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  1. Raichu
  2. Something interesting about Link
  3. Something interesting about Link's tclothes color
  4. Samus in a bikini
  5. Is Nes a character or what?
  6. Nintendo Characters through time
  7. Spoilers on ness. (Beware lots of pics)
  8. Young Link or Older Link
  9. Pokemon Friend Codes
  10. Super Mario Flash, editor
  11. The Yoshi thread
  12. If you could Reincarnate into any of the original pkmn....
  13. What your best character in SSBB
  14. Robin meets the Mario Brothers
  15. Your Favorite Nintendo Character
  16. Favorite Fourth Generation Pokemon?
  17. mario or sonic
  18. Mario or Luigi?
  19. Wario or Waluigi
  20. New Kirby Power
  21. Zelda~Melee or Brawl?
  22. Shiek, man or woman?
  23. Lets draw classic NES characters!
  24. Favorite incarnations of Link?
  25. Captain Olimar and Louie
  26. Super Mario Quiz
  27. The Sheik Thread
  28. Favourite Nintendo princess?
  29. Favorite Obscure Nintendo Character
  30. Is James McCloud really dead?
  31. The Captain Falcon Thread
  32. Favorite Resident Evil?
  33. Earthbound Characters! (I.E., Lucas and Ness)
  34. Your Favorite Nintendo Villain
  35. Things to ponder...
  36. The Cutest Nintendo Couple
  37. Favorite Mario Character of all time?
  38. Favorite WarioWare Character
  39. Who Remembers the DK Country Tv show?
  40. better???paper mr.l or luigi
  41. Comments on Yoshi
  42. Favourite Sonic Character?
  43. A look at Samus
  44. Favorite Mario Enemy
  45. Luigi
  46. Favorite Pokemon
  47. Waluigi
  48. Evil Sister or Brother?
  49. How Will Mario Change?
  50. Peach or Daisy?
  51. Birdo: male or female?
  52. Against-Mario fan
  53. Just for clarification:
  54. Who is your faverite Squeak?
  55. favorite color yoshi?
  56. Comments on Shadow the hedgehog
  57. Your Fav Paper Mario Boss.
  58. Weres chunky kong
  59. is Waluigi real
  60. characters I would like to have in brawl
  61. Luigi VS Mario
  62. what is your favorite nintendo game
  63. Come on folks! Little Mac needs our help!
  64. I like luigi
  65. Going by Canon powers, who is the strongest Nintendo Character?
  66. Best/Favorite Fire Emblem Lord?
  67. The "did you know?" thread Nintendo character edition.
  68. comments on count bleak
  69. Waluigi?!?
  70. Gamespot Best hero of all time
  71. your strongest character in brawl
  72. bowser or ganodorf
  73. Birdo is a Boy
  74. mario vs snake
  75. Favorite Mario Villain?
  76. Date anyone from Nintendo
  77. Daisy or Peach: Who would win in a fight?
  78. Whats happening to Kirby????
  79. Skull kid
  80. remember him?
  81. Mighty, know who he is?
  82. the best koopaling
  83. The koopalings mother
  84. Opinion on Sonic's Voice Acting?
  85. Bomberman.
  86. Mega Man 2 hidden or lost boss?
  87. tabuu (who is this guy)
  88. Favorite F-Zero Racers?
  89. boshi or birdo?????
  90. Bowser era coming to an end?
  91. Who shouls be the next Koopa King?
  92. Create your own character
  93. The one about Bowser Jr.
  94. Samus vs Master Cheif
  95. Favorite Starfox
  96. Silver is Roark
  97. Who could defeat mario!
  98. Samus has such a nice butt I have to make a thread about it!
  99. Comments on Fawful
  100. Re: Samus has such a nice butt I have to make a thread about it!
  101. Ya know what's really annoying?
  102. Why do Peach have to be so cute? <3
  103. slippy toad is sexy
  104. Captain Olimar
  105. the Princess Wars
  106. Dialga: the ruler of time
  107. War: Arceus and legendaries vs. Valuan Armada
  108. For all Starfox fans
  109. Battle: Arceus vs. Mewtwo
  110. Video Games Crushes
  111. Bowser
  112. Punies
  113. Nintendo character tournament
  114. Corrupted pokemon battle: Primal Dialga vs. Shadow Lugia
  115. Vanessa Z. Schneider from P.N.03
  116. Super Mario trib
  117. Bowser always capturing peach
  118. Final boss let-downs
  119. Bowser jr and rosalina
  120. Waluigi, Everyone's Favorite Nintendo Character
  121. New super mario bros TV series
  122. Pit with an army
  123. Yoshi
  124. The mystery about waluigi
  125. How will Bowser Jr. be when he is all grownup
  126. Professor Layton and the Malignant Growth
  127. Favorite Fire Emblem Character(s)
  128. How would DK be if he wasnt strong
  129. new pikmin captain Olimar could
  130. Top 10 most annoying nintendo characters
  131. Good vs. evil: Ganondorf vs. Arceus(anime)
  132. Battle of villians: Bowser vs. Ganondorf
  133. Battle: Dialga vs. Paliia vs. Giratina(Origin forme)
  134. PMD 2 battle: Primal Dialga vs. Darkrai
  135. The Pokemon gods of creation
  136. Best Mario Villain
  137. Guildmaster Wigglytuff
  138. Ray series
  139. New super mario vid
  140. Which character would you be?
  141. Most beautiful female character
  142. Favourite Mario World species
  143. Sinnoh Champion Cynthia
  144. Harry
  145. Battle between god and death: Arceus vs. Giratina
  146. The Lake Guardians of Sinnoh
  147. King K Rool VS Bowser
  148. Best Chance
  149. The battle of the characters
  150. Captain Falcon in The Moon in Majora's Mask!!!
  151. Most Annoying Nintendo Character
  152. Top 5's: Fire Emblem
  153. Top 5's: Tales of Symphonia
  154. Favourite Mario Tennis Open characters!
  155. Nintendates
  156. Captain Falcon, Snake, and Chuck Norris walk into a bar...
  157. Miyamoto: Koopalings are not Bowser's children?!??!
  158. Daisy vs Waluigi vs Bowser Jr.: Whos is more useless?
  159. Epic Battles: Captain Falcon vs. Batman
  160. Anyone else miss DK being playable in Mario Party?
  161. Pac-Man Moveset for Smash Bros. ^_^
  162. Nintendo characters in the making!?
  163. Legend of Zelda: Good VS Evil
  164. Mario Goes Berserk
  165. Which actors would you cast as Nintendo characters?
  166. Favorite enemy from Earthbound (SNES)
  167. 10 Sexiest Mario Characters
  168. Favorite Wannabe Villian
  169. Another opinion on Punies
  170. My Favorite Nintendo Character
  171. Bad SNES characters turned good
  172. Yoshi's Real Name
  173. Waluigi in Ocarina of Time
  174. The Nintendo Drinking Contest