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Transformers Prime: The Videogame
Transformers Prime: The Videogame
Less than meets the eye.
Published by Miggles
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Transformers Prime: The Videogame

Transformers Prime: The Video Game
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Nowpro

Ah, Transformers. I remember you. I still remember reviewing the Transformers: Dark of the Moon game for class work way back, and moaning that it was "possible to finish the game's 18 missions in under three hours," making the game shorter than the movie it was based on. Many had a go at Activision after that shambles and now it's back with a game based on the Transformers Prime cartoon series. Now, having completed Transformers Prime, there's now a blotch on my boyfriend's Wii U Activity Log, showing that no lessons were learned at all.

"Transformers Prime, played one time, total play time two hours and 34 minutes," it reads. Sorry guys, you just aren't getting this. I don't care how much action you pack into your game, this just isn't worth the full price you're charging for it. I don't care that the game's combat is pretty smooth with a basic, but generally effective combo system and the ability to swap easily in and out of vehicle form with the press of a button. I don't care about the slick framerate, or that it doesn't look quite as frightful as I'd expected it to (though it never shakes the visual simplicity that comes of being a Wii port). I don't even care that for those two hours and 34 minutes we were actually having a fairly decent time, despite the repetitive combat and lengthy boss battles that had us firing at them in the distance for up to eight or nine minutes at a time.

For all the good stuff it does, it's simply not right to charge $60 for a game that players can beat in the same time it took to go shopping, pick up the game and bring it home. Activision plays the old artificial longevity trick by ranking your performance, but the game isn't enjoyable enough to warrant rolling out a second time to pursue an S-Rank. And I'm not falling for the little tokens hidden in obscure places on each map, especially when the prizes are the usual underwhelming concept art and rotating character models. Seriously, has anyone, in the history of video gaming, actually enjoyed a rotating character model? (Unless it's to perv on female characters *cough*PoisonIvyfromArkhamAsylum*cough*)

You've got 25GB of disk space to play with here, guys. You could have put some episodes of the Transformers Prime cartoon in it, similar to how you could unlock episodes of the classic series in the first Transformers game based on the movie. That game was actually pretty fun. Can I write a review about that one instead? Hm, maybe later. Anyway, what was I saying? That's right, I don't actually believe the developers behind this game filled the disc space allocated to them. It doesn't even have to be a game! Just something! Anything to make this worth the money! But no.

Under no circumstances should anyone who isn't possessed of immeasurable wealth buy Transformers Prime. If you can rent the game for the night, then by all means give it a whirl if you're completely bored otherwise, because what little content is there isn't terrible by any means. Just do not, whatever you do, support this shamefully half-hearted attempt by buying it. Doing so only tells Activision that it's acceptable to release games that last a little over two hours. At least the Decepticons have the decency to disguise their evil intentions.
Published by
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Le Migs
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By Masfuko on 02-17-2013, 10:48 PM
This... wasn't that much of a review :/. I understand that one thing could completely ruin the game, but you kinda dragged that a bit far. I got the point in the second paragraph.
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By Nintenduendo on 02-18-2013, 12:33 AM
I understand the game's length was dreadfully short, but surely there were redeeming points about the game that could have been discussed about in a bit more detail.

I agree with Masfuko. The topic of the length of the game seemed to be discussed about for way too long, and as such I think the review wasn't your best.
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By Miggles on 02-18-2013, 01:38 AM
Sorry guys. AotA didn't help me with this one...
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By Masfuko on 02-18-2013, 01:53 AM
It's fine. Everybody makes mistakes. Just remember to pace yourself and cover each topic.
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By Konata on 02-18-2013, 05:54 AM
The review wasn't exactly great but the writing itself was good and very easy to read.

For some reason I always seem to rotate character models whenever I get the chance.
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By Brandyn on 02-18-2013, 12:04 PM
Don't take it personally, Migs--there's definate potential with you. While I agree that you tended to drag the same point on a bit too much, I like your writing style and was still entertained by it.
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By Nights on 06-19-2014, 12:57 AM
True, the game was short but it was enjoyable for that time being but wished it was longer though.
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