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Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy X-2
Published by Cloud7
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Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2 is going to take a while to compile all this and I hope I don't give spoilers with this one because it is going to be kind of hard to do because of the FFX ending. Well here it goes....

The story of FFX-2 is one that is not to be forgoten though it can be easy to get lost in the story of this game.......but it is not too bad. I like the story to this one and the title tells pretty much where it starts but most people don't catch it! The title is FFX-2 so keeping on track it takes place 2 years after the events of Final Fantasy X and I highly recommend playing X first because if you don't you will be lost the entire time in this game! But I am keeping this review as spoiler free as i can So the game starts out in Luca where Yuna, Rikku, and the newcomer to the story Paine and yes that is her name it is not a typo! Okay but anyway it all starts with one phrase it is "it all began when I saw this sphere of you" and I am not going to tell you who she is talking about because like I said it is a spoiler to FFX and I am not spoiling it because it is awesome! But anyway Yuna, Rikku, and Paine are Sphere hunters and they form the Gullwings and they are searching for rare spheres and always trying to out do other sphere hunters! But Yeah I am starting to ramble now Hmmmm.......soooOoooo they travel around the world of Spira and Beyond and when I say beyond you might can guess but i am not telling so yeah and along they way Yuna has these strange dreams of 2 other people and they get wierd at times but it has a purpose and it makes the story better in my opinion! I give the story a 9.5 not as good as FFX but really close but what sequal is ever better than the original! Oh yeah here is a fun fact for ya FF X-2 is the first FF story to have it's own sequal yeah hard to believe huh?

Anyway moving right along we come to the graphics part of this review! Well It seems like I just go on and on about the graphics in these games and it is true I do go on and on about the graphics of this game because they are pure awesome next to the next Gen systems like the Ps3 and 360! And anyway i am a graphics designer so it is my job to take notice of these types of things! But anyway it is the same world from FFX but is has more places to visit in this game than the first one! Anyway the characters look better in this game than X in my opinion! But that is just my opinion so if you will not take my word for it play the game! lol But anyway I give the graphics a 10!

OKay the gameplay and controls! Ugh! This could take forever but I am going to get to the point as quick and as little rambling as i possible can so yeah. The battle system is different in a lot of ways in this one first thing to notice is the active battle system and the dress spheres they are going to get alot of attenion in this review! Okay so the battle system has bars in it this time and to attack you have to wait until the bar fills up and you select your attack then it does it but in the meantime your opponents can beat the heck out of you waiting for the bar to fill! Which got on my nearve a bit but it wasn't too bad after I got my party leveled up because after they got more powerful it was like Mc Hammer's Song Can't touch this! I mean that literally too because i spent nearly 50 hours training in the game it was not nessesary but i wanted to lol I was unstoppable the characters were at level 99 and it was fun! But that is not improtant really I went rambling! Bleh okay so now to the dress spheres which are kind of like the job system from............ummmmm..........Another Final Fatasy game that slips my mind at the moment! But yeah basically whichever set of clothes you put on it the ability you will get with is cool! My favorite was the Warrior one but that is once again my opinion! So yeah I give the controls and gameplay a 9!

OKay the last part the sound! OKay so the cast for the voice overs are still the same as the ones in FFX which is cool and the new characters actors who did the voice overs for them did a good job as well! Now for the music, okay so there is alot more music in this game and is certainly better than the first but some of it gets annoying after a while! The most memorable song is 1000 words and it is sung by none other than Yuna! lol So I give the sound a 9.5!

OKay so I am going to share a bit of info with you because the this will complete the ending to FFX and I mean it as in it will make you feel better about how FFX ended! Complete the game 100% and then you will get the best ending ever! If you get anything below 70% you will get what I consider the sad ending but it really is not that sad to me! But yeah complete it 100% and FFX will be your favorite game ever ending wise!!

Okay it is near the end so here are 2 videos for the game!

OKay now most consider this game either girly or dumb But i like it and I know for a fact a bunch of my friends do! But either way maybe this review will help you decide if would like the game or not! I know I bought it and loved every part of it! Hope you enjoyed the review!

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By Skreamo on 08-27-2008, 07:54 PM
I hated this damn game -_-...... until I passed it 100% & saw Tidus alive again! XD oops, ive spoiled the ending XD
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By Jamez on 08-27-2008, 07:55 PM
PS2 Ey?

Might be 2 games worth buying there!
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By ~Krystal~ on 10-28-2008, 04:21 PM
I think this game had good things going for it. The soundtrack wasn't one of them. =3
Still, I enjoyed it, but it was missing something. I don't know what it was.
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