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  1. Pokemon Twitter Asking For Home Addresses?
  2. Reggie Says Wii U Has a Long Future Ahead
  3. /v/ sends Nintendo a thankyou card!
  4. Miyamoto Talks Minecraft
  5. Capcom Announces 15 Games For Wii U's eShop
  6. ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ Wii U Could Be Multiplayer
  7. Nintendo wants a future where consoles and handhelds run the same games
  8. Iwata recovering from operation
  9. Satoru Iwata Re-Elected as Nintendo President at Annual Shareholders Meeting
  10. Pokemon Center America returns...via online!
  11. Lindsay Lohan Is Actually Suing GTA 5 Creators Rockstar Over Lacey Jonas 'likeness'
  12. Hatsune Miku gets Western release on 3DS
  13. Mighty No. 9 to open new crowdfunding campaign, teases cartoon show
  14. Nintendo Will Let You Build Your Own Super Mario Bros. Game
  15. New Xbox One Color Coming With Sunset Overdrive?
  16. Exclusive Pokemon Being Distributed over Nintendo Network
  17. GameStop wants to offer exclusive content with its preorder titles
  18. ‘Destiny’ Playstation Beta Dates, Exclusive DLC Content Has Xbox Fans Threatening To
  19. Microsoft offering $75 credit if gamers upgrade to an Xbox One
  20. Dragon Quest X streams its way to the Nintendo 3DS (literally)
  21. You can build up yourself a hell of an Xbox 360 backlog $5-$10 per game on Xbox Live
  22. Japanese 3rd Party Nintendo Direct for the 3DS tomorrow
  23. Nintendo Hosting SSB3DS Tourney at San Diego Comic Con
  24. RE: Revelations 2 is coming… ?!
  25. Sony Hasn’t Closed the Door on Reviving Your Favorite Characters
  26. Ubisoft confirms that an ‘Assassin’s Creed’ for Xbox 360, PS3 is in development
  27. Dark Souls 2 Listed For Xbox One, PS4?
  28. Xbox One Adds Support for Game Trials
  29. Ninja Pizza Girl
  30. Xbox Entertainment Studios is being shut down
  31. Buy One, Get One Free Best Buy Deals on Pokemon X/Y, Zelda and other titles
  32. Nintendo to Use Wii U’s NFC Capability for Easy Payments, but Only in Japan
  33. Zelda Wii U Release Date: New Open World Zelda Will Have Multiplayer, Confirms Aonuma
  34. New Hyrule Warriors Playable Character To Be Announced This Week
  35. Nintendo reports loss on shaky Wii U sales
  36. Xboxes in China!
  37. Nintendo Direct to focus on Hyrule Warriors
  38. Rayman in Smash Bros?!
  39. Nintendo's Indie Man departs the company
  40. Another Japanese Nintendo Character Hops and Slithers into Smash Bros.
  41. Flappy Bird Spinoff?
  42. GameCube 3DS Controller Mod
  43. Limited Edition Smash Bros 3DS
  44. Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro team up for a new Silent Hill
  45. Pokemon TCG coming to iOS
  46. Rayman Collection coming to the 3DS?
  47. New Pokemon Project Announcement
  48. Gamestop Restocks Refurbished Nintendo GameCube Consoles
  49. Ubisoft won't make 'Mature' games for Wii U
  50. Pierce Brosnan plays GoldenEye with Jimmy Fallon
  51. Resident Evil Revelations 2 leaked
  52. 3DS Crossover game: Featuring Mighty No.9, Azure Striker, Gunvolt, and Gun*Gal
  53. Nintendo Gamers Don't Buy Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft Says
  54. CubeMen 2 for Wii U
  55. Youkai Watch is coming to Western shores!
  56. This year's 'Call of Duty' is coming to everything but the Wii U
  57. Capcom Confirms TGS 2014 Line-up with Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney
  58. Wii U preorders benefit most from Gamescom, Nintendo’s not putting on a press event
  59. Women are a larger gamer demographic than teenage boys
  60. Pokken Tournament Confirmed!
  61. Miyamoto Hates Casuals?
  62. "New" 3DS
  63. GTA V PC and Next-gen Release Date Rumored for November
  64. Nintendo reaffirms Star Fox, Zelda Wii U coming 2015 — Miyamoto’s ‘Project’ games
  65. Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct
  66. Super Smashing Sale
  67. Kojima teases MGS Collection 2014
  68. Tomb Raider for $7, Remember me for $6, and More Discounts in Weekend
  69. Microsoft buys Mojang
  70. Pikmin Anime
  71. Happy Birthday, Nintendo! Company Turns 125
  72. PlayStation TV Launching In October With Almost 700 Games On Day One
  73. Nintendo Reveals New Transparent 2DS Models
  74. Gamecube Controller Adapter will have more uses besides Smash
  75. Eminem buys a Wii U for Smash Bros because he's bored of Destiny
  76. Smash Bros Direct 23/10 Recap
  77. Nintendo Reveals Profit Turnaround as Wii U Sales Double
  78. Nintendo may be getting rid of region locking
  79. A Luigi's Mansion Arcade game by...Capcom?
  80. Nintendo Direct tomorrow
  81. "Assassin's Creed Unity" bundle (considering in getting this, anyone else ...?? )
  82. "Destiny 2" in the Works
  83. "Expect more spin-offs like Hyrule Warriors"
  84. Majora's Mask 3D CONFIRMED
  85. Ubisoft's Biggest 2014 Games Axed From Steam in UK [UPDATE]
  86. Mother 4 Fan Game (Looks AMAZING) "Earthbound 4"
  87. Nintendo teams up with Lootcrate to push Amiibo
  88. Hacker finds Nintendo 3DS exploit, turning a forgotten game into a hot commodity
  89. Something interesting actually happened at the Video Game Awards
  90. The father of video game consoles has died
  91. Sony reveals Playstation Now Subscription Plan
  92. Miyamoto confirms playable Starfox at E3 '15, teases F-Zero
  93. Seems to me, DELL is trying to get in the gaming industry .....
  94. Nintendo Direct Jan. 14@6 AM PST
  95. New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Leaked, And It's Soon - Report
  96. 3D After Burner II Coming to the Nintendo 3DS this Week
  97. Nintendo Direct trailer roundup: New Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Zelda, and more
  98. The Next Fire Emblem may come out this year
  99. Sega Announces Luigi's Mansion Arcade
  100. Rosalina and luma wont be restocked
  101. Nintendo and Netflix supposedly working on a Legend of Zelda Live Action show
  102. Itagaki strongly hints at Fatal Frame western release
  103. New Dissidia announced for Japanese Arcades
  104. Amiibo to activate NES and SNES Software on the Wii U
  105. Batman: Arkham Knight is rated "M"
  106. Tantalus porting supposed AAA-title to the Wii U, dubbed "Their biggest project yet"
  107. Next Level Games employee hints at Wii U title
  108. Nintendo Reveals Plan to Develop Mobile Games
  109. EA hijacks traditional shooters with Battlefield: Hardline
  110. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is more Final Fantasy than anything Square Enix’s made in yrs
  111. The Nintendo NX, the next gen Nintendo console
  112. Nintendo and DeNA teases new account system
  113. We list Valve's first 15 living-room PCs in search of the best deal
  114. Rumor: Hideo Kojima leaving Konami?
  115. Famitsu DS+Wii teasing Nintendo game announcement
  116. Leather Zelda Book/Tablet Covers That are Amazingly Beautiful
  117. Legend of Zelda Wii U delayed
  118. Nintendo Direct April 1st 3PM PST
  119. Final Club Nintendo Platinum/Gold rewards revealed
  120. Best Buy to sell exclusive Wii U Splatoon bundle
  121. New Pokemon App
  122. Sakurai: "DLC is a scam"
  123. Pre-ordering on the Decline
  124. Amiibo "Nintendo Classics Highlights"
  125. Silent Hills Officially Cancelled