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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Note Guide
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Note Guide
Published by Colorful CrAzYoNzZ
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Note Guide

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Note Guide

Lately, I have picked up Harvest Moon: Magical Melody and started playing again. I currently have three save files where I have finished the game by saving the Harvest Goddess and getting married/having a child. However, this time my play through is going to be different, because I am going for 100% completion, meaning, I am on a quest to get all 100 notes. We can go on this quest together, because below I will document all 100 of these notes as I get them, and offer some advice on the most painless way to get them for yourself. I wish everyone luck whom has chosen to undertake this challenge.

In the BeginningÖ

To tackle this quest, I think itís best to divide the notes into sections for easier access. For the first section, I will outline all of the easiest notes, and the ones that are best achieved early in the game.

1.First Step Note: Received when you get the pedometer.
This note is given to you after your talk with the Harvest Sprites, when they give you the pedometer. This note is given automatically as you take your first step into farming life!

2.First Shipping Note: Received the first time you ship something.
This is another easy one; just put anything in your shipping bin. Plenty of produce is found growing up in the mountains, a good place to start shipping in the beginning of the game. Fishing and mining in the cave are also a good place to start.

3.Diary Note: Received for saving the game 30 times.
It is a smart idea to save your game regularly to avoid losing any data if something were to happen. Go to the notebook on the stand beside your bed to save your game. Once you do this 30 times, you will get the note! You can cheat and save over and over again, or just accumulate saves slowly as you play. Either way, you should get this fairly early.

4.10,000 Step Note: Received for walking 10,000 steps.

This note is achieved for walking 10,000 steps. However, you must have it recorded on your pedometer for it to count. 10,000 steps might seem like a lot, but if you are walking around all day doing farm work, it should be easy! Just keep your pedometer with you and youíll have it in no time! A way to cheat I have seen is to run against a wall in your house (by tying a rubber band around the control stick to constantly run), but this will take a long time (30+ minutes!) and is not recommended. I was able to get this note in my first 10 game days by walking about 1000 steps each day.

5.Cooking Note: Received for cooking a meal.
You receive this note the first time you cook something. Since you start off with the knife set, why not go fishing and whip up some sashimi? There are also more recipes in the notebook section of your menus if youíre feeling creative. More cooking utensils like the pot and oven can be bought at the Junk Shop.

6.Poor Note: Received for having less than 100g in the morning.
This note is best to get in the beginning, when you donít have much money. Just spend all of your money on seeds at the vegetable farm. Also, donít ship anything all day to make sure you have 100g or less. Seeds are the best thing to spend your money on, because when they grow, you will get the money back!

7.Limitation Note: Received for fainting.
All you have to do to get this is use up all of your stamina. Early in the game, your stamina is very limited, making it simple to use it all up. Youíll wake up in the clinic, where Alex will lecture you about getting enough rest. Itís ok, though, because you just got a new note!

8.Lone Wolf Note: Received for not talking to anyone all day.
To get this note, just focus on your work and donít talk to anyone you meet along the way. I find this easy to do, since Iím always off watering my plants or searching for things to shipÖjust avoid communication from the time you wake to the time you go to bed and this note will appear in the morning!

9.Night Owl Note: Received for staying up all night.
To get this one, just stay up all night. If youíre a workaholic, then this should be no problem. It gives you extra time to work on making some money! To use up time, why not go mining in the cave or look for items to ship on the mountain? Another quick way to get it is after a festival that takes place at night (Fireworks, Moon-viewing) because they end at 00:00 AM. Just stay up until 6:00 AM and you will get the note! Your fatigue will rise quickly for doing this, making your player sleepy. Just eat pontana roots or herbs to recover fatigue. Spicy foods are also good to heal fatigue.

10.Sun Note: Received for working 10 hours non-stop on a sunny day.
Make the most of those nice days in Spring! All you have to do is stay outside all day. Donít go into a building, you must be outside for 10 hours straight to get this note.

11.Rain Note: Received for working 10 hours non-stop on a rainy day.
There seem to be a lot of rainy days in early Summer for me. This note is the same as the Sun Note, just for a rainy day. Be careful, because working in the rain depletes your stamina more than on a nice day.

12.Cloud Note: Received for working 10 hours non-stop on a cloudy day.
This is the same as the other two, just be outside for 10 hours on a cloudy day, without going into any buildings.

13.Snow Note: Received for working 10 hours non-stop on a snowy day.
Again, like the other weather notes, this one can be received for working 10 hours on a snow day. No staying home for you! You cannot get this note until the snow falls in Winter, but it fits here as it goes with the other weather notes.

14.Stationary Note: Received for no controller inputs for a long time.
Put down your controller and go get a snack. To get this note, just let your character stand still for a while. Do this inside a building so no time will be wasted, it takes a few minutes.

15.Fire Prevention Note: Received for putting out a fire.
Early in the game, a good way to keep your stamina up is to cook fish with the bonfire set (box of matches) found in your toolbox at home. To get this note, just light a fire, and make sure to put it out by using your watering can when you are done. Youíll get a note for preventing a potential forest fire!

Around the FarmÖ

This next section is all about notes you can get for doing things on your farm or with animals.

16.Whistle Note: Received for whistling 50 times.
Whistling is a good way to call your dog, horse, or pig. Press the L button to whistle. You can just whistle over and over again, or gradually use it as you need it to get this note.

17.Lucky Note: Received for finding 1,000g in the ground.
Occasionally, while digging with your hoe, either in the cave or on your farm, you will find coins sticking out of the ground. Collect these to add a little money to your funds! If you get lucky enough to accumulate 1,000g this way, you will be awarded with a note. A good way to get this note quickly is to reach floor 100 of the Moonlight Mine. Lots of money will be buried near the walls of the lowest floor. If Tim has also moved in with the Blacksmith, he will give you a power berry, raising your stamina, kind of like a bonus!

18.Owner of Mother Earth Note: Received for buying all of the available land.
You can buy more land from Woody at the Carpenterís shop to expand your farming empire. If you manage to purchase all of the available properties, then you will own (at least some of) the Earth, and have a note to prove it! An important tip is to get at least one heart with the mayor to make more land available for sale. Continue to get hearts with him, and by the time you have befriended him with 3 hearts, all 20 pieces of land will be available for sale!

19.Fodder Note: Received for cutting grass 20 times.
When you are able to get a barn and start getting horses, cows, or sheep, it will be a good idea to grow some grass. Use your sickle to cut it to get fodder, and if you cut down at least 20 pieces, you will fill your animalís bellies and get a note!

20.Brushing Note: Received for brushing an animal 20 times.
Brushing your animals builds friendship, and is imperative if you want to win the festivals! Buy a brush from Blue Sky Ranch and groom Bessie or Fluffy every day and youíll soon have this note!

21.Egg Note: Received for shipping 10 eggs.
Take good care of your chickens, and they will lay eggs for you every day! Ship 10 eggs to get this note. You can get it faster if you have more chickens; just stick an egg in the incubator in the corner of the coop, and another chicken will hatch!

22.Milking Note: Received for shipping 10 bottles of milk.
Raise your cow well, and she will give you good milk! Ship 10 bottles of it to get this note.

23.Shearing Note: Received for shipping 10 bundles of wool.
Raise your little lamb, whose fleece is white as snow, and then shear that fleece for sale! If you can manage to ship 10 bundles of wool, youíll have this note!

24.Dyeing Note: Received for shipping one dyed yarn.
No, you donít have to die to get this note. All you have to do is ship one dyed yarn. To dye yarn, you first need a sheep to get some wool. Then turn the wool into yarn with the yarn maker, which you can buy at the Junk Shop. After that, you will have to get your hands on a dye pot. These are also sold at the Junk Shop. After you have all of this, collect a colored herb in the mountains and put it in the dye pot with your yarn. Not only will it sell for a high price, youíll get another note! A way to cheat with this note is to just buy a colored yarn from Hearty Lyla, the gift store Lyla opens when you ship enough berries/flowers. However, colored yarn is quite expensive, and it is more profitable to just make your own, even though the equipment (like the Yarn Maker) are a little pricey.

25.Calling Animals Note: Received for using the bell 20 times.
The bell is a wonderful tool for a farmer with a lot of animals. Using it will call all of your animals outside, or bring them back in! You can buy a bell from the Blue Sky Ranch. Even if you donít have many animals, you can still buy the bell at any time.

26.Cultivation Note: Received for tilling 100 squares of soil.
To grow anything, you will need to till the soil first! Itís also useful to dig in the cave, as you can find clay and other things, such as the medicine Pontana Root, that way. No matter how, why, or where you do it, when you dig 100 squares you will be rewarded with this note!

27.Woodcutter Note: Received for cutting 20 logs.
You must cut up branches and stumps to provide wood for building houses, chicken coops, barns, or any other structure, so this note should be easy to get. Take your axe and get to the cutting, you will find plenty of branches and stumps to cut up all over town, and the wood automatically goes into your lumber shed! It is worthwhile to spend some time cutting the wood yourself; the alternative is to buy it from Woody, which can get pretty expensive.

28.Garbage Can Note: Received for throwing away 20 things.
There are garbage cans all over town, including one right outside of your house! This note is awarded for throwing 20 things into the garbage, and helping to keep your town beautiful! An easy way to get this note is to throw away weeds, or any cans or boots you may fish up.

29.Weed Note: Received for pulling 100 weeds.
Weeds grow all over town, and often trip you up while walking. Teach them a lesson by pulling them up! Chickens, rabbits, and squirrels also like to eat weeds, so an easy way to get this note is to feed weeds you pull to your chickens or the wild animals. Soon, you will have a note and some happy chickens, or lead to another note for being friends with the wildlife!

30.Gardening Note: Received when five flowers bloom at once.
Flower seeds can be purchased from the Spring Farm store in Spring and Fall. Water them daily and make sure you have at least five squares planted, and this note will appear when they bloom!

31.Forest Note: Received for planting a tree.
Many tree saplings you can buy from the vegetable farm produce fruit, so itís worthwhile to plant a tree for the produce as well as to secure another note! A tree will grow between 6 and 10 days, but will only make fruit in the proper season. Also, as an added bonus, planting trees will raise the town folkís heart levels a little bit! Note: Evergreens and Mora trees do not produce fruit, they are just for show (or you can cut them down for lumber, but they take longer to grow).

32.Destruction Note: Received for crushing 20 rocks.
If you take a trip to the caves with your hammer, you will soon come across rocks and crystals as you descend the floors. Crushing these stones will sometimes reveal a jewel or metal, giving you incentive to break 20 of these. Stones outside around the town also count toward this note, but do not have anything inside them.

33.Bow-Wow Note: Received for having 3 hearts of affection with your dog.
That dog that Ellen gives you in the beginning is good for something, after all. If you treat him well and have at least 3 hearts, he will give you a note to show his appreciation! To gain friendship, pick him up daily and feed him. This little guy will pretty much eat anything. You donít have to feed him, but it raises his affection more quickly.

34.Oink-Oink Note: Received when you find a truffle.
Your barn comes with a hidden bonus! Upon entering for the first time, you will find a pig! After a cut scene, Gourmet will give you the pig, which can be used to dig up truffles (a rare mushroom). You will receive this note after you find a truffle and ship it. Try taking your pig to a cluster of Mora Trees (the ones that are pink in spring) and see if he can find any! Another hint I discovered is you have a better chance of getting one near a water source. This can only be done in Fall. If the pig finds one, pick it up quickly or he will eat it himself! Another tip I discovered is that it is easier to just dig for truffles yourself; the pig isnít really much help. Dig under the Mora trees in Fall, and wait for the tilled area to disappear, then dig in the same spot. Sometimes, a truffle will appear and you will still get this note, considering you shipped it.

35.Mole-Whacking Note: Received for hitting the mole 10 times.
Moles can be cute, but they cause problems in you fields! If you see one, whack it with your hammer and be on your way to getting the Mole-Whacking Note, as well as getting rid of the problem!

36.Full Bloom Flower Note: Received for shipping one of every herb and flower.
It sounds tough, but itís possible! To help out, try growing flowers and herbs on your farm, so you wonít have to go search for them in the mountains. You canít grow all of the kinds, so still be sure to look out for ones you donít have. If you can ship every herb in each season, you should have this note by Fall. Look out for the Blue Mist flower, it is very rare and needed to complete your set! It has large blue petals and is only available high in the mountains in Fall.

37.Treasure Hoard Note: Received for shipping one of every ore.
Spend a lot of time in the caves? This note should be easy for you! Not only do ores bring in a lot of money and get the blacksmith to move in, but you can get a note for shipping one of each kind!

38.Animal Kingdom Note: Received for having 8 animals total.
To get this note, you must have at least 8 animals. Itís not easy to care for all of those animals, but they will be rewarding in the end. Youíll never run short of milk, eggs and wool!

39.Birth of Life Note: Received when a baby animal is born on your farm.
Instead of paying full price for another animal, why not cut the cost and impregnate one you already have? Baby animals born on your farm are so cute, too! All you need to do is buy miracle potion from the Blue Sky Ranch and use it on an adult sheep, cow, or horse! Be careful, because pregnant animals cannot compete in races or contests, nor do they produce milk or wool. It takes a while, but it will be worth it to experience that special moment of birth and collect this note!

40.Expert Angler Note: Received for catching each type of fish.
You need to fish a lot to get this note. After catching each fish seen in the game, you will earn this note for being a expert fisherman! If you befriend the dolphin, he will take you to an island where the fishing is phenomenal, which could help greatly with this note.

41.Master Angler Note: Received for catching 100 fish.
Once you catch 100 fish, you will be a Master Angler, and have a note to prove it. Watch out, Ray, thereís another Master fisherman in town! This note will count for any fish, even if it is a duplicate of one caught before. Again, the island will help greatly with this feat.

42.Rubber Boots Note: Received for catching 10 rubber boots while fishing.
Garbage is actually good for something! If you reel up rubber boots while fishing, donít dismay! Catching 10 of these will get you a note!

43.Wild Note: Received for befriending a wild animal.
Itís easy to notice all of the cute little animals running around. If you make friends (3+ hearts) with one, it will come to your door with a note! To make friends, pick them up for some snuggle time and bring them a favorite food. The easiest animals to befriend are the rabbits and squirrels. Theyíre the easiest to find and eat weeds, which grow everywhere.


Now that farming work is out of the way, letís move on to the interesting ladies and gentlemen you will meet around town. Many of these kind (or not so kind) folk will give you a note if you take the time to earn it! For the notes received from the bachelors/bachelorettes, I got the notes with about 2 Ĺ hearts. All of my sources say 3, however, so I will just say 3 to be safe, but it is possible to get it with less.

44.Hustle-and-Bustle Note: Received for meeting all 35 characters.
Do you have what it takes to be a socialite? If you meet all 35 characters in the game, you will be rewarded with a note. Ship a lot of different items to get different people to move into town, and be sure to attend the festivals to meet newcomers!

45.Lost Child Note: Received for finding lost children.
Once you get two hearts with Meryl and Tim, they will get lost. Find them and the mayor will give you a note for your kind effort! Tim comes with the Blacksmith shop when you ship ores, and Meryl comes when you befriend Ronald. Tim likes ores and jewels, while Meryl likes flowers.

46.Art Note: Received for having the aging pot and picture.
Once you become friends with the more artistic folk in town, they will reward you with an aging pot, a picture, and a new note! Lyla likes flowers and gems(like any other woman) and Henry will move in once you plant some fruit trees. His favorite gift is carrots. Saibara will move in once you ship some clay, which is also his favorite gift!

47.Flower Girl Note: Received for befriending Nina.
If you get Nina, the sweet girl who works at the vegetable farm, up to three hearts, she will swing by your farm with some honey and a note! Nina likes flowers and berries.

48.Explosive Girl Note: Received for befriending Ann.
Ann is always inventing! If you become friends (3 hearts) with her, she will give you a note and some good clay! Ann loves corn above all else. If you give her some corn all during Summer (the corn-growing season) you should become friends with her before the seasonís over.

49.Apron Girl Note: Received for befriending Ellen.
Ellen works on the Blue Sky Ranch, and loves to cook and care for the animals! If you get 3 hearts with her, she will bring you Char Sashimi and a note! Ellen likes sweet things that she can cook with, such as breadfruit, and flowers. If you plant some breadfruit seeds in spring, and give her one breadfruit each time they grow back, this note should be easy!

50.Talented Girl Note: Received for befriending Maria.
Maria is the mayorís daughter. She is very smart, the first time you meet her; in fact, she even mentions that she was studying abroad before she opened the library! If you befriend her by 3 hearts, she will give you pickled cabbage and a note! Maria owns the library, and she likes yam dishes (like stewed yams) and cabbage.

51.Night Moon Note: Received for befriending Eve.
Eve will move in when the Moonlight Cafť opens. She is beautiful and mysterious, and her mission is to take her Grandfather, Terry, back home with her. If you befriend her by 3 hearts, she will bring you a Very Berry Soda and a note. Eve works as a waitress at the Moonlight Cafť, and can be found at the more scenic locations, such as the beach or lake during the day. She likes jewels and flowers, but her favorite is strawberries.

52.Girl with Glasses Note: Received for befriending Gina.
Gina comes when you ship a lot of herbs and the Sanatorium opens, where she works as a nurse. She is kind and caring, always looking after her friend Dia. If you also become her friend by at least 3 hearts, she will give you a milkshake and a note as a gift! Gina likes herbs and other healthy foods.

53.Princess Note: Received for befriending Dia.
Dia is a sickly rich girl who moves into the Sanatorium when it opens. She is cold and shy at first, but if you can make friends with her by at least 3 hearts, she will give you blueberries (her favorite!) and a note. Dia loves anything to do with blueberries. Giving her blueberries all summer will help you get this note easily.

54.Waitress Note: Received for befriending Katie.
Katie will work at the Cafť Calloway when that opens (sometime around the first Fall). She hates that she looks young for her age, so tries to act really mature. If you can befriend her by 3 hearts, she will bring you yogurt and a note! Katie is always around the Cafť, never stops thinking about cake, and loves baked treats. (I won her over with a gift of Baked Chestnut, made by putting a Chestnut in a bonfire. Chestnuts only grow in Fall. She likes Yams, too.)

55.Ponytail Note: Received for befriending Gwen.
You will meet Gwen during the Spring Horse Race. She looks forward to being your rival, as she too rides horses. If you can get past your rivalry and become friends by at least 3 hearts, she will give you an omelet and a note. She helps with the cooking at the Perch Inn and likes egg dishes and carrots (just like a horse!).

56.Heartfelt Note: Received for befriending Lyla.
You can meet Lyla at the Spring Flower Festival, and she will move in once you ship enough flowers and berries for her to open her shop near the edge of town. If you befriend the sweet socialite by three hearts she will gift you some wool and a note. Lyla wanders around the square and Spring Farm when she isnít in her shop, but sometimes she has lunch at Cafť Calloway. She likes flowers, gems and wool/yarn products.

57.Cowboy Note: Received for befriending Blue.
Blue is a man of few words and prefers to channel all of his energy into his work at Blue Sky Ranch. If you can get him to talk and befriend him by three hearts, he will share some milk with you and give you a note! Blue works outside all day in the Blue Sky Ranchís pasture, and likes egg stuff, like eggs and eggplants!

58.Social Craftsman Note: Received for befriending Joe.
Joe works as a cheerful and patriotic (look at his bandana!) apprentice under Woody at the carpenter shop. Since you are both beginners, he feels a special connection with you! Solidify that bond with at least 3 hearts and he will give you a dace and a note. When not working, Joe likes to go fishing. Obviously, he likes fish.

59.Cool Craftsman Note: Received for befriending Kurt.
Donít expect the same warm reception from Joeís brother, Kurt. Heís quiet and may come off as rude, but he can be a nice guy if you befriend him by three hearts. He will even give you a red herb and note. He also works for Woody at the carpenter shop. Kurt likes ores and sashimi. He can be found outside the cave when he is not at work.

60.Doctor Note: Received for befriending Alex.
Alex is the local doctor, and can almost always be found in the Clinic. He is passionate and dedicated to his work! If you befriend him by 3 hearts, he will give you purple herb and a note. Alex likes herbs, turnips and Pontana Roots, that can be dug out of the caves. On his off days, he can be found by the riverbank in the morning or in the cave.

61.Patissier Note: Received for befriending Carl.
Carl works at the Moonlight Cafť until he can open his own store, the Cafť Calloway. He looks young for his age and really loves to cook. If you befriend him by 3 hearts, he will give you some yummy pudding and a note! Carl often talks about his dreams to open a cafť and loves eggs and milk.

62.Master Pick-Up Artist Note: Received for befriending Dan.
Dan is a tan-skinned young man who you meet at the Spring Horse Race. Apparently, he lost all of his money, so he asks you for some. When you refuse, he gets mad about having to stay in the village until he can make enough money to go home. Lucky for you, because if you befriend him by 3 hearts, he will give you and Apple Soda and a note! When the Paradise Orchard opens, he will decide to live in Flower Bud and work there, letting go of his gambling lifestyle. Dan likes sodas and fruits.

63.Fisherman Note: Received for befriending Ray.
Ray lives life as a simple fisherman, even though he has his own TV show. When you go to the lake, he challenges you to be his fishing rival. If you befriend him by three hearts, he will give you an Amago fish and a note. Ray goes to all the great fishing spots (even to the island!) and of course, likes fish or fish dishes. He will also give you a copper fishing rod for free if you gain enough experience with your iron one and return to the lake.

64.Traveler Note: Received for befriending Basil.
Basil is a ďPlant HunterĒ and lives to seek our rare or endangered plant species. He moves all over town, but I tend to find him at the lake a lot. If you become friends by 3 hearts with him, he will give you limestone (necessary for fertilizer!) and a note. He will leave in winter, so make a point to get his note before then. He will return in spring, so you donít need to worry too much. He obviously likes anything to do with plants, like herbs or flowers.

65.Male Note: Received for befriending Bob.
Bob works on the Blue Sky Ranch with Blue and Ellen. He is the expert on shipping and is the guy who picks up your shipments every morning (maybe thatís why heís so muscular!). If you befriend him by three hearts, he will bring you a good egg and a note! Bob likes farming products like milk and eggs, and dreams of opening his own horse ranch one day!

66.Shy Guy Note: Received for befriending Louis.
Louis was drawn to the village by the annual Summer Fireworks, and can be met during the Fireworks Festival. He occasionally appears around town, and eventually moves into the Junk Shop when it expands. If you make friends by at least 3 hearts, he will give you a silver ore and a note! He likes bell peppers, rare ores, and herbs. He is quite hard to befriend, as he does not appear every day. Try to catch him on days he wanders around the square, or check the cave.

67.Bluebird Note: Received for getting the Blue Feather.
If youíve met all of the marriage requirements, (8 hearts with your choice of spouse, level 3 home, at least 30 notes, and a large bed) the Mayor will take you to the mountains where you must climb to the top to see the legendary bluebird that comes there. If you succeed, you will get a Blue Feather, the important item needed to propose. If this is your first time playing the rock-climbing mini game, you will also get the Rock-Climbing note.

68.Wedding Day Note: Received for getting married.
After you propose, you will soon see the marriage cut scene. After the big day, you will get a note to commemorate the event!

69.Stork Note: Received for pregnancy.
After you have been married for a while, you (or your wife, if you are a male player) will go to the doctor. There you will find out that you are going to be parents! You will get a note to celebrate this happy news.

70.Baby is Born Note: Received for having a baby.
After you have your child, you will get a note to remember the day you became a parent. A child is born 20 days after the pregnancy cutscene.

71.You can Walk Note: Received when your child learns to walk.
After some time has passed after your child has been born, eventually you will go back to the Clinic and experience a cut scene. You will get this note when your child learns to walk!

Time to Celebrate!

Now that we have done our farm chores and made some good buddies, letís go out and party! This section is all about notes you can get from festivals. There are many festivals held every season, and is a fun time for you to talk to your pals and unwind from work! Most of the notes are easy, and can be attained for just showing up at the festival, but for some you must win a contest to get the note.

72.Spring Footsteps Note: Received for attending the New Year festival.
This note cannot be obtained in the first year, since you start the game after spring 1st. However, you will get it for attending on the first day of spring in your second year.

73.Egg Dish Note: Received for attending the Egg Festival.
To make this festival happen, you must ship an egg in the blue bin in the square near the day of the festival. You need to do this for the festival to be held. When you attend the festival, you will get the note. This is the first festival you will attend in the game, and you probably will not have a chicken yet. Just purchase an egg from Blue Sky Ranch so you can go to the festival and get the note.

74.Spring Fragrance Note: Received for attending the Flower Festival.
You must ship a flower in the blue bin at the square for this festival to take place. At this festival, you will meet Lyla, and get a note!

75.Boat Sailing Note: Received for attending the Star Festival.
On the day of this festival, the bachelor/bachelorette (depending on your characterís gender) with the highest heart level will ask you to go with him/her. Accept and meet them in the square before nightfall to get this note.

76.Firefly Flower Note: Received for attending the Firefly Festival.
You must ship a moonstone for this festival to occur. Simply go to the beach for the festival and you will get the note.

77.Fireworks Note: Received for attending the Fireworks show.
Itís not summer without some Fireworks! Attend the Fireworks show at the beach to meet Louis and get this note.

78.Blue Sea, White Clouds Note: Received for winning the swimming contest.
You must attend the Beach Festival in summer and win the swimming contest to get this note. The swimming contest is a mini-game where you must touch all four buoys before your opponents. Try not to get caught in currents or the whirlpools and it should be fairly easy. The first time you win you will receive a power berry, extra incentive to try your best! When you win after that, the prize will be lumber every time. It would be a good idea to save before attending the festival just in case you mess up, so you can try it again!

79.Moon-Viewing Note: Received for attending the Moon Festival.
Again, your date will come ask you to go to the festival. Meet them in the square to enjoy a romantic evening of gazing at the full moon and receive a note.

80.Harvest Note: Received for attending the Harvest Festival.
Letís celebrate the good harvest! Place at least one crop in the blue bin in the square so the festival will occur. Then, just show up to the square on the day of the festival to get this note.

81.Pumpkin Note: Received for attending the Pumpkin Festival.
The Pumpkin Festival reminds me of Halloween! You must ship one pumpkin in the blue bin at the square for this festival to be held. You will get a note for attending and a power berry from the mayor as thanks for the pumpkin donation!

82.Flame Note: Received for attending the Firefly Festival.
Enjoy a big bonfire with your loved one! To ensure this festival will take place, you must ship a stake in the blue bin at the square. Go to the beach to attend the festival and gather your note.

83.Starlight Note: Received for attending the Starry Night Festival.
Accept your partnerís invitation to attend this festival and enjoy a night of stargazing and get another note!

84.New Yearís Sunrise Note: Received for seeing the first sunrise of the year.
Meet your partner in the square to watch the sunrise on New Yearís Day (how romantic!) and get a note!

85.Cock-a-doodle Doo Note: Received for winning the Chicken Festival.
You need a full-grown chicken with a high heart level to win this festival. Take good care of your chickens and enter your best one! A good way to raise their heart level is to feed them weeds, pick them up, let them go outside on sunny days, and feed them bird seed straight from the bag instead of putting it in the box.

86.Moo Note: Received for winning the (you guessed it!) Cow Festival.
You must have an adult cow that is not pregnant or sick with a high heart level to enter and win this contest. Take good care of your cows and this should be a cinch! Brush your cow daily and talk to it, and let it outside on nice days to raise its heart level. Also feeding it fodder straight to the animal rather than in its feed box will help.

87.Baa Note: Received for winning the Sheep Festival.
Just like the other animal festivals, you must have a healthy sheep that is not pregnant with a high heart level to win this. Also, make sure not to shear your sheep before this festival. It must be unshorn to enter. Just like with cows, brush your sheep, talk to it, take it outside on nice days, and feed it directly to raise its affection.

88. Horse Race Note: Received for winning the Horse Race.
Unlike the other festivals, the horse race is one you actually participate in. The horse race mini-game is challenging and will take a combination of high heart levels, training stars, strategy, and luck to win. There are four horse races each festival, and each has a different prize. If you win any one of these, you will get the note. Good ways to prepare for the race is to brush your horse, let it outside on nice days, feed it fodder, and talk to it. Also, when it has two hearts and is an adult, you can begin riding it to raise its training star level, essential for doing well in the races. Try to ride around on it for a while each day to raise its training level. The horse race is held in spring and Fall.

89.Popular Note: Received for getting 5 cakes on Thanksgiving.
Unlike the real worldís Thanksgiving, this one takes place in winter, and is celebrated with cake instead of turkey! There is no special festival, it is just like a regular day, only if you talk to someone with 3 or more hearts, they will give you a cake! If you have enough friends to get 5 cakes, you will get the note for being truly popular and well-liked by everyone! If you want, you can give cake as well to the people you like best. You can either bake them yourself or re-gift cakes you already have!

Some notes donít fit anywhere else in this guide, so this is where they go. This section includes some of the strange notes, ones you would probably never expect and may pop up at weird times!

90.Book Note: Received for reading all of the books.
Do you have what it takes to be a bookworm? If you read all of the books in the game, you will get this note! Some characters will give you books, (Nina gives you the Crop Notebook, Michael gives you the Tool Notebook, and Hank gives you the Animal Notebook) and the rest can be read at the Library. Some books are seasonal; one set appears in Spring and Summer, while the other set appears only in Fall and Winter. Just check each bookshelf and choose each book to read it. Some have helpful tips on the game, others contain amusing stories. Once you have read all of them, you will get this note!

91.Super Chef Note: Received for collecting 100 recipes.
When you buy a new cooking utensil from the Junk Shop, a set of recipes for that utensil also comes with it! You do not need to cook the recipe to become a super chef; all you need to do is have the equipment and know how! Once you collect 100 recipes you will get this note, so keep getting new utensils until it appears!

92.Second House Note: Received for owning a second house.
This will probably be a note you get much later on. Owning one house is an achievement, but are you rich enough to own two? First, you need to buy at least one other plot of land, and ask Woody to build a second home on that land. House upgrades to your first home do not count. After all the work is done, you will have a vacation home and a new note!

93.Very Rich Note: Received for having 100,000 G or more.
By now you should have went from being very poor to very rich! Remember to save some money and not spend it all in one place. An easy way to amass this large amount is to go to the Lake Cave in winter. The pond will freeze over, allowing you to walk across the ice. You should come to a cave in the middle of the pond. Inside, there are rare jewels like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and even diamonds that sell for quite a bit of money! If you manage to ship lots of these all during the winter season, this should be a snap! Also, if you donít mind selling your animalsÖif you win the horse race, the champion horse will be worth 50,000 G! This will help to get the note, but it is a lot of work to get a horse to champion status, and you might be better off to just work for it by selling other items.

94.Gem Note: Received for shipping any one gem.
Gems sell for a lot! You will get this note for putting any one gem in the shipping bin. You can even get away with shipping a Moonlight Stone, found in the Mountain Cave. However, the rare gems are found in the Lake Cave, only accessible in winter.

95.Big Eater Note: Received for eating 50 items.
This note should be fairly simple, as you will probably have to eat many meals to keep your stamina up to work the rest of the day. It does not have to be a prepared meal; any edible item you eat will count toward this note.

96.High Spirit Note: Received for drinking 10 sodas.
Once the Moonlight Cafť opens, you can visit any night (unless itís Tuesday, when it is closed) from 6:00 PM to 5:00 AM to drink, eat and socialize. This is one of the odder notes to get; you have to drink 10 sodas (not necessarily all at once) at the bar to get this note.

97.Underground Lake Note: Received for reaching the 100th floor of the Lake Cave.
The lake cave is only accessible in winter, when the pond freezes over on the far west side of the map. This allows you to walk across the ice and discover the lake cave, where valuable gems can be found! If you manage to reach floor 100, you will get this note, as well as a chance to catch a ďKingĒ fish (bring your rod!). It is not easy to reach it, and took me several tries. You can try to get there quickly by falling through X shaped cracks on the ground, which may drop you several levelsÖbut some of those might shoot you back up to where you started, especially as you get to level 50 and lower. You can also dig up stairs to descend one level at a time, you will see flickering lines in the ground where stairs are, they are usually near the stairs that go back to the surface. The key here is to keep trying!

98.Rock Climber Note: Received when you play the Rock Climbing mini-game.
This is at the highest point on the mountain, and looks like a cave opening. Once you step in, the game will start. You must climb to the top and avoid the rocks that fall. If one hits you, it depletes the green stamina bar above your head, and if it is all gone, you will fall from the mountain. You will have to climb this mountain to get the blue feather, so you may wait until then and just get both notes together.

99.Island Note: Received for going to the fishing island.
If you take a walk down the pier at the beach, there is a cute little dolphin swimming around out there! If you feed him fish and wave at him regularly, like I mentioned before, once you become friends (1+ hearts) he will take you to an island where the fishing is abundant!

100.Meek Heart Note: Received after getting all 99 other notes.
What a surprise! If you visit the Harvest Goddess Spring with all 99 other notes, Jamie, of all people, will give you the last one and formally end your rivalry! However, the scoreboard will still appear to compare your shipments each day.

*This Note Guide is dedicated in loving memory to my three complete save files, as well as the forth on which this guide was based, that died tragically when my memory card decided to spontaneously reformat, erasing the data without a trace. The data may be gone, but the legacy lives on in this complete guide. I thank everyone who has taken the time to read it; I hope it has been of some help to your own quest. I wish you all the best of luck!


Credit goes to:

Natsume for creating this lovely installment of my favorite series!

Ranch Story for providing information on the notes I had trouble with.

Game FAQs for helping with likes and dislikes of villagers.
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By N64Stein on 08-07-2012, 02:00 AM
great first game guide! A+
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Very well done guide!
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Makes me want to grab the game just so I can get to read it again its that good! And i'm not even a harvest moon fan
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