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  2. What would you like to see in Smash Bros. 4?
  3. What stages would you put in Smash Bros. 4?
  4. Which new Smash characters do you plan on maining?
  5. If Namco gets a rep, who should it be?
  6. Who do you think will be cut from Smash 4?
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  9. Smash Direct Recap
  10. Character not yet announced
  11. Smash Run Mode
  12. Thoughts on new Final Destination?
  13. Which Brawl stages are you hoping will make a comeback?
  14. For fun or for glory?
  15. Predict what the Final Roster will be
  16. Which version will you be playing more?
  17. How do you feel about transformations being removed?
  18. Learn more about the 16 invitational players
  19. Sakurai speaking his negative thoughts on his hardcore fans
  20. Does Little Mac come off as broken?
  21. Which Mii variation will you use?
  22. Smash Invitational/Impressions of the game so far discussion
  23. Initial SSB4 tier list by CT_Zero
  24. SSB Wii U / 3DS boxarts revealed
  25. Smash 4 stuff
  26. Which character reveals got you pumped the most?
  27. Has the hype died down already?
  28. Do you think the Wii U version will be delayed as well?
  29. Are you pleased with the roster?
  30. Have hardcore Melee enthusiasts already decided this game is inferior?
  31. Fan Made SSB4 Trailer
  32. The protagonist of the last game you played is now a newcomer
  33. Your partner