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cleaning out my pc boxes

offering kyurem coblion vaporeon regirock virizon terrakion kyogre rayqueza celebi rotom dragonair natu carracosta azurill growlithe larvesta magikarp caterpie houndoom jellicent gallade vespiqueen steelix claydol solrock togetic frosslass muk roserade tangrowth espeon gardevoir scizor ponyta bouffalant gliscor weavile panpour tangela eevee starmie audino ledyba rufflet porygon buneary ekans venusaur pachirisu milotic vulpix gligar poochyena igglybuff, pm me if u want any of them

offers must be in b/w 1 and 2
i will accept patrats or whatever useless pokemon u find at the starting point for all of them
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