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Tarintino and John Woo would be proud!
Published by Aether_Fenris
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Name some of the most popular movies our both our generation and the last. a few of you are going to name some things like Kill Bill, Grindhouse, and Hard Boiled. The impact of these types of movies on Popular Culture can be seen in everything from movies like Kick Ass to games like the Max Payne series. That media homage continues with WET for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

WET is an action game. To the core. There is rarely a moment where there is no action, and when there is, that moment is EXTREMELY short lived. Bad guys pour from every orifice they could possibly crawl out of, and in those rare instances that you aren't fighting you are running from, jumping over, or dodging some sort of environmental hazard. The game's levels basically all flow in the same basic way. Progress through the environment using acrobatics, taking out baddies along the way until you come to a huge area that is filled to the brim with them. Once in one these areas, you will have to stay on the move and take out as many enemies as possible for you to close whatever it is they are emerging from. Once all the doors are closed, and every enemy in he room has been dismembered or has a chunk of lead in their skull, the challenge ends, and you go back to traversing the environment.

That probably sounds monotonous to you, and frankly it is. However, WET has a very arcade feel to it. You don't mind the repetition. It's fluid, it's fun, and it works. The combat is especially interesting. Rubi, the main character, can run across walls, slide across the floor, dive through the air, and perform numerous other acrobatic feats. If you start firing your guns while performing an acrobatic, you will enter bullet time. Rubi duel wields all of her weapons, and 1 reticule will aim all on its own while you control the other. While in bullet time, you do exponentially more damage and keeping your combos up becomes much easier. You are also less likely to get shot. Along with her various guns, Rubi also has a katana. While this cannot be used in bullet time mode, it's a quick way to dice up a few enemies if you find yourself surrounded at close range. As you can probably tell from reading this, the main focus of WET is the combat system, and they did a wonderful job with it. Along with the default techniques, you can spend your points earned as you play on upgrades and abilities. Some of these are cool, like new combos, or more health but some of them seem arbitrary. Should I really have to purchase the ability to dodge roll or reset my reticule?

In spite of its repetitious combat system and linear level flow, WET managed to hold my attention for a total of 3 playthroughs including 1 on the hardest difficulty. That's not to say the game is all repetition - there some special seconds used to break up the monotony. Some of these sections are, for lack of a better literary term that accurately describes them, freaking awesome as hell, such as a segment where you bound from car to car on the freeway while taking out Chinese mafia members. On the other hand, there are a couple than I hoenstly wish were not even in the game, such as one section where you must shoot at enemies while free falling from a destroyed aircraft. It sounds like a cool concept, but it was really sloppy and more frustrating than anything else.

One other section that pops up multiple times are Blood Lust modes. When Rubi goes into Blood Lust, everything turns black, white, and red. In this altered state, enemies go down with extreme ease - but so does Rubi. While these modes do add a bit more strategy (you have to keep your combos up if you want to stay alive), they're really kind of unnecessary, especially since these segments are where that old devil called bad level design usually decides to show up.

The graphics in WET are pretty smooth, although enemies character models are kind of bland and repetitive. Rubi and the other main characters look much better, however, and the environments are very well done. By default the game uses a film gran effect with can be increased or decreased to your liking. I personally found it to be distracting, and turned it off completely.

The story, while cliche and shallow, is easy to follow and has a few twists along the way. Rubi, an assassin for hire, is hired by a man to retrieve a stolen briefcase. When she returns the briefcase to the man who hired her at a hospital the heart contains a human heart, required by the man's father to survive. The man in need is named William Ackers. One year later, while she is at her home in Texas, Ackers returns to hire her. This time, she is tasked with retrieving Acker's son, who hired her to first time, from a gang.

The voice acting is well done, but where WET's audio really shines is the soundtrack. Every song in the game fits to a T, and this is honestly one of the best licensed game soundtracks I've ever had to pleasure of hearing.

WET, while very arcade like in nature, is fun. Isn't that what all video games should strive to be in the end? WET is not without its problems. It's only likely to hold your attention for 3-5 playthroughs, unlike other arcade like games such as Starfox 64, but they are 3-5 playthroughs you won't be forgetting anytime soon, especially if you let the games above par soundtrack get in your head.Throw in the fact that you can buy this game for approximately $10, and it's hard for not to recommend it to you.
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By N64Stein on 08-07-2012, 01:53 AM
I feel like that version of Johnny cash's song would make him turn over in his grave...good review though and looks like a fantastic game. Gonna have to grab this
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