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  1. You Greatest Memory of a Game?
  2. That Game You Never Mastered.....
  3. The worst Boss ever.
  4. Your Game Collection =]
  5. Best/Worst Console/Game and why
  6. Console Wars
  7. Easiest game?
  8. Best Video Game Character?
  9. Your Favorite Console of All Time?
  10. Underrated Games
  11. Post the games you're currently playing.
  12. Top 10 Games of Summer 09'
  13. Overrated bad generic games
  14. Easiest Boss?
  15. Which do you prefer? Remakes or Originals?
  16. Odd traditions/things about games.
  17. Most Epic Video Game Bosses/Boss fights
  18. Buying Games BRAND NEW vs. USED
  19. How Do You Organize Your Games?
  20. Video Game Hilarious Deaths
  21. Contra or Metal Slug?
  22. Games for Less $$$
  23. The worst game you've ever played?
  24. Why do people compare Metroid to Halo?
  25. Whats your Most Anticipated Game of 2010?
  26. Favorite Castlevania Game
  27. Xbox or Playstation?
  28. Most anticipated game of 2010?
  29. Should the Sonic Games Die?
  30. are you stuck in a game? post it here
  31. The Worst Game Ever- No Questions Asked
  32. Best game you've never played.
  33. Games that mean something to you
  34. Strategy Guides
  35. AlL aBoUt SoNiC
  36. First game you beat
  37. Do you reserve games?
  38. Your top 5 games for each console you own
  39. 2d fighters or 3d fighters?
  40. Remember?
  41. Somethign bothers me about games today...
  42. What size TV do you game on?
  43. Gaming Embarrassment
  44. Any good game ideas?
  45. Favorite Snow Levels
  46. Definition of a gamer?
  47. Worst Games Ever
  48. Gaming Companies!
  49. Games with awful voice-acting
  50. Memories
  51. Zombies becoming a game genre?
  52. Most Relaxing Videogame Songs
  53. First Game for Each System
  54. Whats your favorite retro video game and why??
  55. MGS1: original or Twin snakes
  56. Favorite Racing Game Tracks
  57. β Beta β
  58. Whatever happened to co-op gaming?
  59. what 2011 releases left do you plan to buy?
  60. The more obscure games of your childhood
  61. Rarest Games in Your Collection
  62. Games that Disturbed You
  63. Sonic Rumor Time!
  64. E3 2012 Predictions
  65. why is every game a "rip off" or "clone" all of a sudden?
  66. 100 Games to Play Before You Die
  67. SG64's Game of the Week #10
  68. Games you'd like to see get a remake
  69. Why are fanboys so blind?
  70. Launch Day Stories
  71. What if video games came in combo packs?
  72. Are games these days too easy?
  73. Skyrim: how to make people dance LOLOL!!
  74. Do you buy your games at release or do you wait till its cheaper ?
  75. Good Movie Games
  76. Best casino game
  77. Official You know your a fanboy when...
  78. Video game crossovers you'd like to see
  79. Fighting games you would like to make a comeback
  80. dont starve
  81. Fighting Game Mains
  82. Most dissappointing bosses *SPOILERS*
  83. Action Game Borderlands 2
  84. Rarest Collectible Cards you own?
  85. Thoughts on GameStop
  86. 3DS vs. PSVita
  87. Good, affordbale fight stick?
  88. Any Animal crossing fans out there?
  89. What "makes" the game for you?
  90. Favorite and/or most annoying video game cliches
  91. tell us your "secret" things in gaming
  92. Have you ever cried at a game?
  93. What are the top 5 games you will buy in 2013 ?
  94. Am I The Only One Who's Not a Fan of DLC?
  95. Which of todays games are going to be classics?
  96. The more obscure games of your childhood
  97. Nerve Gear
  98. Are gamers these days too entitled?
  99. Do some people just not finish games?
  100. How do you judge a game when browsing the game store?
  101. Games you sold that are now worth a lot of money.
  102. What are some disappointing games you've played?
  103. Cartridge Compatible Plug N Play
  104. Have u ever bought the same game twice ?
  105. If u could date one character from any games' characters, who would that be ?
  106. Ripoffs that are better than what they ripped off
  107. Favorite YouTube Gamer channels
  108. If you had a really rare game
  109. My respect for Game Informer just went up!
  110. Games that need/are overdue for a sequel
  111. Alright Kingdom Hearts Junkies, halp
  112. Are these the best games of 2012?
  113. Why is the ESRB rating system not respected?
  114. I need some help from all of you please (gaming related)
  115. So how is Dishonored?
  116. What you played, what you expected, what you got
  117. IGN's Best Games of 2012 for each system
  118. Favorite game genres?
  119. How many (working) consoles do u have ?
  120. What game deserves a remake?
  121. Guinness Gaming World Records 2013
  122. My Game Collection
  123. F-Zero vs. WipEout
  124. What do you want to see in Batman Arkham 3?
  125. Games you thought would increase in value, but they didn't
  126. Hatemail you've recieved on PSN or XBL
  127. Favorite series as a kid vs favorite series now
  128. The Tooth Paste Trick works apparently O_O
  129. Games That Left An Impact
  130. Fighting Game Costumes
  131. Video Game Funnies
  132. Finally, some reasons to play my Saturn
  133. Games that made you feel stupid
  134. Best fighter this generation?
  135. Favourite Video Game Developers?
  136. How do you feel about Online Multiplayer?
  137. Who took advantage of Gamestop's offer?
  138. Recommended WRPGs And JRPGs
  139. Video Game Assosciation
  140. 1ups, Extra Lives, Free Men...
  141. Backwards Compatibility
  142. I need some game recommendations
  143. GameStop's stickers are so flippin' annoying
  144. How would you feel if gaming went 100% digital?
  145. Should publishers/developers re-evaluate their budgets and standards?
  146. Things that make you mad about gamers today
  147. Gaming Buys
  148. Funniest/Most Bizarre/Most Notable online usernames?
  149. The First Person Shooters that Don't Suck Thread
  150. E3 2013 Predictions.
  151. Things in games that make you RAGE
  152. Gaming as a learning tool
  153. Gaming Feats
  154. The Backloggery
  155. ESRB fails
  156. Favorite/Most memorable Game Over screens
  157. Why is "Casual" an insult?
  158. What companies would you like to see fight each other in a crossover fighting game?
  159. I'm not that pumped for the next generation...
  160. Elitism in the Fighting Game community
  161. Say a gaming opinion other people won't like
  162. Is the next gaming crash near?
  163. y cant Metroid crawl?
  164. PS4,XboxOne, or Wii U?
  165. Which system is going to dominate?
  166. Bad games you bought because the case looked cool
  167. Did religion play any role in gaming as a kid?
  168. Why does tabletop gaming come with such a stigma?
  169. Problem? Or do I need to keep going?
  170. Your Votes Appreciated! What Games next?
  171. Hardest/Cheapest Fighting Game Bosses
  172. Arkham Origins Thoughts (Vlog)
  173. Super Mario Brothers Parkour [In Real Life]
  174. Cheapest Street Fighter character?
  175. How do YOU experience games?
  176. Favorite Game Controllers?
  177. Where do you get your games from?
  178. Top 10 Video Game Consoles ( link to video included )
  179. Just Dance 2014: Yay or Nay?
  180. Keiji Inafune Says Mario Is The Game Creator’s Development Bible
  181. New Super Mario Bros. U + Luigi U Wii U Bundle Apparently Coming November 8th
  182. play 80s Super Mario Bros on an internet browser - and even build levels from scratch
  183. wanta show that you a Zelda Fan ....
  184. The Official NFF Gamertag/ID Thread
  185. Game franchises you miss
  186. Super Smash Wars: a link to the hope ......
  187. ‘Call Of Duty: Ghosts’ Tops $1B On First Day ( opinions needed )
  188. Video Game Prices
  189. SG64 plays Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
  190. Disappointing Game Endings
  191. What Game(s) Do You Plan To Buy Next?
  192. Video Game Mega Thread
  193. World's Biggest Pacman (IE)
  194. Favourite Winter Games/Stage
  195. Chemical Plant 2D Speedrun - Probably one of the only ones I could ever do
  196. Are You Or Someone You Know A "Graphics Junkie"?
  197. What console do you play Super Street Fighter IV on? (tournaments?)
  198. The 7 Biggest Dick Moves In The History Of Online Gaming
  199. Your game of the year
  200. The future of dedicated handheld consoles
  201. What GTA Title Did You Find The Most Difficult?
  202. Who is the best Sonic voice actor?
  203. Battlefield vs. Call of Duty
  204. AP critics pick the year's best video games ( opinions needed )
  205. Your Call of Duty "War stories"
  206. Are you hoping for Treyarch's next CoD announcment to be Black Ops 3?
  207. What Makes Your Favorite Game Your Favorite Game?
  208. Video Game Related Links
  209. Create The Perfect Skyrim Character
  210. What Do You Do With The Games You've Completed?
  211. Do You Think That Video Games Are Childish?
  212. Do You Cheat?
  213. Video Game Character That You'd Like To Be?
  214. What Are Your Thoughts On Cell Shading?
  215. Who on NFF has the most games?
  216. Favorite traditional fighting game franchises?
  217. Do you have a backlog?
  218. How The PS4 And Xbox One Renewed GameStop's Lease On Life
  219. Games that most people play, but you don't
  220. Games that you have more than one copy of?
  221. The protagonists of the last two games you played switch games
  222. Disappointing Games Thread Volume 3
  223. The worst game companies?
  224. Should I cancel my Ground Zeroes preorder
  225. Games you wished got localized(in your location)
  226. Games That You Think Would Be Cool Or Funny In A Lego Style
  227. The Day you Got [Console]
  228. Ten Golden Rules of online gaming
  229. Game Sequels That Suck Ass
  230. What are your thoughts on Knuckles' redesign?
  231. Do you buy game guides ?
  232. Funny car insurance commercial ft. Ryu from Street Fighter
  233. Patches
  234. Do gamers like change or not?
  235. Video Game Addiciton
  236. Hard games that you've played
  237. What's The Silliest Video Game(s) You've Ever Played?
  238. 23-year-old designer creates a way to play the Nintendo 64 over HDMI (interview)
  239. What are some games you had to play on easy?
  240. Looking for game...
  241. Solutions to Juggling Consoles
  242. Post the best game trailers that you've seen
  243. Confirm/Deny: In Ultra Street Fighter IV they need to bring back
  244. What Game Have You Just Finished?
  245. XBOX 360 And PS3 Titles That You Wish Were For The Wii Also?
  246. Which 5 characters would you have picked for Ultra SFIV?
  247. Why Are Some Game's Graphics Better Than Others?
  248. Video Game Badasses. Post Your Choices
  249. What was your favorite fighter(s) from the PS360 generation?
  250. Does The Company That Makes The Game Influence Your Decision To Buy?