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Published by Aether_Fenris
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When the wii launched, the only game available that really centered itself around the Wii remote was Ubisoft's Red Steel. Ultimately, Red Steel proved to be nothing but a tech demo with very little lasting appeal. Ironically, at the launch of the Wii U, Ubisoft was there again with one of the only games built entirely around the Wii U game pad. Thankfully, this is more than just a tech demo!

ZombiU is set in England after the proverbial shit has hit the fan. Due to the Prince practicing black magic, a blight was accidentally unleashed on mankind that few would survive. Those who did would find themselves in a constant struggle against the walking corpses of those who failed to make it. You take control of various survivors throughout the course of the game, each attempting to escape London. Luckily you have the aid of a man known mysteriously as "The Prepper". The Prepper is enigmatic, but also very knowledgeable. He offers you a safe house, and helps guide you through your objectives. While he often gets cross with you when you decided to listen to others, sometimes even threatening to help you no more, he always come through for you in the end.

the story is quite shallow, and is actually kind of pushed into the background. The focus here is on surviving. At your disposal, you will have a backpack (which has very limited space), a handgun, and a cricket bat. Every survivor you control will start off with these necessities. Other items such as more powerful guns, food, and first aid kits must be found on your own. Die while carrying lots of goodies, and you may soon regret it. while you can usually hunt down your previous survivor's zombie, and take back your belongings, this is not always the case. When signed into the Wii U's online service, the game will occasionally send your zombie to someone else's game! This is a major downer when you lose, a crossbow, a shotgun, around 23 crossbow bolts and 30 shotgun shells (damn exploding zombies...) there is no greater joy than discovering a well equipped zombie from someone else's game, and gearing up with equipment far better than what you had.

The focus of ZombiU is not on combat - in fact there are many scenarios in which you will find yourself fleeing the scene as opposed to wasting precious ammo. It's hard to come by most ammo, and when you do, you treat it like gold. You always have your trusty cricket bat, but it does minimal damage, and is slow to swing. It's really disappointing that there weren't some other melee options, as the cricket bat really does get quite old.

Controls for ZombiU take some getting used to. At first, it was really awkward to aim with such a large controller, but within 30 minutes I had pretty good aim. This game is not a first person shooter however, but a survival horror - a TRUE survival horror. Each encounter could be your last, as even at full health if a zombie grabs and bites you, you will die. There were many times which I found myself pressed in a tight spot, and panicking I would begin shooting erratically, missing my targets, physically hyperventilating. ZombiU is scary not because it is psychologically disturbing like Silent Hill, but because if you die, you may very well lose everything, and it only takes 1 zombie to end you.

The gamepad really does make the game. All of your information is displayed on the gamepad, leaving the screen free of clutter. It is an interactive map, a communications device and much more. At any time, you may swipe downward on the pad to browse your inventory. As you do so, your survivor while crouch on the ground and rummage through their bag, and you must look away from you television to perform any actions. ZombiU uses this mechanic for many things, forcing you to leave yourself vulnerable.

ZombiU looks good - very good even, but it isn't a very good example of what the WiiU is capable of. Everything is full of detail, and animates fine but none of the visuals ever blew me away. Honestly, it's a bit disappointing after seeing how great the trailer looked. In fact, none of those scenes are ever shown in the game at all - it was just a teaser.

There isn't a lot of music, but the game relies on other sounds to set the mood. Ambiance really makes ZombiU as tense as it is, and there's nothing quite as spine chilling as walking into a room, and having a zombie pop out of the corner snarling in your face. Voice acting is very well done, and quite convincing. It never feels forced or overdone.

ZombiU has two modes of play. On normal mode, you get a new survivor each time you die, and while they will lose the upgrades and equipment, you can continue playing from your current objectives and story knowledge. This is great for your first time through, or to experiment and explore, but to really get into ZombiU you're going to want to play Survival mode. In Survival mode, you get 1 survivor, and only 1 chance. While you can still save your game, if you die, your data will be erased. It's extremely realistic and very difficult.

My biggest gripes with ZombiU are the lack of melee options, and the fact they didn't put as much into the visuals as promised. The gameplay is very rewarding, and quite frankly this is the best survival horror game in years. Your palms with get sweaty, and you will curse, growl, and sigh as you explore London's deadly environment. even your character trembles, and stutters when a corpse is near. ZombiU is an excellent example of what can be done with the Wii U gampad, and while the game could have easily been made for any other system, it wouldn't have been nearly as immersing. I really hope Ubisoft decides to make a sequel and improve a few things, because games like this don't come along very often.

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By SanePsychoSuper on 05-02-2013, 10:11 PM
Very nice review, much more informative than most things I've read. I now know for a fact that this game isn't for me. lol
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By Killua on 05-03-2013, 03:20 PM
Nice review. I had the chance to play ZombiU and I actually really enjoyed it. Anyways good review as usual.
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By AGoomba on 05-04-2013, 04:18 PM
Member reviews
Average 78%
It kinda strange the Zombie U, i maybe get problems to control the character but well, the graphics were kinda like Resident Evil, and bby the way are cool, the trailer music is so funny and the video kinda too
And well, im surprised that Nintendo make an M game that wasn´t Metroid.
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By Mario on 05-07-2013, 04:23 PM
When I get the WiiU this will be a game I get.
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