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  1. Who Do You Think Is The Ultimate Street Fighter Character?
  2. Which GTA V protag was your favorite?
  3. We as gamers complain about wanting fresh new things, yet we ignore it
  4. What gaming magazines do you read?
  5. Who Games More? Guys Or Girls?
  6. This windows icon sidescrolling shooter is GREAT!
  7. How is Battlefield 4 now?
  8. Grand Theft Auto 6: Will Rockstar Make The Sequel?
  9. Ground Zeroes and future business practices
  10. why is 8 and 16 bit music so good?
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the Wii for 10.-
  12. Do You Find Rockstar Games Are Harder Than Most Others?
  13. Looking for OLD titles, Ultima, Elder scrolls 1,2 , and more
  14. NFF Video Game Hall Of Fame
  15. Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer
  16. Pre-E3 Sony/Microsoft discussion thread
  17. The complete history of Mario Kart
  18. E3 Drinking Game
  19. E3 2014 thread
  20. GTA Missions That You Dread?
  21. 17 Features Of The New Mortal Kombat X Game
  22. Oh Ubisoft..when will you learn?
  23. Do you replay the Single Player campaigns in games?
  24. Shovel Knight, Castlevania 3 Hit Wii U And 3DS
  25. Hardcore vs. Casual
  26. 21 Mouthwatering Video Game Foods In Real Life
  27. 34 Things About Video Games Kids Today Will Never Experience
  28. Jimquistion: The Poison of Pre-Order Culture
  29. Nostalgia: The Thread
  30. When Was The Last Time Your Computer Or Game Really Ticked You Off And Why?
  31. MONOPOLY: The Legend of Zelda Game Stop Exclusive Edition ?????
  32. Do You Trust 3rd Party Gaming Accessories?
  33. Games you bought but didn't play that much
  34. What direction would you rather games take?
  35. What Is It About Your Favorite Game That Makes It Your Favorite?
  36. Worst Sequel?
  37. Sega Genesis Turns 25!
  38. What was your summer game?
  39. Has she caught 'em all? Woman who owns the world's largest collection of Pokemon
  40. [DISNEY INFINITY] Character broke off stand, is it still usable?
  41. "Swing Copters"
  42. Does Capcom know it's not the 90s?
  43. September Releases
  44. What are your favorite Arcade Games?
  45. Gaming Regrets?
  46. What Arcade Games Do You Hate?
  47. Tag Along Characters In Games Like Resident Evil
  48. What do you do when you get killed by a camper?
  49. Games Or Consoles Of Yours That Have Been Collecting Dust Lately?
  50. Street Fighter Appreciation Thread
  51. When was the last time you took notes while playing a game?
  52. Touchpad Or Stick?
  53. Do You Feel That The Prices Of New Games Are Reasonable?
  54. Official Video Game Sales/Deals thread
  55. Game's you hate
  56. Watch: Destiny Player Discovers Unfinished DLC Location
  57. Can someone please explain #GamerGate?
  58. Best Playthroughs
  59. What are your favorite Haunted Levels in video games?
  60. Do you usually take your handhelds when you go out?
  61. What's your most anticipated game this holiday season?
  62. What are your biggest pet peeves with the modern gaming industry?
  63. Video Game Thoughts
  64. Game purchases you regret Vol. 3
  65. Metal Gear Rising 2 might be happening
  66. SEGA will not longer make console games
  67. Trading Card Games!
  68. When is a game worth its price?
  69. What is your backlog?
  70. General Fighting Game Thread
  71. How do you rank the Batman Arkham franchise?