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Resident Evil (Remake) WalkThrough: Jill Valentine [Normal Mode] {By Memory} <TBC>
Resident Evil (Remake) WalkThrough: Jill Valentine [Normal Mode] {By Memory} <TBC>
Published by Rai17
Cool Resident Evil (Remake) WalkThrough: Jill Valentine [Normal Mode] {By Memory} <TBC>

This guide has no formula. It has no edits, revisions, or pattern. I'm writing it as I go. From what I know by memory. I give you my word both as a gamer and a fanboy that I won't go back and edit this, or look anywhere else on the web for help. My goal is to get you guys out as Jill Valentine out of the mansion, in normal mode, in less than five hours. It's not a speed run. In under five hours you'll get the unlimited samurai edge, and the unlimited rocket launcher if you beat it in under three. My personal best is 2:06:43 on hard mode, but I used the grenade launcher glitch. Speaking of that glitch, you can use it if you'd like, I'll mention it somewhere in this guide later! If If do this right, you'll get out and rescue both Barry Burton and Chris Redfield. Okay, ready? Lets survive this.

[Currently 23:58]
PART 1: The Mansion

Okay skip the cut scenes if you'd like, I never do. From the MAIN HALL, you'll be entering the DINING HALL with Barry. Go to the end of the hall and cue the cut scene. The door on the right takes you to the LONG HALLWAY. At the LONG HALLWAY, make a left and cue the infamous window scene as you see Kenneth getting mauled by your first zombie! Now have Jill use U-Turn (hehe...Pokemon reference in a Resident Evil Guide) and exit out back to the DINING HALL. Barry'll 'kill' it. Now head out to the MAIN HALL. Barry'll make you do all the work, and to save time just quickly run up the STAIRS and down again. He'll give you a lock-pick I and leave you. Instead of making a right go back to the DINING HALL. Don't pick up the -INK RIBBON-, you kinda need the slots for other things. Plus you won't need to save anytime soon. Run to the LONG HALLWAY and Remember that first zombie? Yeah he's on your right now, but just run to your left (don't stop for Kenneth, he has no ammo in normal or hard mode and we don't need to see his special film...unless you want to). Kay now you're in the BIRD HALLWAY. See the -HANDGUN MAGAZINE-? Pick it up. Don't pick the herbs just yet, you seriously don't need them. Better safe than sorry though..pick em up. Run upstairs and now you're at the -SCULPTURE ROOM-. Don't pick up the -HERB- (TRUST ME.), and as soon as you make a left a chubby zombie will be there but guess what? YOU CAN DODGE HIMN SAVE YOUR AMMO. Run and pick up the -ARROW-. On your right of the mirror there's a -HANDGUN MAGAZINE- and you can pick it up but IT'S A TRAP. LOOK BEHIND YOU. That brain-muncher will gnaw on your neck! So ice him first. Hurry though, the chubby one can power walk. Alright now make a right and you'll be on the -2F BALCONY-. Pick up the -DAGGER- because it'll save your butt later and head straight out to the -2F MAIN HALL-. Make a left downstairs and use the portrait door in between the floors to enter the -GRAVEYARD-. There's two zombies here. Avoid them too, don't waste yo precious ammo, yo. Head left after dodging and you'll be at a dead end. Go to menu, examine the -ARROW- to get the -ARROWHEAD-. Now go down. Into the fiery abyss. Spooky, huh? Take the -BOOK OF I FORGOT- and examine it to get the -SWORD KEY-! Skip the document. Go up again. Now the zombie will be waiting for you. You can either take a bite, practice your evading skills or kill it. Your choice. Now head to the -2F MAIN HALL- and go across from where you came out of the -2F BALCONY- and you'll be unlocking the door on your left to enter the -RED L HALL-. There's two zombies here, avoid one and kill the second. Don't take the -WOODEN MOUNT-, I'M your map. Head to the very last door and enter the -STUDY-. You'll only be here once. Pick up the oh-so important -DOG WHISTLE- and -LIGHTER-. Head on outside to the -2F L HALL- and avoid both zombies there! You don't have to to kill them just yet! Head downstairs to the -PRE-SAVE ROOM 1- and yeah if you wanna kill that one to ahead. You can avoid him too though and enter the -SAVE ROOM-. Yay! Pick up the -SPRAY- and the -KEROSENE CANTINE- fill it with Keroesne, this thing'll save your life, homie. Watch. should have:

1. Handgun
2. Some ammo
3. Sword Key
4. Lighter
5. Dog whistle

so drop off the useless -KNIFE- and <optionally> the -SPRAY-. Head out to the -PRE-SAVE ROOM- and head out to the -DARK HALLWAY-. Hurry, there's a zombie waiting for ya. You'll enter the -POLYGON HALL-, because it has many sides! Don't head into the first door, go to the second-to-last door to enter the -BATHROOM-. Unplug the tub for a -DAGGER-. Head out and unlock the gray door to go -OUTSIDE-. RUN, and grab the chemical! If you're hurt pick up and -HERB- and USE it then and there. Now run out again, about three Ceberuses(?) [Zombie Dogs] can jump that fence at any given moment. Make a left onto the -DOG HALLWAY-. Don't let the dogs scare you, run away and they'll do no harm. Enter the -ART ROOM-. Don't pick up the Map for obvious reasons, but enter the back for optional stuffs. If you had they -SPECIAL KEY- from beating the game previously, use it here to get Jill into something more comfy, like Sarah Connor's combat outfit, or my favorite: Jill's outfit from RE3. There's also a -DAGGER- but it's a trap, don't go for it. Head out to the -MAIN HALL-. Go upstairs to the--OH wait!! Barry will be there! How ya doin', BarBear?? He'll give you a crucial item, the -ACID ROUNDS- for your -GRENADE LAUNCHER-. Head upstairs and enter the -2F BALCONY- again. Remember the door you entered the room from? There's a door next to it. Enter it to get in the -CROWDED ROOM-. There's two zombies there and a vomiting one on the stairs. What I recommend you do is avoid the first, kill the second, and the vomiting one is 190% AVOIDABLE. head downstairs to the -GREEK HALL- and enter the -SAVE ROOM-. Pick up the -INK RIBBONS- to store. Here you'll store the -ACID ROUNDS- and -INK RIBBONS-. You should have space left... Now head out. Avoid the zombies and head to the first door on the right to enter the -FAKE ROOM-. Why the -FAKE ROOM-? Because of the broken shotgun. And get the -BATTERY-. Don't bother with the ribbons! Now....I'm gonna save time. Because it's [Currently 0:31] and my hands are cramping from typing on an iPad. Remember the -POLYGON HALL-? Run there. Take the upstairs route because there's less zombies to avoid and you'll get there faster. In the -POLYGON HALL- go to the door I told you not to go to. You'll enter the -DEATH ROOM-. Don't be scared. Enter the -DEATH ROOM'S LOUNGE- to get the shotgun off the wall. Thank the heavens for the fake shotgun, right? Now, take the -DAGGER- and head out back into the -CROWDED ROOM- up on the second floor. In other guides they'll tell you to skip the broken shotgun and that once the trap he shotgun leaves for you activates, Barry will come and get you. Well, HE NEVER CAME FOR ME LAST NIGHT. I DIED TWICE AND DIDN'T SAVE. Trust no trick. Anyways. Back in the -CROWDED ROOM-, anger the first door you see to end up at the -DOG BALCONY-. Blow the -DOG WHISTLE-. Empty your shotgun on them mo'fo's. there's herbs on the side if you need them, hopefully you don't. Take Scooby's collar and press the button for the -FAKE KEY-. Head out to the -CROWDED ROOM- and go across to end up back in the -SCUPLTURE HALL-. Ready? There's two zombies there form before. Go straight and make a right. RUN BECAUSE AS SOON AS YOU CROSS THE CORPSE ON THE FLOOR, CONGRATULATIONS. YOUR ZOMBIE EVOLVED INTO A CRIMSON HEAD. THESE GUYS HAVE CLAWS. AND RUN. So avoid em if you can. You'll enter the -SAW ROOM-. Why the Saw Room? Because it's a death game you can win. Pick up the -ARMOR KEY- and watch your impending doom activate. Slip the -FAKE KEY- in there to deactivate. Now head back to the -SCULPTURE ROOM- and BLAST THE CRIMSON HEAD WITH YOUR SHOTGUN!

Hey guys, it's [Currently 0:41], I took my sleeping pill three hours ago and I have to wake up in three hours. I'll continue this tomorrow night, hopefully you're still alive? C:

[Currently 14:32 on 5/4/13]

Lets see how much I can do in 20 minutes.

Alright in the -SCULPTURE ROOM- head to the -2F BALCONY- and out to the mansion's second floor. Head to the...I the door on the East side? I dunno, I never checked the compass. But go to the door next to the door that takes you to the -RED L HALL-, to enter the -OUTSIDE TERRACE-. There you'll find not only a DAGGER but poor Forrest... But never mind that, take the dead man's prized GRENADE LAUNCHER, and Jill's baby in the game. LEAVE THAT ROOM. DO NOT GO FOR THE HERBS. Forrest will awaken and RUN towards you. All it takes is like what, three grenades? And he's down. But you don't need no herbs~

And now. Since we have the grenade launcher and the acid rounds, it's time for what most of you guys wanna know about: the GRENADE LAUNCHER glitch! I have a theory of why this works the way it does after I'm done. Aright ready? C:

1 - Have Jill enter and room with an ITEM BOX
2 - Empty ERRTHANG onto the box.
3 - make sure the first item slot in the ITEM BOX is empty.
4 - move the LAUNCHER onto the first slot on the left hand side.
5 - move the AMMO to the left hand side, first slot.
6 - close the item box
7 - Equip the Grenade Launcher
8 - Open the Item box
10 - With the D-Pad, Highlight the ammo.
11 - Click it but don't put it on an empty slot in your pockets. Combine it wih the Launcher.
12 - If this happened successfully, you now have 200+ rounds of whatever ammo you didn't have the Grenade Launcher equipped with! n_~

Alright it's 14:57, and schools about to end. Hopefully this glitch becomes something that makes the game easy but don't rely on it!! Try killing bees and dogs and crows with it :3
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By Aether_Fenris on 04-03-2013, 12:21 AM
I was unaware guides required my approval, lol
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By Rai17 on 04-03-2013, 12:38 AM
Today was a long day. If you're planning on playing this soon lemme know, I'll add bits by bits to leave you at a save spot!
Reply With Quote
By Konata on 04-03-2013, 08:14 AM
Wow this is really good. I wish I had the game now.
Reply With Quote
By Misdirection on 04-05-2013, 03:57 PM
I've beaten this game over n over but from what I read you're spot on, an considering your RE addiction I don't think I need to read any more to verify it's credibility. :3
I never even knew of the weapons / glitches that you mentioned until I read this. I'll have to look into that.
Reply With Quote
By Rai17 on 04-05-2013, 06:04 PM

Originally Posted by Misdirection View Post
I've beaten this game over n over but from what I read you're spot on, an considering your RE addiction I don't think I need to read any more to verify it's credibility. :3
I never even knew of the weapons / glitches that you mentioned until I read this. I'll have to look into that.
Aw thank you! I just added the glitch for you :3 off of if it doesn't work I'm sorry. And it only works on GameCube versions! And it works because the grenade launcher swaps the ammo with the whatever is in your inventory. But if you make it switch during this swap in the item box, I'm assuming the game can't recognize the switch and just vomits extra ammunition :9
Reply With Quote
By Misdirection on 04-15-2013, 12:20 AM
Cool. I'll bookmark this for when I'm playing next.
Reply With Quote
By Rai17 on 04-19-2013, 10:22 AM
Oh and it only works in the non-PAL versions of the GameCube REmakes.
Reply With Quote
By AGoomba on 05-05-2013, 07:09 PM
Thanks Rail the walktrough or guide that you give us was complete, or atleast for me, you receivem y respects
Reply With Quote
By ElBootho on 05-05-2013, 09:06 PM
done that back in couple of day but i was this close to get a rocket launcher and yeah wut i said *rewind*
meh, so close trying to get a rocket launcher but come on, last time is 3:00:34? how close is that?!
yeah you'll get the point
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