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  1. Who has a Super Nintendo?
  2. SNES Mario Kart vs N64 Mario Kart
  3. Favourite Super Nintendo Game?
  4. Best SNES Genre
  5. Mortal Kombat
  6. I'm going to buy an Snes
  7. What SNES games do you own?
  8. What SNES game do you WANT on VC?
  9. Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle
  10. What is the name of this game??
  11. Cleaning Supernes exterior
  12. I have a SNES console.. but!
  13. Rock N' Roll Racing
  14. Clock Tower: The First Fear
  15. Treasure Hunter G
  16. Super Metroid
  17. Kirby Super Star
  18. Wonder Project J
  19. Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret Of The Mana 2)
  20. Earthbound
  21. Super Mario World
  22. Super Mario World 2.
  23. Chrono Trigger
  24. Games people probably haven't played but should
  25. Super Mario RPG
  26. Anyone ever play any hacks?
  27. Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis
  28. Blackthorne Like Games
  29. Go Go Ackman!
  30. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
  31. Your first reaction to buying the house in Onett?
  32. World's First USB SNES Cartridge Reader
  33. SNES Gems
  34. My Super Nintendo reviews
  35. Cam is now doing "Lets Plays"
  36. Trying to think of a game
  37. Aladdin
  38. B.o.b
  39. Sim City
  40. Wild Guns
  41. Breath Of Fire 2
  42. Demon's Crest
  43. Dragon Ball Z - Super Gokuuden Kakusei Hen
  44. Dragon Ball Z - Super Gokuuden 2
  45. Yoshi's Safari
  46. Super Mario Kart
  47. E.V.O - The Search For Eden
  48. Holy jebus :O
  49. New record speed 10:22
  50. Yoshi's island record 5:50
  51. the most mario RPG ever
  52. Congo's Caper
  53. Donkey Kong Country
  54. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest
  55. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble
  56. Super Mario All-Stars
  57. S.N.E.S. or SNES
  58. SMW completion?
  59. Which super mario world?
  60. games that should have a second part or remake
  61. What was the FIRST ever Super Nintendo Game you played
  62. SMRPG Help
  63. I got lucky!
  64. favorite star in super mario RPG
  65. Biker mice from mars
  66. Super mario lost levels speedrun
  67. Rarest SNES games in your stash?
  68. How Much is a Super Scope worth?
  69. Top 30 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Games
  70. Top 30 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Games
  71. Axelay
  72. Super Bomberman
  73. BattleToads in Battlemaniacs
  74. Megaman X
  75. Megaman X 2
  76. Megaman X 3
  77. Pacman 2: The New Adventure
  78. What old Snes/Nes would you pay the most for
  79. How To: Super Nintendo Online
  80. Will this AC Adapter work with my NTSC SNES?
  81. Mother 2/EarthBound
  82. I need Help With my pal Snes!
  83. Using a Universal Adapter with Game Genie?
  84. Super Nintendo Controllers
  85. What was this game? [based on one lingering memory I have]
  86. How do you save games on the Super Nintendo?
  87. Using an American Super Nintendo in Europe
  88. Tech aid: Moving my European SNES to the US
  89. WTB: Super Mario World: Return to Dinosaur Land
  90. SNES Online Tournaments
  91. Retro Round-Up Super Mario All-Stars
  92. Anyone able to give me a walkthrough to Fouinox????
  93. Looking for some super nintendo games and accessories
  94. Playing US Games On A Super Famicom ?
  95. Please help: Super nintendo LED install
  96. Something wrong with my Super Nintendo's sound
  97. A game that's been alluding me for over a decade
  98. Please help me identify this game
  99. Question about SNES cartridge types
  100. Help Identifying A Game Please!!
  101. connect a Wii Nunchuk to SNES
  102. Mortal Kombat 3
  103. E.V.O Search For Eden
  104. Super Nintendo Gaming Network
  105. Help me to find the name of this, please :)
  106. Weird PAL SNES problem
  107. Starfox
  108. Terranigma
  109. Help - Top Gear 3000 Crystal clock
  110. Question about Donkey Kong Country 3
  111. Super StarWars trilogy
  112. Any Idea how to price a Snes?
  113. Megaman X Vs. Megaman X2
  114. Black screen on Godzilla for SFC
  115. Demon's Crest help
  116. Tecmo Cup Box.
  117. Ganpuru - Gunman's Proof
  118. What's the name of the Super Nintendo ant simulation game from the 90's? Not SIM ANT
  119. Super Aleste (Space Megaforce)
  120. Epic Donkey Kong Country Music
  121. SNES Game: The name on it.
  122. Best way to clean your SNES system?
  123. Picture - Which games are these characters from?
  124. SFC to SNES Translations
  125. Help with metal warriors
  126. What is the rarest Snes game you own?
  127. Just bought this SNES on ebay.
  128. I have a brand new, boxed SNES.
  129. SNES repair
  130. Can somebody help me Recall the name of a game?
  131. GameBoy's Toy Story SNES Let's Play
  132. Can you help me name this game?
  133. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
  134. Super Mario World
  135. Stuck in the beginning of Zelda Parallel Worlds
  136. Pictures of my Final Fantasy V collection
  137. Did you know there were 2 versions of Final Fantasy II in Japan
  138. Anyone else play Dragon Quest I & II for SNES?
  139. Name? Foxes. Mine carts. Tough bosses.
  140. Secret of mana 2?
  141. Ever wonder what Snes stuff is worth?
  142. Help me figure out what game this is!!!
  143. can anyone help me found the lost game..
  144. NTSC capcom fighter power stick to a PAL SNES
  145. HELP! New, issue with my SNES
  146. final fight guy snes - value?
  147. AD29 Adapter ?
  148. Vampire and Star Boss game titles search/question
  149. Is my SNES broken?
  150. 2D Space Shooters
  151. Help with SNES Demon Crest (bug?)
  152. SNS-101 Reset Button Broken, can it be fixed?
  153. my secret of evermore cartridge
  154. Rare Final Fantasy Two?
  155. Super Gameboy issue (Maybe?)
  156. Chrono Trigger Question
  157. SNES problem!
  158. F Zero
  159. How to repair a snes cartridge that doesn't save?
  160. Super Nintendo NTSC, Cartridge seating
  161. PAL to NTSC game adapter
  162. Looking for an SNES Arcade Stick
  163. Fighting games faq move lists doubt
  164. Trying to find a game
  165. Spiderman Animated
  166. Your Votes Are In! Let's Play Chrono Trigger (Blind)!
  167. Can't figure out a snes game
  168. Trying to find a game for ages!
  169. Looking for old game from childhood !
  170. breath of fire .... boomerang
  171. Demand for Reproduction carts? SNES
  172. PAL or NTSC for UK SNES buyer?
  173. Kirby Super Star Blind Let's Play
  174. help with old snes games
  175. Save data lost, I don't think it's a dead battery
  176. Were you ever envious of Sega Genesis
  177. Famicom SNES compatibility.
  178. Help finding game name?
  179. How can I use a PAL-M SNES on a PAL TV?
  180. Going thru Earthbound again :)
  181. Please Help! Pink goes to hollywood last level
  182. really need help finding out the name of a super nintendo game
  183. Favorite SNES Games
  184. Let's Play Donkey Kong Country 3 (103% Run)
  185. Kefka must be destroyed this time
  186. Looking for a obscure game.
  187. Gemfire, anyone?
  188. Tetris Attack
  189. Controller Port Problem
  190. Will US/Japanese carts physically fit into a UK PAL console?
  191. SNES Music Remake Album - What would you want to hear?
  192. Help please!
  193. Raspberry Pi SNES case mod
  194. My Super Nintendo Quest
  195. The Opus Science Entertainment System
  196. connect prob, old tv
  197. SNES Rare Games
  198. I need help Identifying SNES RPG
  199. HELP SNES
  200. Breath Of Fire Strategy Guide (PDF)
  201. SNES A-Z Game Maps
  202. SNES RGB
  203. Earthbound (PDF)
  204. Chrono Trigger (PDF)
  205. Help me figure out my SNES bundle value
  206. SNES Kiosk !
  207. Any SNES hardware gurus?
  208. Why the SNES is the greatest console of all time
  209. Lego SNES cart organiser
  210. Am I the only one who didn't like ALTTP?
  211. NTSC SNES on UK television
  212. Is Earthbound any good?