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Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X
Published by Cloud7
Author review
Average 96%
Final Fantasy X

Allright Final Fantasy X Review I got alot of ground to cover with this game!

The story of this game is an awesome one indeed! It starts off in the extremely busy city of Zanarkand where we find our soon to be hero Tidus, star blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes, getting ready for his big Blitzball match. So the match begins and a few minutes into the match the stadium is attacked by an extremely powerful thing called Sin in which the game stops and he falls down to the ground from the top of the stadium! When he comes to he sees Auron and they start making their way to Sin! When they finally reach Sin they get taken to a completely different world called Spira! Now the adventure really begins! You meet alot of allies along the way but one of the most important thing to hear is something that is said to him when he tells Rikku that he is from Zanarkand! The reply was extreme shock to him; the reply was "Zanarkand was detroyed a 1000 years ago!" Ohhhhh.........what a twist.........I am keeping this spoiler free for 2 reasons one I hate spoilers and 2 if I tell you then you will not buy the game to play it because you will know! Another twist I will not go far into is that Tidus' father Jecht disappeared 10 years before the events of this game is he dead, is he alive, play the game if you want to know because you will not hear it in this review! I give the story a 10 it is perfect by all means!

The graphics are perfect I love them and they flow really well with every part of the game! The size of Spira is just amazing and you have to travel it on foot for nearly the entire game but that is okay because you get to fight! Another part of the graphics are the cut scenes which are CGI and they look perfect I can't say just how perfect they look but sometimes the words do not line up with the picture on the screen the most noticeable one is the cut scene where you first meet Yuna! I give graphics a 10!

Man this is going to take a while for this part it is the gameplay/controls section! OKay well I am going to probably end up rambling in this part a bit but it needs to be told! Well........the gameplay it awesome for several reasons one being the battle system which is perfect for the game because it fits so well with the controls! Another thing is that you have a party swap button and at anytime that you have more than 3 characters you can swap one in a battle for the skill you need on the feild at the time! One of the coolest features is the overdrive system which I am a huge fan of for several reasons one being they cause alot of damage to the enemy and as you go along through the game you can get your hands on different overdrives for the characters of the game and different ways to fill your overdrive meter! Hmmm......Well another thing is that you have to do all the time to make your characters stronger and learn new abilities is the Sphere Grid system! Which is similar to the License board from FF XII but that is for another time and another day! But anyway back to the sphere grid it's a cool thing to have in the game because if you know what you are doing you can get the most powerful abilities very early on in the game! I don't think I rambled too bad and I got to the point so..............yeah....... I give the Gameplay a 10!

Last part of the review the sound of the game which is going to be kind of short for a couple of reasons! Okay so first I will start with the voice overs......they did their job very well doing the voices for the characters in the game and I enjoyed that! One thing about the sound would be that there is one scene that I consider the best in the game it also has the best music in that one part, everything after that is either gets repetitive or just annoying! I think that there could be another good song in this game but I am not too sure.........anyway my gripes for the sound are not that bad and it doesn't take away from the gameplay at all! But anyway I give the sound a 8.5!

Over all this game is awesometastic and I love it! I have beaten this game so many times and it never gets old!

Anyway I am going to post 2 vids for this one! One being the Blitzball scene and the other being a trailer! Please check them out at the bottom!

Well I am off to work on my next review! It should be up later on tonight maybe tomorrow! It is Final Fantasy X-2!

Enjoy the review!

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By Skreamo on 08-27-2008, 01:04 AM
I love this game good review
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By marvman3 on 08-27-2008, 09:20 AM

Marvman has got this song on his Ipod....

It's the Blitzkrieg song or something....


Oh, LOL.


Marvman wishes he could play this game.
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By Mario on 08-27-2008, 09:32 AM
Great reviews cloud!! Looks like an award will be coming your way!
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By ゼルダ姫 on 08-27-2008, 09:09 PM
Yay! This one came out really nice as well. Nice touches to each section.

Good work, Cloud! Look forward to more.
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By Lukario on 08-27-2008, 10:19 PM
I think this game ranks with the best in the series. The final boss was a bit tough, though. Again, it was probably because of my low level characters.

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