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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
03-29-2014 - Game Review written by SuperGamecube64
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Super Mario Bros. 3
04-18-2014 - Game Review written by Nintenduendo
Super Mario Bros. 3 The number three is a weird number in gaming. To some it signifies the end of a trilogy of titles, such as Mass Effect 3 or Halo 3. To a few, it is a divisive and repulsive number for a series, such as Doom 3 or Assassin's Creed 3. But to many, the number three is a number that is praised,... [Read More]
Mario Party: Island Tour
04-07-2014 - Game Review written by AlloftheAbove
Mario Party: Island Tour I am a staunch believer in giving everything a fair go. Without such an attitude, I wouldnít have seen the strategic merit in playing a game like Style Boutique. Wouldnít have realised that recent LEGO games are actually getting better. So when Nintendo announced a portable Mario Party game, while their home console was faltering, I was pretty ... [Read More]
Pokemon Link: Battle!
04-08-2014 - Game Review written by Mable
Pokemon Link: Battle! Platform: 3DS eShop Developer: Genius Sonority Genre: Puzzle The Japanese are good at more than a few things- making sushi, putting stuff on cats, and trying to innovate the match 3 gems game genre, just to name a few things. This game involves neither raw fish nor putting oranges on cats, no matter how awesome that sounds. Here is an... [Read More]
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
04-20-2014 - Game Review written by Nintenduendo
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
Get hooked on the brothers!! Mario and Luigi are the greatest duo in all of gaming. Yet before the Year of Luigi craze, the brothers' adventures were separate from one another with very little overlap, from the ghostbusting shenanigans of Luigi's Mansion to the goopy clean-up effort of Super Mario Sunshine. It's also notable during this time... [Read More]
Senran Kagura Burst
04-03-2014 - Game Review written by Mable
Senran Kagura Burst Senran Kagura Burst Platform: 3DS Developer: Tamsoft Genre: Action Iím going to start this review a little differently to most, and give away the ending. You can tell much of whether you will enjoy Senran Kagura Burst purely based on itís cover and artwork. Burst hides nothing about what kind of content will be in the game, and delivers... [Read More]
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