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  1. Animal Crossing Friend Codes.
  2. Your Favorite Item!
  3. Favorite Villager
  4. Post Your Animal Crossing homes!
  5. Was Animal Crossing robbed?
  6. How much work went into your town?
  7. The Animal Crossing Gamecube thread
  8. Get the Shopping Cart!
  9. Which is the best?
  10. What have you made your villagers say?
  11. Just bought the game! need friends.
  12. Fishing Tourney
  13. City Folk Hairstyle Guide
  14. City Folk Hairstyle Guide
  15. Windmill or Lighthouse
  16. :3
  17. Do ever just have the urge to want to play AC?
  18. lets partay
  19. When was the last time you played...
  20. I don't really know why, but...
  21. Who else has their Animal Crossing fan?
  22. Animal Crossing Text Dump Project
  23. Wanna start a new town with me?
  24. scary mole
  25. Official Animal Crossing 3D thread
  26. Things Animal Crossing Taught Us
  27. Anyone still play City Folk?
  28. If You Could be a Character in Animal Crossing...
  29. Town Tunes Thread!
  30. Favorite K.K. Song?
  31. Secret of Mana language PAL ?
  32. AC New Leaf (hands-on)
  33. New Leaf Town Name Ideas
  34. New Leaf Screenshot Thread
  35. How much would a DS Animal crossing be worth spiritually?