Resident Evil: Wii Edition Review

If you define Horror as in Greatness…
Then this title, and version should represent it.
What was once an “exclusive” on the GameCube has been re-released
as a Special Edition for the newly acclaimed Wii console.
Let us delve deeper into the depths of you worst inner fears and fantasies,
into one of the most enchantinting and edgey series ever on a console,
and the lastest incarnation of it.
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Capcom is known for its outstanding horror-survival series, Resident Evil.
The cause off all the drama? Raccoon City, where the Resident Evil Events occurred,
was infected by the T-Virus, a virus which reanimates dead cells, in other words,
bringing the dead back to life. Horrifyingly grotesque zombies appeared,
craving human flesh and blood. Later on, it appeared that the viral outbreak
was the fault of a major pharmaceutical company called Umbrella.

Six years pass, and Leon S. Kennedy, a survivor of it all, is sent to recover the
President’s kidnapped daughter, Ashley Graham. Leon, hoping for some answers,
searches for Ashley. Leon’s in the right place, just might not be the safest.
Members of the Los Illuminados cult are under the control of Las Plagas,
a parasite that can take over the body, are not going to be friendly.
They will do whatever it takes to make sure Leon does not survive.
As Leon fights his way to save the President’s Daughter,
he’ll have to fight the most terrifying monsters he’s ever seen.

The first impression of this game was definitely a good one, you are walking through dark woods,
towards a house, where you are seeking information about the presidents daughter,
a man inside the house answers you in complete gibberish, and launches at you with an axe,
can’t get a better first impression then that can you?

The first part is more of a tutorial, he comes at you slowly with the axe,
and you have to shoot him dead with 3 bullets, just teaching you the basics of shooting.

You will soon fear the sound of the chainsaw…

Press the corresponding buttons to enact life
saving sequences.

The Gameplay has completely changed since the game has been ported to the Wii.
Instead of aiming with a control stick, you aim. Aim the Wii Remote at the TV to aim your weapon,
and fire away. Shake the remote to quickly bring out your knife, for close encounters.
Navigation lies on the nunchuck’s control stick. Quick action commands such as shaking
the remote during cut scenes can save your life.

The diverse and authentic environments as well as characters are key in what
makes this game such a success. The environments create the perfect mood for this game.
All of the characters have their own little background story, which may surprise you.
The main characters all alter the plot in some way, keeping you into the game.

The weapons are very fun. Handguns, Shotguns and Sniper Rifles galore,
along with some other fun little toys for your personal enjoyment.
Ammunition and Attaché Case Space is generous, so don’t worry about running short.
The money, pesetas, which you earn for treasure or kills, will help you buy these weapons,
as well as treasure maps, and First Aid Sprays, which are very handy.

The added mini games, which you unlock after clearing the main game once,
are a nice little addition in case you don’t feel like doing the main game. Separate Ways,
where you play as the hidden Ada Wong, is where you secretly help Leon through his quest,
while completing your own objective. Assignment Ada, where you also play as Ada,
is where you must collect 5 Las Plagas Samples, and leave the Area.
Mercenaries, where you select your character, and arena, and kill as many enemies
possible for the maximum amount of points.

As well as mini games, the game does have unlockables.
Weapons are available after beating the main game, as well as some costumes
for Leon and Ashley, which can actually help you.
A Movie Browser is available for you to watch any cut scene.
Professional Mode, a mode for the main game where things get harder and hectic,
is also unlocked. Credits are also available, for your viewing pleasure.

Sound-wise, excellent qualtiy. All sounds are realistic,
crisp and clear, with volume to keep you on the edge of you seat.
Though sounds are nice and fun, they get fairly repetitive, with the same spooky background music
and fast paced nature of it. The voices suit the characters fine.
The enemy voices are very limited to female and male, and mutated beyond belief to monsters.

Hordes of villagers will attack you, take out your trusty shotgun.

The length of this game can range anywhere
from 10-25 hours.
If you want to just run through the game,
get a good time, or if you want to get every treasure,
or available item, the game will still be a blast!
You can replay the game, if you so desire,
which will make its playtime even longer,
despite the repetivite nature of it.

Graphics: 8.9/10 – Graphics is where the game fails short.
Although the game was ported to Wii, it’s still got the GameCube graphics.
The graphics and the environment are well done,
only that they do not meet the standards of Wii.
The Cut scenes aren’t that fabulous either.
They’re just a little bit better then the original predecessor.
But either way still polished, and still gives the desired effect.

Storyline: 9.3/10 – Simply engrossing. It continues the storyline of Leon,
and further opens up the backlog of questions, and disbelief the Resident Evil series has brought.
You’ll be captivated by the story, and soon will find yourself playing just to find out what happens next….
Very well written. And the voice acting is superb.

Controls/Gameplay: 9.6/10 – The controls in this game are amongst
the best for any Wii game. You use the Nunchuk as the standard control for the player,
and you point the Wiimote at the screen for aiming.
It’s exactly like playing House of the Dead in an arcade,
but with better graphics and being in the comfort of my own home.
When using the knife, you make a slashing motion with the Wiimote
making the player slash the knife. It’s easy to get a handle off.
Terrifyingly easy…

Music/Sounds: 9.7/10 – From the very beggining, you’ll hear the eerie melachony of it all…
The fully orchestrated music plays in the background, and the feeling of dread fills the air.
Every area has the right soundtrack, and you will soon realize that the sound
of a roaring chainsaw is the most frieghtening sound there is in any game…
The sound effects are outstanding, and freakn A terrifying…
playing the game first time through will scare the crap out of you!

Overall Rating: 9.5 – A highly acclaimed horror fest of its time,
and won many awards to its credit. It just got a little better for the Wii.
And if your a hardcore RE fan, this is a worthy edition to your library.
For $30, its a a well worth investment of your time and money.
If you own the original GameCube or Playstation 2 version,
it’s worth a rent just for the added features and gameplay
elements alone.

A Fight for Survival you’d die to be apart of…..

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  1. Yoshimaster February 27, 2009 7:59 pm 

    good and precise review of this game. I have the game and had the same thoughts.

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