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Dark Sector
Dark Sector
Published by Cloud7
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Dark Sector

OKay so today I will review Dark Sector!

Since there is something up where I can't put the box shot I will put it here!

OKay so Dark Sector is the story of Hayden Tenno, an agent of some group that is sent in to Assasinate a target who is trying to spread bio-terrorism around the globe and he started spreading it where he lived before making it global! When they sent Hayden in it was just going to be a simple in and out mission, but that went horrible wrong when he was infected by the virus is the Technocyte virus which turns the carriers into brutal metalic beasts......but for Hayden this is different he did not lose his sanity and become like the other monsters he doesn't stop his mission.

Okay so the story line is pretty unique to the degree that I have never seen before because you try to locate the target and while the time mutating further until the transformation is complete. Hayden didn't ask to be infected but he is determined to get revenge against those who infected him! I give the story a 9.5 because it is very interesting!

Okay next I will move to the Graphics part of this review! Well since it is a next gen game it has amazing graphics, but what people might not know is it is the first next generation game ever announced! I think it was announced back when the Xbox 360 first came out......anyway it was the first next gen game. But back on topic the graphics are great it has some intense battles in it and the transitions from day to night are as smooth as ever before! The gore is a factor in the game because they put together some extremely brutal kills.....I will only name 2 Decapitation and Finishers which there are a few of them depending on where you are standing and what you are finishing at that time. I give this a 10 for the amazing graphics and the brutality!

Next I am going to take about the upgrades, gameplay, and stuff because those are the points in this game! Throughout this game Hayden will upgrade several times or evolve rather as he becomes a more leathal killing machine! The first upgrade he gets is a glaive and it is going to be your main weapon in the game which it can carry elements to it like if you throw it through fire the glaive will light on fire for a short time, and if you throw it through an electric current it will empower the glaive with electricty and so on; you will also get a pistol at the start but you can collect credits to buy new weapons on the blackmarket which is conveiniently located in the sewer! But there will be weapons you can get laying on the battle field but there is a catch using them! Which is a little box on the side that explodes and makes the weapon useless when it comes in contact with someone that is infected by the virus. The evolution upgrades are almost located after every major battle but at the first you will get I think it is 3 or 4 with out having to fight bosses! I give the gameplay a 9.5 because is rocks!

Next I move to the controls! The controls are also extremely good what I mean by that is that once you get the hang of which button does what you can play the game with ease! I do have a few gripes about the controls but they are pretty minor like when you walk backward it is extremely slow! I mean the monsters that run at you are extremely fast sometimes and you will have to beat the heck out of them with melee to get them to back off or turn around and run which is a very risky move because most of them are dangerous! And once you get the flight control that lets you control the path of your Glaive sometimes you can't hit nothing with it because the controls make it hard to turn the thing! But overall I will give the controls a 8!

OKay next the sound which was petty good IMO most of the music I never heard before which was a nice addition! The glaive sounds are awesome when you throw it the sound of air and the spinning of the Glaive is just great! and the other sounds were extremely well placed in the game and the voices were very well done by the actors! I give this a 9!

Over all this game is great I give it a 9.5 overall and if you do not have a copy of this then run to your nearest gamestop and pick it up because it is pretty cheap!

I hope you enjoyed this review and here is a trailer! Enjoy

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By Lukario on 08-19-2008, 10:12 PM
A very good review, Cloud. Good work.

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By Tencade Kazarian on 08-19-2008, 10:32 PM
Good job Cloud.
Your Good a Doing Reviews
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By Mario on 08-19-2008, 11:43 PM
Good Job Cloud, looks like we have another Game Reviewer!
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By Linkage on 08-20-2008, 12:20 PM
is this coming to the nintendo wii?
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By Cloud7 on 08-20-2008, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by Linkage View Post
is this coming to the nintendo wii?
Nope it is only for next gen systems!
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By marvman3 on 08-21-2008, 09:06 AM

Awesome review Cloud!

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By smashfan120 on 08-21-2008, 11:18 AM
Pretty good review.
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By Xenon on 01-20-2009, 05:47 AM
This game looks pretty good.
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