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Famicom/Super Famicom/Disks

Famicom/Super Famicom Sale Thread & Japanese various Imports.

Will be adding more games to the thread in the future, can also PM if you are looking for anything in particular, having to do with Japan. PM for pictures as well.

Most Carts in Fair Condition, Some rust, scuffs dirts etc.. Some poor, please ask for pictures if concerned. Some have stickers, ripped labels, marker on the back etc. Secondhand.


4 Player Mah Jong $2.00
Baseball $1.00
Battlefleet $3.00
Best Play Baseball II $2.00
Best Play Baseball Special $3.00
Bird Week $3.00 (action sim)
Castle Quest $4.00
Castlevania w Manual $115
Chojin Ultra Baseball $2.00
Choplifter $3.00
Dig Dug $10.00
Dokuganryu Masamune $2.00
Doraemon $3.00 (writing on back)
Dragon Ball Mystery of the Syenron $2.00 (marker on back)
Dragon Buster $.50 (poor condition)
Dragon Ball Z II $5.00
Dragon Ball Z III Ressen $3.00
Dragon Ball 3 Gokuden $2.00
Dragon Ball Z Gaiden Saiyajin $4.00
Dragonball Z Kyoushuu! $3.00
Dragon Quest I $5.00
Dragon Quest III $3.00
Dragonball Z III $3.00 (card battle)
Dragon Quest IV $3.00
Eiyuu Restsuden Jump $4.00
Family Circuit $2.00
Family Jockey $2.00 (sticker on back)
Family Mahjon 2 $1.00
Family Stadium 93 $2.00
Fantastic World $7.00 (faded marker on back)
Field Combat $5.00
Final Fantasy I.II $10.00
Final Fantasy II $4.00
Final Fantasy II $7.00
Formation Z $3.00
Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 $5.00
Gegege No Kitaro $4.00
Ghost & Goblins $10.00 (Sticker Scarped in back)
Godzilla $7.00 (writing on back)
Golf Club Birdie Rush $2.00
Harikiri Stadium $1.00
Highway Star $10.00
Heracles no Eikou $7.00
Hokuto No Ken Fist of the North Star $10.00
Hon Shougi $2.00
Hydlife $2.00 (Writing on Back)
Hyper Olympic $3.00
Kickle Cubicle $8.00
Kung Fu Master Spartan X $4.00
Legend of Kage - $5.00
Mag Max $10.00
Mah-Jong $5.00
Marusa No Onna $5.00
Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Gaiden $5.00
Mashin Hero Wataru Gaiden $5.00
Masho Deadly Towers $8.00
Meimon Takonishi $2.00
Mickey Mouse Mousecapade $4.00 (label rip on back of cart)
Milon`s Secret Castle $8.00 (dirty)
Mirai Senshi-Lios $5.00
Momotarou Densetsu $4.00
Morita Kazuo No Shougi $2.00
Murder on the Mississippi $3.00
Namcot Classic $2.00
Nobunaga no Yabou Zenkokuban $3.00
Ninja Hattori Kun $2.00 (dirty, label rips poor condition)
Ninja Jajamaru $1.00 (writing on back poor condition)
Peachboy legend $1.00 ripped label/dirty
Pennant League Home run Nighter $3.00
Pro Baseball Satsujin Jiken $4.00
Punch-out $4.00 (scratches scuffs, writing)
Raid on Bungeling Bay $7.00
Roller Ball $3.00
Saint Seiya Ougon Densetsu $3.00
Saint Seiya Ougon Densetsu 2 $6.00 (writing on back) (action rpg)
Sangokushi $3.00
Scroll RPG $3.00 (label rips dirty)
SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi 3 (dirty) $2.00
SD Gundam Knight Story $1.00 (writing on back)
SD Gundam Knight Story 3 $2.00
Shin Jinrui $ 5.00
Shin Moero Pro Yakyuu (Baseball) $2.00
Star Force $4.00
Super Mario Brothers $4.00
Tag Team Pro Wrestling $2.00
Takahashi Meijin No Bugutte Honey $4.00 (No back label)
TAO $3.00
Tecmo Super Bowl $4.00
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 $25.00
Tenka No Goikenban $10.00
Tennis (picture labeled ver) $4.00
Tetris $3.00
Thexder $10.00 Good Game
Tsuppari Oozumo $4.00
Waygan Land $1.00 (Writing on front stickers on back)
Wrecking Crew $4.00 (with marker writing on the back)
Yoshi`s Egg $2.00
Yoshi`s Cookie $4.00


Digital Devil Story Megami Tensei 2 $15
Dynamite Batman $95 (new condition)
Ducktales 2 $40.00
Fighting Golf $2.50
Hunter Stick $50 (new condition)
Tanigawa Kouji Shogi $2.50
Yoshi`s Egg $7.00


No Manuals unless stated.

Adian No Tsu $10.00
Baseball $8.00 (Super mario on side B)
Doki Doki Panic $25.00
Fuun Shorinken $8.00
Ice Hockey $5.00 (Disk only)
Kalin No Tsurugi Sword of Kalin $9.00 (disk only)
Koneko Monogatari Adventures of Chatran $6.00
Legend of Zelda $18.00
Legend of Zelda 2 $20.00 vo
Mr. Gold $9.00 (disk only)
Nazo No Kabe $5.00
Nazo No Murasamejo $5.00
Silviana $12.00 (Disk only)
Soccer $5.00
Super Mario 2 $12.00
Ultraman Kaiju Teikou (complete) $15.00
Ultraman 2
Volleyball (complete) $8.00

Super Famicom Loose

Cosmo Police $11.00
Cyber Knight $3.00
Der Langrisser $4.00
Dragon Quest V $3.00
Dragon Slayer $3.00
Elfaria $3.00
Excite Stage 95 $1.50
Fatal Fury $3.00
Fatal Fury II $3.50
Final Fantasy IV $4.00
Final Fantasy VI $5.00
Front Mission $4.00
Hao Taikei Ryu Knight $5.00
Lethal Enforcers $2.00
Magic Adventure $2.00
Mario Paint x2 $1.00 each. $7.00 mouse/w game
Nobunaga No Yabou Haouden $1.00
Populous $2.00
Power Athlete $4.00
Ranma Bakuretsu 1/2 $3.00
Ranma Chonai Gekito 1/2 $4.00
Rushing Beat $8.00
Ryuko No Ken $7.00
Sim City 2000 $2.00
Slayers $5.00
Song Master $3.00
Star Fox $4.00
Street Fighter II $2.00
Street Fighter II Turbo $2.00
Super Casino $3.00
Super Family Stadium 2 $2.00
Super Soccer J League $1.00
Super Momotaro Dentetsu DX $3.00
Super Wrestlemania $2.50
Sword World (w/Manual) $4.00
Tecmo Super Bowl $3.00
Tecmo Super Bowl II Special Edition $3.00
Thoroughbred Breeder $1.00
Tiny Toon Adventures $5.00
Wonder Project J $2.50
WWF Royal Rumble $2.00

Super Famicom Complete

Battle Robots Retsuden $4.00
Clock Tower $65.00
Dragon Quest VI $8.00
Final Fantasy V $8.00
Final Fantasy VI $13.00
Perfect Eleven $2.00
Star Ocean $35.00

Shipping From Japan

To get more for your money, its best to combine shipping.

I ship with Fedex, EMS, Insured - UNREG SAL,UNREG AIR, No tracking & is NON-INSURED.

I combine shipping. If shipping is cheaper than originally quoted I will let you know asap.

Super & Famicom Carts $4.00 Non-insured Shipping

Super Famicom & Famicom Complete Boxes Prices

UNREGISTERED SAL - $5.00 - 2-3 weeks Global

UNREGISTERED AIR - $7.00 8-14 Days Global

FEDEX - $11.00(USA/Canada/Mexico) & $14.00(EU) - 3-7 days

EMS - $15.00(AU) 3-7 days

Systems - need to be packed before giving a quote.

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