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Smash bros/DBZ crossover

Jitzzu's Supremacy

"Koopas report to the planning room at once." Bowser demanded pacing back and forth. While waiting for his followers he poured himself something to drink, swallowing it in one gulp. Looking over his shoulder he glanced at his master chair, padded down with rich cloth walking over and taking a seat atop it. In the following minutes several Koopas entered gathering around him.

"Have any of you come up with a plan to defeat Mario and Luigi? Better yet did any of you come up with a way to kill the plumbers?" Bowser asked positioning his left hand over the arm rest, "If not I've got my own idea but I'd like to hear from you all for a change."

Things remained fairly quiet with none of them having anything to say. Seeing that no one else was speaking up, one of them took a shot at it. "Maybe we could attack Mario and Luigi head on with everything including are bomb shells."

The suggestion resulted in Bowser leaning forward resting his face in the palm of his left hand. He knew asking for their advice would be a bad idea, but he did it anyway. Removing the hand from his face he made it clear they wouldn't do anything of the such. It was that type of strategy why he continued to fail each and every encounter with the super Mario brothers.

"Maybe I could plant some bombs in Princess Peach's castle. We could then leave and have a detonator to explode the whole thing, so what do you think huh?" Fly Guy asked.

Bowser found the second suggestion to be even more ridiculous than the first, this time laughing aloud! "Sounds like a good plan except for one thing…WHY WOULD I WANT TO HARM THE PRINCESS! It's the plumbers we need to RID OURSELVES OF!"

Paratroopa decided to jump into the conversation bringing to light that Luigi and Mario were unaware that he was working for Bowser, and that they could somehow use that to their advantage. So far that was the only thing said that he felt he could somehow incorporate into his plan. The Mario brothers were a tough bunch to figure out, and Bowser knew it would take his best effort to defeat them.

"You guy's should lead Mario and his clumsy brother to the garden land, I then will finish them both off no challenge." Petey Piranha suggested with an evil laugh.

"Your idea is no better than that of what Fly Guy." Bowser said becoming impatient.

"What did you just say; I only joined this dump because you are paying me handsomely. Maybe the reason you have failed so miserably to defeat the Mario brothers is because you continuously try and do everything your way!" Petey Piranha complained.

"I don't care if any of you are here to get paid; I just want the Mario Brothers dead." Bowser made clear.


Outside the castle that looked over the rest of the kingdom stood two individuals wearing blue overalls and similar brown sneakers and white gloves. One was taller than the other wearing a green under shirt and green hat with an L sewn in the middle of it. The other was the shorter of the two having a red under shirt and cap of the same color as the shirt with an M displayed over the top of it. They were known throughout the entire kingdom as the Super Mario brothers.

They did their share of helping out the kingdom on several instances when needed. Positioned off to the side of them were both Princess Peach and Daisy. Mario couldn't help but smile at how beautiful they were, especially that of Princess Peach, "How long will you and Daisy be gone for?" Mario asked having a sad look in his eyes.

"We'll be there for at least a month but that could change depending. Why… are you going to miss me?" Peach asked with a snicker.

"I guess you could say that." Mario said lowering his head.

Taking a few steps forward Peach wrapped her arms around him, embracing in a hug. Following that she and Daisy made their way down the steps waving at Mario and Luigi. As they stepped into the limousine parked below Peach blew a last second kiss to Mario. Both plumbers watched as the vehicle drove off and eventually out of sight.

"It sure is going to be boring without the two of them don't you think Mario?" Luigi asked.

"I agree, but the princess wants us to keep an eye on things while she's away. We can hang with Yoshi and his buddies if need be." Mario said with relief in his voice.

Lifting open his glove slightly, Luigi took a look down at his watch, "The time sure did pass by a lot sooner than I was expecting. I'll catch back up with you in a while ok." Mario nodded giving his younger brother a thumb up. Looking to a bench that Peach had recently installed on the front lawn Mario took a seat on the end closes to him. In the moments following his eyes closed as he reflected on a lot of things. Drifting away in his own thoughts he completely lost track of time not even noticing two individuals walk up in front of him.

"I think we should all go out for Ice scream it is a very hot night, so what do you say Mario?" Startled by the voice Mario jumped; but settled after seeing that it was just Yoshi and Boshi.

"What are you guys doing here? You scared me half to death by sneaking up on me like that."

"We just happened to be on our way to the new Ice cream store that just opened a few days ago," Yoshi explained rubbing at his stomach, "And we passed by here seeing you."

Putting a gloved finger to his chin Mario gave their offer some thought, "Alright guys lets go get some tasty cold Ice cream." Mario said.

Without another word the three made their way down the stairs in route to the newly opened ice cream store. Drifting behind Mario let the two of them lead the way having no idea where the place was located. Looking up into the sky, he hoped things would work out for Peach and that she would return safely whenever she decided to conclude her vacation. The stars shined brighter than usual, or at least he seemed that way to him.

Ahead of him Yoshi and Boshi started a conversation while he stayed close behind choosing not to jump in or add comments of his own. Through this period all of them seemed to lose track of time eventually arriving in front of the place. The building itself had a massive ice cream cone statue displayed over the top of it. Stepping ahead Boshi opened the door allowing for both Mario and Yoshi to enter. When passing him Mario scratched at the side of his cap wondering why Boshi wore shades at that time of night. Not thinking much of it, Mario shrugged his shoulders passing the dino.

"Hey look over there its Sonic the hedgehog." Yoshi said jumping up and down.

Raising an eye brow Mario looked over to where Yoshi pointed seeing that he was absolutely correct. The Olympic Games between his crew and Sonic's ended over two months ago. There should be no reason he'd still be in the mushroom kingdom. Re adjusting his hat Mario advanced toward Sonic with Yoshi and Boshi following. Without saying a word Mario walked around taking a seat across from the hedgehog, "What are you still doing in the mushroom kingdom? I thought you had left some time ago?" Before anything else another individual from his group appeared from a corner of the room. Mario and Yoshi realized that it was Knuckles the Echidna.

"Knuckles and I have been on a tour of this place and didn't plan to leave till another week. The people here have all been pretty nice and the food is to die for."

Making his way over to them Knuckles took a seat next to Sonic. Having a few words with them both Mario then moved away finding a place in line. Boshi and Yoshi didn't follow, and instead started a conversation with Sonic and Knuckles. Mario already knew what both dino's wanted so ordering for them would be easy.


An hour passed since their first meeting of the night and everyone had finished eating dinner. Deep within his train of thought a knock at the front entrance brought Bowser back to reality. Taking a stand from his seat he walked across the red carpeting beneath his feet having no idea who would be at the front step of his castle that time of night. Looking outside one of the windows as he made his way toward the door he realized it Kamek; one of his most trusted allies.

"What brings you to my castle at such late hours?" Bowser asked.

Without answering him Kamek walked passed King Koopa entering the castle. Closing the door behind them both Bowser shrugged his shoulders wondering what the little guy was up to.

"I have something that'll be of interest to you," From his left pocket Kamek pulled out something resembling a rubik cube but at the same time much different. He didn't know how to explain it, but Bowser could feel a strange energy reverberating from it, "I've been told you want to put an end to the Mario brothers, and this thing here is just the thing you need to accomplish that."

"What exactly is the function of that thing? Or what I should say is…how will it help me?"

"This item is very rare; so rare in fact there are only three of them in existence. According to myth they can summon the most powerful beings from any dimension," Crossing his arms with skepticism Bowser continued to listen to what Kamek had to say, "Though the one downside to all of this would be the un predictability."

"Un predictability," Bowser paused for a few seconds, "What do you mean by that?"

"There's no telling what might come out of the other side if we were to activate this thing," Holding it tightly within his grasp Kamek glanced down at the glowing object, "All I'm saying is you might want to think this over before making your decision." Kamek tossed the square object to Bowser, "I'd love to stay and chat but unfortunately I've got somewhere to be."

Before making his way to the exit Kamek handed the directions over to Bowser that came with the cube, "If you do decide to use it…good luck."

Those were the last words from Kamek before he exited through the front entrance. He needed some time to think on the matter, deciding he'd make a decision after a goodnights rest.


Awaking to the sun coming through the window Bowser rose to his feet. He immediately called for a meeting in the main room having come to a conclusion on what to do. Everyone around had no idea of what was going on gathering in their usual places.

"Good to see you all managed to get here on time. I don't know if any of you are aware that kamek stopped by last night and left us a gift. I have thought things over and decided we'll be using it."

"What exactly is it?! I'm kind of confused here…could you tell us what you're referring to."

"I'm glad that you asked," Bowser raised the cube for everyone to see, "This thing will give us the option to summon powerful beings from entirely different worlds to this one. With the help of whoever we muster; bringing down the Mario brothers will become that much simpler."

The room went quiet for several seconds, "Do you really think that'd be a good idea King Koopa? What if whoever we brought here doesn't agree with our terms and tries to destroy us?" Paratroopa asked shivering in his shell.

Realizing Paratroopa made a good point, Bowser rubbed a finger under his chin, "That may be true but in order to have success you must be willing to take risks."

Having already looked over the directions, Bowser activated the cube. The cube sailed out of his grasp on its own; hovering in the mid section of the room. Petey piranha along with everyone else took a few steps back putting some distance between it. Bowser was unsure if he set things up 100% correctly, but was confident this would turn out ok.

Worlds away

Flying high above the city he kept his eyes out in front of him. It wasn't long before the words Capsule Corporation came into view. Running a hand through his spiky black hair he stopped hovering in place. Slowly hovering downward he thought hard about what he would say, knowing it had been over a year since he had seen or spoke with him. The one known as the earth's greatest hero and his father voyaged into the skies alongside Shenron never to be heard from again that same day.

He thought about that day a lot, but just like everyone else had more questions than answers. Ready to get going he took a deep breath making his way toward the front entrance which opened as he took his first step, "Ggo…Goten is that you?!" At first glance he presumed the woman to be Bulma, but as she got closer he realized it was her daughter.

"Yup that's right. Nice to see you as well Bura," Goten bit down on his tongue marveling her appearance, "You sure have grown to be a very beautiful young lady," She blushed at lost for words. The moment became awkward with neither speaking.

"Your brother wouldn't happen to be around would he?" He asked breaking the silence, "I'd really like to catch up with him on some things. It's been so long since either of us has spoken."

"Sorry but he's currently out of town on business. It had something to do with our family corporation. From what I was told he won't be back for another month or so," Unable to stop herself a smirk formed on the side of her face, "If you aren't doing anything later maybe we could hang out. I've actually got a planned pool party and there are still open spots."

Just as he was about to reply the cell phone attached to his belt vibrated. He opened the phone reading the text, "Looks like I've got to get going. It was nice seeing you again…tell Vegeta and Bulma I said hi."

He turned away from her taking to the skies. She watched Goten get further and further away until he was no longer in sight. In full speed he arrived to town, "Sorry I'm late, guess I lost track of time." He said ascending to the ground running a hand through his hair.

At the sound of his voice she turned running toward him. She wrapped her arms around his neck giving him a kiss on the cheek, "Now that you're here we can go shopping!" She locked her arm with one of his pulling him forward, "I know exactly where we should go first."

"Hey Paresu, would you rather get something to eat first?" Goten asked extending his arm around her back.

"I'm not very hungry yet, maybe in another hour." She replied resting her head over his left shoulder.

He was use to seeing Paresu in her yellow outfit, but today she wore a pair of blue jeans, pink blouse and purple sneakers. Goten wouldn't say a word of it but he was able to see through her blouse due to the material. Luckily she wore a bra underneath, especially since they were out in public. They traveled down a few blocks before coming to a stop and entering one of her favorite clothing stores. He followed Paresu around as she looked and selected outfits.

From the corner of his eye Goten noticed three guys checking her out, having their share of perverted comments. Goten tried his best to pay them no attention. Paresu pulled him away in the following moments, "I'm going to try some of these on, and I'd like for you to be my judge ok."

Playfully pinching at his chin she made her way into the dressing room blowing him a kiss as she shut the door. He found a place to sit waiting patiently. A few minutes passed as his phone began ringing. The caller ID read "Bura Briefs."

"How did she get my number?" Goten thought never recalling ever giving her that info.

As he reached down to answer the call his head pounded in pain as his vision went blurry. He lost grip of the phone having it fall to the ground. Without warning he lost consciousness vanishing in a flash of light.

"What do yah think Got…" Paresu stopped in mid sentence stunned Goten was nowhere to be found. She looked around but saw no sign of him. The ringing sound coming from the ground caught her attention. She took a few steps forward quickly confirming it was in fact Goten's phone. She reached down picking up and answering the call.


Everyone inside the castle including Bowser made sure to keep their distance from the ball of energy that began forming in the middle of the room. Some wondered if they were even safe. The ball of energy formed an 8'x8' square passage way! Bowser tightened his fists hoping things would turn out the way he wanted and wouldn't backfire.

In two strikes of light the portal closed with a cluster of smoke filling the area. When the smoke cleared two individuals were located in the middle section of the room. They slowly rose to their feet seemingly drained from Bowser's perspective. Both individuals had similar hair styles, "Identify yourselves?" Bowser demanded taking a step forward.

Both individuals gave each other a quick look and were silent for a few moments, "I'm Gohan and he's Goten. And before he or I answer any more questions, tell us who you are…and more importantly where are we? And why are we here?"

To Be Continued
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Most crossovers fail to interest me, and this is no exception, but that doesn't mean I can't give you some help on your writing style. Try adding more detail by using more descriptive adjectives.


You said -
"Koopas report to the planning room at once." Bowser demanded pacing back and forth. While waiting for his followers he poured himself something to drink, swallowing it in one gulp. Looking over his shoulder he glanced at his master chair, padded down with rich cloth walking over and taking a seat atop it. In the following minutes several Koopas entered gathering around him.

It could be -

"Koopas, report to the planning room at once!" bellowed Bowser as he paced the room. While waiting, he made his way to a table in the corner and poured a glass of water. He gulped it ferociously before glancing over his shoulder at his chair. It was large and while quite posh, it was still intimidating with is blood-red hue and spikes. Just as he plunged into his seat, his minions entered to surround their king.

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I agree with SGC64. The writing can be re-worked for more power and emphasis.
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