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  1. mario brothers games
  2. Super Mario Galaxy Hidden Secrets!
  3. Super Mario Doom
  4. Best Looking Mario Game
  5. Super Mario Land 2
  6. Top 5 Mario Games
  7. Your worst Mario mishap?
  8. What next?
  9. Reimu's Adventure
  10. Talk About Anything Mario with your Mario man!
  11. Mario MMO
  12. Yoshi Franchise
  13. What Power Up do you want to see in the next Mario title?
  14. What you want in the next Mario game
  15. Mario game question ?
  16. If you could kill off a character from Mario
  17. Top 5 favorite Mario characters
  18. Fave Mario enemy?
  19. If you could make a Mario powerup
  20. Favorite Koopaling?
  21. Mario Super Sluggers.
  22. Should they make a Yoshi's Island 3?
  23. Which Mario Character Should Get their own game and/or Series?
  24. Next Paper Mario: RPG or not?
  25. If you could replace a Toad in NSMBW...
  26. Fave Super Mario 64 star?
  27. Furious mario
  28. Mario
  29. mario party games will miss
  30. Koopalings
  31. Your Favourite Paper Mario Chapter
  32. Minus world
  33. A better Mario villain?
  34. Kammy
  35. Favorite 2D Mario Game?
  36. Thoughts on New Super Mario Bros Wii so far
  37. best paper mario companions
  38. favorite paper mario game
  39. If you could get rid of any Mario Kart item.....
  40. New super mario bros. 5 trailer
  41. Whats your favorite Mario character?
  42. Favorite Powerup?
  43. What is the most suggested Mario Party of All time
  44. hardest mario game
  45. favorite mario party
  46. if they made a mario party 9
  47. Your least favorite SMG Galaxy.
  48. Super Mario Galaxy 2
  49. Mario™ Sports Mix Trailer - E3 2010
  50. Mario Kart Player 2 Audio problem
  52. Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary
  53. were would you live in the paper mario universe?????
  54. Super Paper Mario Spoilers
  55. Favorite Super Paper Mario Moment
  56. Looking for friends on MKWII
  57. Is it worth buying both...
  58. If You Could Meet Any Mario Character...
  59. Funniest moment in the Paper Mario series
  60. Paper Mario 3D
  61. Mario party 9????
  62. Who thinks the Koopalings are coming back?!
  63. Best Mario Meledy Ever.
  64. Super Mario RPG: Waltz of the Forest
  65. A Strategy/Tactics Game about Bowser. Good idea?
  66. Mario Kart Stats?
  67. Luigi's Mansion 2
  68. Anyone else like Super Mario Sunshine more than 64?
  69. Anyone want to attempt an 100% (or close to) run of SM Sunshine?
  70. Just had to share this for anyone that knows Mario Party
  71. MarioKart64 Gameplay
  72. Favorite Mario Party Minigames
  73. Mario RPGs (all of them)
  74. Let's Play Paper Mario with SG64
  75. Question
  76. Do you prefer New Super Mario Bros. Wii alone or with friend(s)?
  77. Who here remembers the Mario Kart Arcade GP series?
  78. Paper Mario Sticker Star
  79. Super Mario Bros. 2
  80. Favorite Rendition of the Super Mario theme song?
  81. Super Mario 3D World
  82. Super Mario 3D World Discussion
  83. Did You Find That Any One Game From The Mario Kart Series Harder Than The Others?
  84. Mario Tattoo Slideshow
  85. White Tanooki Suit
  86. Mario Theory, or rather, is Mario, Mario?
  87. Game Theory: Rosalina Unmasked
  88. Super Mario 3D Land - Star Coin help?