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Brandyn's Top 10 Video Game Villains
Brandyn's Top 10 Video Game Villains
by Brandyn Johnson
Published by Brandyn
Brandyn's Top 10 Video Game Villains

A hero is only as impressive as the forces he's up against. Ergo, a protagonist needs an equally impressive antagonist to compliment him. This is my personal countdown of my top 10 favorite villains in video games.

There are spoilers for villains number 8 and 5, so if you have not played those games and you plan to I would suggest skipping those if you do not want anything spoiled.

#10: Belger (
Final Fight, Final Fight Revenge)

You have just fought your way through the mean gang infested streets of Metro City. You have taken down a ringleader of the gang at the end of each level. Said ringleaders include a dual katana wielding samurai, an enormous corrupt police officer, and an ex-military commando with infinite grenades. But playtime is officially over, because it is time for you to face the head honcho of the gang himself. After fighting your way through his lavish estate, you take the elevator up and arrive at his penthouse. The sky darkens with omnious clouds. You reach the final room, and then the final boss arrives. Just as terrifying as you thought he would be, the final boss is.....a midget in a wheelchair.

Okay, I admit that a large part of the reason Horace Belger is on this list is due to the "LOL factor". However, don't let the wheelchair fool you. Once you grab him and toss him across the room, he proves that he's nothing but a big faker. He'll leap all over the room with cat-like agility while firing his crossbow at you (extra points for using such a weapon as a crossbow). I'm a sucker for the "criminal mastermind" type villain and while Belger is not physically noteworthy (at least at first glance), he does manage to bring Metro City to its knees until Haggar, Cody, and Guy manage to put a stop to him. Canonically, Cody was the one who finished him off with an uppercut that sent Belger out the window to fall many stories to his death (perhaps that's part of the reason Cody went to jail?). But not even death can stop Belger, for he makes his return in the very obscure Final Fight Revenge on Sega Saturn. Final Fight Revenge was a one-on-one fighting game akin to its cousin series, Street Fighter (but it never really caught on, so they ended up just integrating the Final Fight characters into the cast of Street Fighter) Belger makes his return in this game as a zombie; he plays similar to Dhalsim, as apparently being a zombie gives you the ability to stretch your limbs. He has a freakin' awesome moveset though. He can even take off his head and throw it at you like a bowling ball. In one of his victory animations, he does the Thriller Dance. That alone should earn him a spot on this list.
#9: Gruntilda (Banjo-Kazooie series) definately... hard to forget (God knows we've tried). While she may not be the prettiest, she is one of the most infamous villains of many of our childhood games. You would think that with her skill as a sorceress, she could just cast a spell on herself that would grant her beauty. But nope. Like many witches in stories, she would rather steal it from someone else. And so begins the quest to rescue your sister who has been stolen for this very purpose. This is one of the only games that would make boys get a game over on purpose. Why? Because the Game Over sequence shows her using the Beauty Transfer machine of hers, and when the new, sexy Grunty steps out the makes the fact that you got a game over not so bad. She looks like She-Hulk but with less muscle so she's even sexier (and her talking sound effecs sound like a series of orgasms). Meanwhile poor Tooty is left looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame....but oh well. It's your sister so you wouldn't want boys thinking of tapping that, anyway. However, this game over sequence just begs the question....what was stopping her from doing it before? All she pretty much does is talk crap through the whole game but apparently isn't doing anything while Banjo and Kazooie are on the quest.
#8: Zant (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

The moment Zant showed up on screen for the first time and began speaking, I knew he was someone who was not to be trifled with. The way he just casually swaggers into the throneroom and says to Zelda, "Bitch please, I'm taking over this castle and this kingdom and if you don't like it you can all die" after his forces ROTFLstomped the soldiers indicated that this was someone you do not want to be on the wrong side of. (Well okay he didn't say it like that, but how awesome would that have been?). Then throughout the game you continue to have the occasional run in with him and the vibes he gives off, you just know that the boss battle with him is going to be one hell of a battle. So after you make your way to his throneroom in the Twilight Palace, you know it's on. And then....he pulls a complete 180. Rather than being the cool, collected figure that you have seen throughout the game, he shows his true colors as being a tantrum throwing crybaby. Surprisingly, I was not dissappointed, though. Quite the contrary, I thought it was a humourously entertaining little twist and one of the funnier moments of the Zelda series. One part that was true though, was the part about him being one hell of a battle. It is my favorite boss battle in the entire franchise and one of my favorite boss battles in games. Basically, Zant will teleport you both to all the previous boss arenas in the game. When you are in a particular boss arena, then you have to use the strategy that you used against the original boss to beat Zant in that arena. I really loved it and it seemed to serve as a review/"final exam". It's a shame that Zant is apparently killed at the end, I would have liked to see him in future games. But then, it's Legend of Zelda where each game is a different legend, so it is very possible.
#7: Deathborn (F-Zero GX)

Deathborn was one of the new characters introduced in GX. It turns out, Black Shadow is nothing more than this guy's bitch. The opening cutscene of the story mode shows Shadow running away for his life from this guy, only to be caught, and left to beg for mercy on his very life. Deathborn is not very happy that Black Shadow lost the F-Zero X Grand Prix to Captain Falcon. He gives him an ultimatum: Win the next Grand Prix or..."You know the price of failure!" Having been holding Black Shadow up by the throat with one hand, he unceremoniously drops him back onto the pavement, hops in his car and zooms off, which would have been even more badass except for the unfitting score playing in the background during this scene. Of course, Captain Falcon wins the Grand Prix yet again. Soon as Falcon takes the stage and accepts the Championship belt, a pissed Deathborn teleports into the arena and murders Black Shadow in front of everyone by apparenly wiping him from existence (or hopefully teleporting him to "Villains "R Us" to buy a better costume). In the F-Zero Universe, Black Shadow is the most feared criminal in the cosmos. So having a superior villain that makes even Black Shadow, who is toted as the King of Evil in the F-Zero Universe, shiver with fear is a pretty impressive feat (yes, his in-game bio says he makes Black Shadow shiver with fear).
Part of what makes Deathborn cool is his colorful appearance. He is some type of phantom cyborg with the ability to teleport himself and others anywhere in the universe. It is said he often banishes people to the black depths of the space vaccuum. God help a waiter who screws up his order.

#6: M. Bison
(Street Fighter series)

An airplane pilot gone bad (okay not really, but he does dress like one does he not?), the main antagonist of the Street Fighter series has murdered many of the characters' loved ones. He is the leader of an evil organization known as Shadaloo who does everything from drug trafficking to kidnapping and brainwashing innocent little girls into being his soldiers. Throughout the franchise he often tries to recruit the other fighters into joining his diabolical organization. Saying no results in a final boss fight to the death (yes he's the type who gets really offended when you turn down his invitations). He fights using "Psycho Power" which gives him the ability to do more supernatural moves like teleport and fly. He has a pretty cool appearance, especially when he wears his cape. Usually the cape is only seen in artwork, he fights with the cape off in-game except for in the Alpha series. He has an intimidating physique and an awesome deep voice which makes lines like "This place shall become your GRAVE!" even better. He's a villain that keeps coming back. In the vain of Ganondorf he can even come back from the dead over and over, since he is essentially just a "soul" of sorts that can use different host bodies.
#5: Kessler (inFAMOUS)

The main antagonist of inFAMOUS 1, There are quite a few things that make Kessler a very interesting villain. Throughout the game you are Cole MacGrath in a modern day superhero-story who is trying to restore Empire City while getting behind the mystery of the catastrophic event that threw it into chaos in the first place. Early in the game, you are confronted by a mysterious old man on a roof top who shows you a horrible vision of an apocolyptic future. Then Cole deduces that the man is somehow involved in how this future came to be. So what makes Kessler such an interesting villain? Well for starters, he has the best sinister voice I've ever heard. Deep, menacing, and taunting. Next is his interesting appearance along with what appear to be cybernetic limbs. Then finally, in one of the most notorious and well played plot twists in gaming, it turns out that Kessler is, from the future! Great Scott! It turns out "Kessler" is from an alternate timeline where the world has gone to hell after a monstrous superhuman of unparalleled power known as "The Beast" has arrived and reigned down chaos and destruction of biblical proportions. Kessler feels guilty because when he was in his prime, he could have stopped it. But he chose to flee instead, and did so for years until the Beast caught up with him and slayed his family. So he decided to go back in time and throw Empire City into chaos in order to train and mold you into the savior he failed to be. Wow.
As a "villain" he's cunning, has a commanding presence to him, and is always a step ahead (naturally).
#4: Albert Wesker (Resident Evil series)

I don't know where to begin. There are tons of factors that make Albert Wesker an intriguing supervillain. He has everything, a cool appearance, a supergenius intellect, Matrix-style fighting skills (due in large part to the virus he injected). Perhaps best of all, he has the best sinister voice of all time. Yes nevermind Kessler, D.C. Douglas's voice is sex to the ears, especially when he's playing Wesker with that accent of his. In regards to the hero-villain dynamic, I would say that Albert Wesker and Chris Redfield have the best chemistry of any pair of arch-enemies in gaming. They hate each others guts yes, but being that they both seem to have equal determination to stop the other, it's really interesting to watch. Especially in Code Veronica. There are times when Wesker can easily finish Redfield off, but doesn't; well usually it's because something comes up that causes him to have to leave, but it kind of feels like a part of Wesker still likes and cares for Chris as his former pupil, since Chris was his favorite when they were both in S.T.A.R.S.
Also, almost everything Wesker says is meme-tastic.
#3: Lazarevic (Uncharted 2)

When it comes to bald baddies, ol' Lex Luthor has competition in Zoran Lazarevic. This guy is basically Bane from The Dark Knight Rises without the mask; he's big, has a very intimidating presence, and has no qualms whatsoever about killing his own henchmen in cold blood if they get in his way, or even just to make a point. Aside from that I love his voice and he has an awesome accent to go with it (yes it seems like the best villains just need to have amazing voices). Everytime Lazarevic is present, even I am uncomfortable and nervous for the other characters. He is a killing machine and will stop at absolutely nothing to get what he wants. True, he isn't anything we have not seen before, but he did his job as an entertaining and arresting antagonist to the story. It's a shame that he seems to have died in the end. Of all the Uncharted villains so far, Lazarevic is by far the first one to get my vote to make a return for the next game. I think he would be a great arch-nemesis for Nathan Drake and I would love to see more of him. He is my favorite villain of this gen.
#2: Wolf O' Donnell (StarFox series)

What isn't awesome about this furry fiend? He has a bionic eye, high level fighting skills both in the air and up close, a cool costume and a good villain voice. He is a perfect foil to Fox McCloud. Despite their differences, they have put aside their differences to take out larger threats, so while he certainly isn't the nicest guy, he isn't all bad it seems. Wolf is the leader of a rival mercenary group known as StarWolf (well played, Mr. O'Donnell). Apparently his vendetta against Fox goes back into a long history with Fox's dad James which is interesting. Despite it all he is said to have a grudging respect for Fox, and if it weren't for his history with James, as well as the fact of being professionals on opposite sides, they might even be allies because they certainly make a kickass team when they do join forces. In a couple endings of StarFox Command, Wolf and his team actually save the Lylat system. For the glory and money mostly yes, but it makes him a much more three dimensional character. It is as though he wants to be a hero, he just does not know how.
#1: Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda series)

I feel like I cheated a little by including two villains from the same game series, but there is no one who could take my number one except for Ganondorf. Only someone like Ganondorf makes the best arch-nemesis for our courageous hero, Link. He is cunning, powerful, has a commanding presence, and always has a contingency plan. He just keeps coming back, and he is seemingly stronger each time. I always love his dialougue, and I love that despite being a very potent character with demi-God level powers...he's something of a gentleman who seems to battle by a code of honor. If there's ever someone you can count on to deliver an epic final boss battle, it's always Ganondorf. I also think he has the potential for a very interesting back story that they should flesh out in the future. Of every video game villain out there, I don't think anyone has the same arresting presence about them that G-dorf does.

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By Konata on 04-07-2013, 07:04 AM
Pretty nice. Zant and Wesker are da cooliest.
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By travis on 04-12-2013, 01:31 PM
My list would look a bit outdated i think lol. Since you did a modern version i will post a retro version

#1 Bowser (Super mario bros)

#2 Ganon (the legend of zelda)

#3 Dr wily (Megaman)

#4 Dracula (Castlevania)

#5 Mother brain (Metroid)

#6 Dragonlord (Dragon warrior)

#7 The evil queen (battletoads)

#8 Chaos (final fantasy)

#9 Baron von blubba (Bubble bobble)

#10 Eggplant wizard (Kid icarus)

IDK if thats a great list or not, but i thought it would be fun to post an old school version.
Reply With Quote
By Megas75 on 04-12-2013, 02:14 PM
Both of your lists need more Liquid Snake lol
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By Mario on 05-07-2013, 04:37 PM
Fix the pix!
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