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  1. R4ds
  2. Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  3. Anyone want to verse me?
  4. Snaking
  5. DS Opera Web browser
  6. Who actually owns a DS?
  7. DS or PSP
  8. Bomberman DS Review
  9. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  10. More ZELDA for DS needed!
  11. do you like video games?
  12. What DS games do you own?
  13. Question: DS vs DS Lite
  14. My DS :)
  15. DS Customisations/R4/Homebrew
  16. Changing DS battery.
  17. R4 vs. M3 vs. TTDS
  18. DS Replacement Shells
  19. Assassins Creed Altair's chonicles?
  20. Ninja Gaiden 2: Dragon Blade REVIEW
  21. Nintendo: No plans for DS redesign or new Wii colors
  22. Chrono Trigger DS
  23. Mass Effect, Jade Empire, Dragon Age for DS by BioWare
  24. Pokemon D/P Tournament!
  25. Custom robo Arena Tournament 2008
  26. Pokemon Battles?
  27. What is better Wii or DS
  28. Bleach: Blades of Fate
  29. Nintendo Ds ( Lite ) NFS:PS Drift video !!!
  30. Need For Speed Pro Street DS Hydraulic vid. NEW
  31. Official Dragon Quest IV Chapters of the Chosen Discussion Thread
  32. How to hack a Nintendo DS.
  33. Selling NFS:ProStreet DS game
  34. Nintendo DS 2
  35. Nintendo DS 2
  36. Anything to be REALLY excited about?
  37. Official Bleach: Dark Souls Discussion Thread
  38. Sonic chronicles
  39. Boing! Docomodake DS
  40. FIFA 09 DS (Video)
  41. How did they connect DS to a TV?
  42. Quick Pokemon Trade Anyone?
  43. looking for a game
  44. Megaman Star Force?
  45. LOF-Phantom Hourglass: Key dissapeared?
  46. i am new, like to say hi
  47. Add me as a freind on Metroid Prime Hunters
  48. Nintendo DSi Hands On
  49. Toys R Us Free Pokemon Giveaway!!
  50. Animal Crossing Wild World Discussion
  51. Acekard II and RPG
  52. Mario Kart DS Race? =]
  53. DS Lite Accessories
  54. Purchase advice needed
  55. Trackmania DS lands into stores today
  56. Is it actually possible to have wifi with just a router?
  57. multi player with a friend
  58. Acekard works with the dsi!!!!
  59. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
  60. Anyone want a free codebreaker?
  61. The rise and rise of the DS
  62. Mario and Luigi RPG 3
  63. Zelda Phantom Hourglass Help
  64. Review - Brothers in Arms DS
  65. Grand Theft Auto : Chinatown Wars Descuscion
  66. Hackers on Mph
  67. DSi Moving Memo Pad.
  68. Brain training game
  69. Luminous Arc 2
  70. Nintendo DS WiFi freinds Code
  71. S.O.S Friend needed
  72. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
  73. TWEWY help
  74. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (HELP)
  75. DS Or DS Lite
  76. wifi usb connector
  77. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
  78. Help!
  79. Pokemon
  80. What is your favorite DS game?
  81. Nintendo DSi
  82. Who has An R4?
  83. Themes on R4's
  84. DSi?
  85. Pokemon Dusk Gold & Dawn Silver
  86. Official Animal Crossing town name thread
  87. What color DS do you have?
  88. Nintendo DS Original Model:Forgotten Forever?
  89. Mario and Luigi 3
  90. DSi R4
  91. So who's going to buy a Dsi?
  92. Have you played Pokemon Platinum?
  93. Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ!!!!
  94. Dont try to replace ur ds' bodyshell
  95. Why has this game not been mentioned here yet?
  96. refurbished DS Lite
  97. Stealth's Pokemon Breeding Corner
  98. Your Opinions on DSi?
  99. pokemon help needed
  100. really good multiplayer games?
  101. Anyone happy about about the new DS lite color? (METALLIC ROSE)
  102. Retro game Challenge
  103. Two Pressing Pokemon Questions:
  104. What games do you have?
  105. Do you use an AR?
  106. Cod Waw Thread
  107. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Thread
  108. Hi All!
  109. Games you had to play out.
  110. pokemon 5th genration
  111. Help choosing a game?
  112. Animal Crossing:Wild World... DEAD?
  113. AC:WW Bottle Mail!!
  114. Animal Crossing: Wild World Bottle Mail Discussion
  115. DS Emulator
  116. Cheating's good???
  117. DSi better than DSLite?
  118. What is your favorite DS Mario game?
  119. DS Games Collection/Good DS Games
  120. Pokemon: The Ruler of the Lake!
  121. I Need A Seedot and a Corsola
  122. Golden Sun DS
  123. dsi release dates
  124. Do you like semi-games?
  125. Black Sigil (spoiler-free)
  126. Finished at last!
  127. DS Games you own
  128. Dragon Quest IX
  129. Well...My DS broke(Sort of)
  130. When are the New Colors for the DSI coming out
  131. The Dark Spire
  132. DSi
  133. Pokemon Platinum Help!
  134. Dementium: The Ward...
  135. Is the DS the only console this gen with a good RPG library?
  136. Pokemon D/P/Pt Friend Codes
  137. Scribblenauts
  138. Replacement DS:What should I get?
  139. GTA: Chinatown Wars
  140. Knights in the Nightmare
  141. What DS game do you find the most fun?
  142. SnesemulDS help
  143. legand of zelda sprite tracking
  144. Cheaper games?
  145. This kid has chinflaps
  146. Shantae is Coming Back
  147. DS games that need an upgrade.
  148. Call of Duty - Modern Warfare Moblized
  149. Scribblenaut Items
  150. Guess I kinda lucked out...
  151. Pokemon Heart gold / Soul Silver HELP!
  152. Mario Kart DS 2 ideas
  153. Good DS games for young girls?
  154. What is the Best Thing About the DS?
  155. info
  156. How long do you think the ds is going to last before nintendo makes a new handheld?
  157. Which Game???
  158. Is the GameBoy SP more convenient to carry around than the DS?
  159. Phantasy Star Zero
  160. I finally got around to get Starfox Command
  161. COD Modern warfare mobilized friend codes.
  162. Curious about accesories
  163. What is your favourite ds game
  164. Zelda: Spirit Tracks
  165. pkmn platinum! fav battle video
  166. Phoenix Wright
  167. Where to get?
  168. Sonic Classic Collection: Impression
  169. Paper Mario DS
  170. Monster Rancher DS
  171. How come i get SD/TF Card Error on my m3 simply?
  172. Mario Kart DS
  173. NFF 1st mkds tourney
  174. what do you think of bowsers inside story
  175. Custom robo arena
  176. HG/SS Tomorrow!!
  177. DSi won't turn on; Blue light is on, screen stay black
  178. HeartGold/SoulSilver
  179. 3DS launch day buy?
  180. DS Flight Sim
  181. Pokemon Black & White
  182. Command and Destroy
  183. Mario Kart Ds Question.
  184. What is the DSI XL like?
  185. Pokemon Platinum
  186. Anyone have all the starters in P/D/Pl/HG/SS?
  187. Nintendo DS adapter?
  188. Nintendo DSI Mod Chip
  189. The New Nintendo 3Ds
  190. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS
  191. WarioWare: Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.)
  192. bored
  193. Ace Attorney series
  194. One Last Chance for Redemption (3DS)
  195. Is anyone planning to get the 3ds?
  196. Old pokemon commercial
  197. Does anyone still have the gameboy color?
  198. ZENONIA for Nintendo DSiWare coming Sep 27th!
  199. Any R4 or other SD card users here?
  200. What if pokemon was like this
  201. The Rom for Pokemon B&W(JP).
  202. Paper Mario 3DS - Before Release
  203. Pokemon Mew Giveaway (Pokemon HG,SS)
  204. A Sad Story
  205. What 3DS games are you looking forward to?
  206. Unsolvable Puzzle in Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth?
  207. DSi XL surface texture
  208. Animal crossing wild world
  209. Samus/Ridley cameo in DoA: Dimensions
  210. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
  211. Nintendo 3DS Software Lineup Gameplay Trailer [HD]
  212. Animal Crossing 3Ds Discussion
  213. Largest amount of turns on Fire Emblem
  214. Paper mario 3ds
  215. Getting a DSi XL This Weekend! :D
  216. Pokemon Black and White! Want to Talk About It!
  217. Should I buy Pokemon Black/White
  218. GTA Chinatown wars NDS torrent?
  219. Please can you Pm me nintendo product codes from games and consoles please?
  220. The 3DS or The PSP2
  221. The 'L' and 'R' Button
  222. N3DS games with gyroscope support
  223. are you/are you not getting a 3ds? Why/Why not?
  224. Is it true that the original Ak2i team has dismissed?
  225. 3D A Lie?
  226. No Budget for the Nintendo 3DS???
  227. What is the best deal you found for the 3ds?
  228. 3DS Gloating Thread
  229. 3DS giving you a headache?
  230. Share your Nintendo 3DS QR codes!
  231. 3DS a gimmick?
  232. Does anyone want to battle in Pokemon White or Black?
  233. Searching
  234. What color 3DS are you getting???
  235. 3DS part of DS family?
  236. 3DS exclusivity?
  237. Should I Buy A 3DS?
  238. SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked
  239. Flipnote Hatena TV
  240. GBA Bundle Questions
  241. Animal Crossing
  242. What fightning game should i get on the 3ds?
  243. Journey to the Center of the Earth 2008
  244. Can anyone recomend me some really good games?
  245. Luigi's Mansion 2
  246. Star Fox 64 3D
  247. QR Miis
  248. Lets Battle!
  249. I want this game for its immersive gameplay and interesting story
  250. lol zelda commercial