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Ganpuru - Gunman's Proof

Ganpuru - Gunman's Proof is a fun game that somewhat recycles features of other games, while maintaining it's own system. It's somewhat Zelda-esque, if Zelda took place during the times of the Wild West.

Gunman's Proof is about two meteors that hit Earth. Soon after, Aliens started to invade (No, this isn't because of Earthbound. I'm pretty sure that in Japanese culture, that's what they'd believe would happen. There are several other games other than Earthbound that involve meteors and aliens.)

The game takes place during 1880 and the aliens (Called the Demiseed) are attempting to take over the Earth. The people are afraid of these Demiseeds and incapable of fighting them. So, one day while a young boy (Nameless) travels out, two aliens crash onto Earth. They are apparently sheriffs of another planet and are trying to capture Demi. They ask if they can take control of the child's mind to capture Demi, because they're not use to the Earth's atmosphere.

Story 5/10 - The story is a bit cheesy and gets a bit predictable, but it's fun. The game's not very story orientated, but when the story does get involved, it's mostly comical and a little cheesy. Still, it keeps you interested.

Gameplay 8/10 - The gameplay is probably the best thing about the game. You have a pistol and a punch. Eventually, you can start learning new types of guns, pick up different types, etc... The game is a bit Zelda-esque. You go to different Temples and get to the last boss, while collecting treasures. The game is very well designed and the bosses are pretty creative.

Sound 6.5/10 - This was difficult for me because, the music was good, but sometimes there are lacking qualities about the sound. Not immensely to affect it. Sometimes the music is quite fantastic. Other times, it can sound a little bland. It's a hard choice for me to give it the right score, so I decided this would suffice.

Graphics/Art Style 6/10 - The art style is actually a bit childish but cute. I liked how it's designed, it's almost old anime-esque.

Overall 7.5/10 - The game is fun and cute. It's designed well and creative. Sometimes, it can get somewhat hard, but in a good way. I'd recommend it being given a try and beaten at least once.

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