success for XSeed
  14. Miiverse Now Autocensors Penises
  15. Golden Nunchuck back in club nintendo
  16. Wii U CPU, GPU details
  17. Cover art for final issue of Nintendo Power revealed.
  18. Sony patent morphs Dualshock and Move controller together
  19. Starwars Battlefront III was 99% finished
  20. RUMOR: Resident Evil 6: Final Hope and more
  21. Animal Crossing: New Leaf SOLD OUT in Japan
  22. Here comes the slew of E3 rumors
  23. Megaman X Street Fighter(FREEEEEE!!!)
  24. Valve wants to directly compete with consoles
  25. Sega's ridiculous lawsuit against Level-5
  26. THQ files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  27. Mother/Earthbound rerelease hinted
  28. Reserve Fire Emblem: Awakening and Get a Free Art Book
  29. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
  30. Nintendo Force
  31. Sony files patent that blocks second hand games
  32. Microsoft sets countdown clock for E3
  33. EA not releasing Crysis 3 on Wii U due to lack of business drive
  34. Pokemon X and Y Announced!
  35. Steam-powered PC
  36. New Playstation Move Patent
  37. EVO 2013 standings
  38. RUMOR: Sony and Microsoft may not reveal their consoles at E3
  39. Fire Emblem 3DS bundle coming to the US
  40. Pandors's Tower Coming to North America
  41. First Bayonetta possible on the Wii U eShop
  42. Killer Is Dead
  43. Video Game legislation that will enforce ESRB ratings
  44. Retarded Missouri Violent Video Game tax
  45. Petition for White House to ban Region Locking
  46. Sony may retire Dualshock for the PS4
  47. Atari files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy
  48. Resident Evil Revelations coming to consoles and PC
  49. Nintendo Direct tomorrow - Wii U titles
  50. Wind Waker HD for Wii U announced!
  51. Roundup - Nintendo Direct
  52. Epic Mickey Studio Junction Point closes
  53. Rune Factory 4 is coming!
  54. Iwata takes responsibility for Wii U Sales, possibility of resignation
  55. Nintendo wishes to push more Japanese games abroad
  56. New Mario Kart Arcade
  57. Rayman Legends gets delayed so it could go Multiplatform
  58. Sega Japan releases new teaser
  59. New Arkham Game, RockSteady Not Involved.
  60. Nintendo's Vanentine's gift to gamers - Nintendo Direct
  61. Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
  62. Game Story irks Smash Bros. Creator
  63. PS4's rumored controller
  64. Resident Evil Revelations Trailer Released
  65. New Eevee Evolution
  66. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
  67. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
  68. Grand Theft Auto 5 release date
  69. Rumor - PS4 will be $429 and $529 respectively
  70. New 3DS Game from Level 5: "Fantasy Life"
  71. Dragon Quest X coming to Wii U! ...In Japan
  72. Future of the Playstation Conference livestream today
  73. Watch Dogs Wii U release confirmed
  74. Nintendo Direct Third Party Conference.
  75. New Details on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  76. NeXtbox reveal coming?
  77. Eidos President: Nextbox uses Watermarked Discs
  78. You Must Recover!
  79. Assassin's Creed 4 on Wii U
  80. Gran Turismo 6 coming this year?
  81. Crysis 3 almost came for the Wii U
  82. SimCity Disaster: The Dangers of DRM
  83. The PS4 makes Suda 51 horny
  84. Nintendo making an Animated Pikmin series for the 3DS
  85. Analyst Michael Pachter - "Iwata is a poor CEO and Nintendo's a Bad Company"
  86. Apollo Justice returns for Ace Attorney 5
  87. Meat Boy in Smash Bros?
  88. Unannounced SquareEnix Wii U title to be revealed at PAXeast
  89. Darkstalkers Resurrection has been released!
  90. Pikachu 3DS XL
  91. Is a Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix coming?
  92. Crytek approves of Fan-Made ressurection of Time Splitters
  93. Resident Evil 6 and Left4Dead 2 Crossover project
  94. Versus XIII to become Final Fantasy XV?
  95. Third Mario Bro.?
  96. EA CEO resigns
  97. PS3 version of Final Fantasy X HD will also include X-2
  98. Capcom Vs SNK 2 on the PS2 might be coming back in April on PSN
  99. Square Enix President Yoichi Wada stepping down
  100. Miyamoto: An actual Nintendo theme park is a possibility
  101. Suda 51's game after Killer Is Dead - Possibly No More Heroes 3?
  102. No EA Games for Wii U
  103. Disney shuts down Lucasarts
  104. "Twilight Princess is the Best Zelda Ever" - Zelda Informer
  105. Metal Gear Solid V
  106. Pokemon Updates!
  107. Batman: Arkham Origins coming to Wii U and 3DS
  108. Images of a cancelled Megaman FPS Surface
  109. EA wins "Worst Company in America" Again
  110. Regular Show Video game coming
  111. Nintendo Renews eternal Darkness Trademark
  112. Nintendo Direct for 3DS on Wednesday
  113. Final Fantasy Versus XIII info - "Delicate Situation"
  114. Capcom changes forecast and blames outsourcing
  115. Ex Retro Dev. Leader thinks Metroid Prime Sucks
  116. Wii U Virtual Console Releases
  117. Iwata becomes the new Nintendo of America's CEO
  118. Nintendo will not have a E3 conference (Though they'll still attend)
  119. Ratchet & Clank Movie
  120. EA Partners shuts down
  121. Free 3DS Game - Club Nintendo
  122. Nintendo selling referbished DS on their online store
  123. Retro's game announcement coming soon
  124. Batman:Arkham Origins is reported to have a multiplayer mode
  125. Nintendo Rumors: Super Mario Wii U in October, lots of Summer games
  126. Eternal Darkness sequel: Shadow of the Eternals for Wii U!
  127. Fire Emblem "Summer Scramble" DLC censored in Europe and North America
  128. EA aquires Star Wars License
  129. ZombiU Sequel in development?
  130. Regular Show Video game coming for the 3DS, Adventure Time coming for home consoles
  131. Gran Turismo 6 coming in Fall
  132. EA gets rid of online passes
  133. Nintendo Direct tomorrow
  134. Sonic becomes a Nintendo exclusive
  135. "Trouble" In Nintendo's Future
  136. Guilty Gear Xrd Announced
  137. XboxOne and Backwards Compatability/Used games
  138. Everything about the XboxOne
  139. EA apparently making games for the Wii U
  140. Wii U sales jump to 875% on Amazon UK
  141. Microsoft Predicts Over 1 Billion Sales
  142. Gamestop's Stock Drops with the Xbox One Announcement
  143. Earthbound Wii U Listed on Amazon
  144. Conker's Creator working on Wii U Title
  145. The Nintendo Experiece
  146. Microsoft and Capcom E3 lineup rumor mill
  147. Gamecube controller adapter for the Wii U
  148. Microsoft clears up Xbox One confusion
  149. Mega Man and Animal Crossing Villager confirmed in the next Smash
  150. E3 Roundup
  151. Is Your Body Reggie for Used Game Restrictions?
  152. Gamestop Taking Preorders for Deluxe Link and Samus Statues
  153. Nintendo increasing Staff to make more games and new IPs
  154. Campaign to make the Wii U region free
  155. Did You Know Gaming Expands
  156. Atlus in Financial Trouble
  157. Atlus Parent Company registers Persona 5
  158. IWATA: 90% of new gamers can't finish 1-1 of Super Mario Bros
  159. Miyamoto hints a new IP for Wii U
  160. Pikmin 3 Demos at Gamestop
  161. EA raising their Next-gen prices to $80?
  162. Pikmin 3 tops Japanese sales charts, boosts Wii U Sales
  163. Capcom announces new Strider game...developed by Double Helix
  164. Nintendo Rises as New Titles Spur Overseas Sales: Tokyo Mover
  165. Game Freak's new game - Horse Racing crossed with Solitaire
  166. Zelda almost had a CGI movie
  167. Left for Dead 3 possibly in the works
  168. Nintendo Direct tomorrow
  169. Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright finally coming to the US
  170. Persona director teases 25th anniversary game
  171. Gamestop Bringing Back "Vintage" games At Ludicrous Prices
  172. Persona 4 Arena follow up
  173. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - Launch Trailer
  174. Wii U to be bundled with Windwaker HD?
  175. Xbox One launch titles revealed — but no date
  176. Pokemon Trademark - Pokken Fighters and Pokken Tournament + possible screenshot
  177. Nintendo having a bigger presence at PAX Prime
  178. New CryEngine - Wii U Compatible
  179. Wii U finally gets a Price Drop
  180. Nintendo announces the 2DS
  181. Platinum Games on Wonderful 101 sequel, Bayonetta port, and becoming second party
  182. Microsoft and Google sue the US Govt.
  183. Mighty no.9 - Megaman spiritual successor by Keiji Inafune
  184. TimeSplitters Rewind in Development For PlayStation 4
  185. Pokemon X&Y gives you six starters
  186. Capcom only has $152 million in the bank
  187. EA Gets a new CEO
  188. Nintendo video game pioneer Hiroshi Yamauchi dies at 85
  189. Console stars of Tokyo Game Show not on sale yet
  190. Could Nintendo Salvage the Wii U by Ditching the Gamepad?
  191. PS Vita Slim
  192. Valve's big Living Room Announcement teased
  193. The Wii U Price Dropped! The 7 Games You Should Buy First.
  194. China says it will lift ban on video game consoles
  195. Sony wants to expand the Playstation brand as a service
  196. Minecraft blamed for school violence case
  197. Sony's PS4 tops Xbox One as gamers' holiday choice: Reuters/Ipsos poll
  198. PS4 Beating Xbox One In Holiday Shopping Poll
  199. Nintendo Direct Tomorrow
  200. Wii U Update 4.0
  201. Valve trademarks Half-Life 3
  202. Nintendo to stop making Wii console for Japan market
  203. Tom Clancy Passes Away at age 66
  204. Nintendo Talks Wii U Third-Party Support
  205. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Not Coming to Wii U
  206. Watch Dogs on Wii U 'is superior to current-gen'
  207. New Mega Man Game is Finally Coming
  209. Wii Remote Rapid Charging Cradle and Battery Set Make Their Way to North America
  210. Museum Acquires Incredible Collection of Japanese Games (video w/ link)
  211. Pikachu getting a new game
  212. Sony tried including PlayStation 4 Eye camera at $399, may include in future bundles
  213. Masahiro Sakurai says the industry suffers from a "glut" of reused titles ( photos)
  214. GAME details Call of Duty, Battlefield and Assassin's Creed midnight openings
  215. Zelda: Wind Waker HD took six months to develop
  216. Mario & Luigi Pack, Wii Party U Basic Pack, & Just Dance 2014 Basic Pack release date
  217. Gamestop Offering Deep Discounts For PS3 And 360 Ahead Of Next Console Generation
  218. Nintendo 2DS Invites New Gamers to Play at an Affordable Price
  219. Talking Point: Nintendo's Catch-22 With Retail Game Pricing
  220. Nintendo 2DS: Why it's perfect for children
  221. Pokemon X and Y Officially Released
  222. Government Shutdown delays shipment of Pokemon X&Y in military bases
  223. Windwaker HD significantly boosts Wii U sales in Europe
  224. Nintendo 2DS Review: Back To Basics Proves Brilliant For Mobile Console Gaming
  225. 'GTA Online' Wants To Give You Free Money
  226. Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix announced
  227. The Nintendo 2DS Arrives This Week!
  228. What Games Are: The Nintendo Difference Still Exists
  229. Microsoft demonstrates Xbox One Friends app with Twitter-like followers and feeds
  230. Resident Evil 7 possibly in the works?
  231. Xbox One and PC cross-platform possibility discussed by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer
  232. Pokemon X & Y Sell More Than 4 Million Units Worldwide In First Two Days
  233. Pokemon TCG: XY Introduces Mega Evolution To Extremely Powerful Pokemon-EX Cards
  234. Limited Edition Zelda, Luigi Special Edition 3DS XL Headed To Europe
  235. Super Mario 3D World Download Size Revealed, Japan
  236. Zelda: ALBW gets musical chest pre-order bonus in UK ( link to video )
  237. Best Buy opens up 2nd round of Xbox One 'day one' preorders
  238. Xbox One's cloud power, Kinect and Smartglass explained in new video (link to video)
  239. Video: Sony’s debuts first PlayStation 4 TV ad, ‘Perfect Day’ ( video link included )
  240. Move fast on these limited time Xbox 360 deals
  241. 'Battlefield 4' Has Recommended 14 GB Performance Install On Xbox 360
  242. While GTA 5 Sales Boom, These 3 Video Game Franchises Are Still King
  243. Xbox One Vs. PS4: The Top 12 Cross-Gen Video Games
  244. Xbox One Vs. PS4: The Top 10 Next-Gen Video Games
  245. Hulu Plus Application Launches Today On 3DS eShop
  246. Nintendo Downloads
  247. Japan eShop Round-Up
  248. UK Retailer GAME Less Than Happy With Rivals Ignoring Pokémon X & Y Street Date
  249. Artwork: Increase Your Desktop Awesomeness With These Pokémon X & Y Wallpapers
  250. Nintendo 2DS review: Best for youngest gamers