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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide Part 1 (Basics)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide Part 1 (Basics)
Published by Aether_Fenris
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide Part 1 (Basics)

1. Introduction
2. About New Leaf
3. How to Play animal Crossing
A. Controls
B. Inventory Screen
C. Time and Seasons
D. Interacting With Villagers
E. Tools
4. Mayor Duties
5. Closing

1. Introduction
Welcome to Part 1 of my Animal Crossing: New Leaf guide! I am a huge Animal Crossing fan, and have been playing since the US release of the first game on the Gamecube. I hope my guide will be of use to you, and if I have made any errors, or you have any comments feel free to ether leave a comment here, or cotnact me via , I'd love to ehar from you. Furthermore, donations are graciously accepted via paypal at , and while donations are far from necessary, they will be greatly appreciated. I did save you $20 by writing this guide series,afterall. Please note that this game was just released in America, and so I will undoubtedly become more knowledgeable in the future. This guide may be edited to reflect such.

2. About New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a life simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the 4th Animal Crossing release in North America and Europe, while being the 6th release in Japan, where it is INSANELY popular (comparable to Pokemon here in the 90's). The goal of Animal Crossing is to just enjoy yourself really, and you can do that in any way the game allows. The only goals are the goals you set for yourself. a major difference in NEw LEaf is that you are the Mayor, and that means you have more control over your virtual town than ever before!

3. How to Play

A. Controls
A - Advance text, confirm, use equipped item, open door, interact
B - run, menus cancel/"no"
X - inventory
Y - pick up
D-pad up - view sky
D-pad down - Unequip tool
D-pad left/right - cycle tools
L - alternate run
R - alternate run
L + R - screen shot (saves to SD card)

B. Inventory Screen
On the inventory screen, you can do a number of things and view a few different types of information. In New Leaf, the inventory screen is best experienced using the stylus. When you first press X, you will see your pockets, which can store a total of 15 items of any kind. By tapping on an item, you may see multiple options, including drop, wear (if it is wearable), or many other things.

On your top left, you will notice a letter icon. In case you have forgotten what snail-mail is, letters are pieces of paper with written language one them placed inside a sealed envelope. By tapping this icon, you can view any mail you have taken out of your mailbox. If the male has a present attached, you will be prompted to select between taking out the gift and reading the letter when you tap it.

Back to the pockets menu, your total bells (the game's currency) is displayed at your top right. You can hold a total of 99,999 bells here, and by tapping your total you may also convert bells into a "physical" form to give to others, or to keep elsewhere.

At the top of the screen, you may notice 4 small icons. If you are currently on the pockets screen, the green briefcase icon should be selected. Tapping the pink pencil icon will take you to the Patterns screen. Patterns can be created at the Able Sisters store, and you may have 8 at a time. These patterns can be tapped, allowing you to do multiple things with them. You can make clothes out of them, put them on the ground, use them as wallpaper or flooring, and a couple of other cool things.

Next, you will see a purple book icon, which leads you to your encyclopedia. This encyclopedia holds various facts and information about any creatures you catch. This screen consists of 3 tabs: insects, fish, and deep-sea creatures.

Finally, the last icon is red and features a silhouette. This is your Town Pass Card, or TPC. This card contains a screen shot of your characters, your state or province in which you reside, your character name, your town name, as well as your birth date. the TPC is what allows you to travel to other players towns, and also allows other players to get to know you a bit better. Don't worry, nothing too personal is included. You may notice an orange arrow tap at your top right while on this screen. This leads to your badges screen, and there will be more on those in another part of the guide.

C. Time and Seasons
Animal Crossing takes place in "real time". What this means is that the in game clock mirrors the real world, and while some things, such as weather, would be far fetched for it to mirror, it does also mimic seasonal changes and Holidays. During the day is when you are most likely to find your inhabitants out and about, and businesses have opening and closing hours. The types of fish and insects available also changes depending on the time and date. Plants, however, are unaffected.

D. Interacting With Villagers
Your town can hold up to 10 residents at a time. Each resident is unique in appearance and taste, and also is part of a personality type of which there are 6. There are a number of ways in which you may interact with the villagers, such as simple conversations, to doing them favors and even inviting them to hang out. Most of these events are semi-randomized, however.

E. Tools
There are a number of tools at your disposal, each costing 500 bells each. These tools are essential to enjoying the game, and making money.

Watering Can - If you're into gardening, this is essential to keeping flowers healthy.

Shovel - Used to plant trees and dig up buried items. Also used to removed stumps.

Fishing Rod - USed to catch fish in the river, ocean, or a pond. Some fish are quite rare and fetch a high price. This is my preferred method of making bells.

Net - Used to catch insects. Some are rare and fetch high prices, but I never enjoyed bug hunting as much as fishing myself.

Axe - The axe is used to chop down trees. Be sure the dig up the stump afterwards. Unlike other tools, the axe can break after extensive use.

Slingshot - the Slingshot is used to pop balloons in the sky which hold presents. This is literally it's only use. No, you cannot shoot out your neighbor's windows (unfortunately).

Megaphone - this tool is new to the series. After equipping, you may speak a villagers name into the 3DS microphone. If they are outside and hear you, they will answer back, allowing you to locate them.

Time - The Timer is used for competition, and can be used to see who can catch the most fish or insects in a set time limit.

Wet Suit - The Wetsuit is a new item that, while a wearable clothing article, is also a tool that allows you to swim.

Along with these tools, there are also special variants of tools. These special variants are greatly enhanced versions, but perform the same duties.

Silver Can - An enhanced watering can. acquired by purchasing 50 or more flower seeds from Leif. Causes flowers to require less watering.

Golden Can - The best watering can, acquired by maintaining "excellent town environment" for 15 days, and awarded by Isabelle. Can grow golden roses as well as the effects of the silver can.

Silver Shovel - an upgraded shovel unlocked by donating enough specimens to Blathers. This shovel gives you a 10% chance of finding bells if you smack a rock with it.

Golden Shovel - The best shovel, acquired by buying 50 bags of fertilizer from Leif. Allows you to grow money trees.

Silver Rod - an upgraded Fishing Rod. Unlocked by donating enough specimens to Blathers. The silver rod attracts fish more easily.

Golden Rod - No, not the city from Pokemon! This is the best rod, and can only be acquired by catching every fish in the game and showing your encyclopedia to Chip. this is even more alluring to fish than the Silver Rod.

Silver Axe - An upgraded axe acquired from the Island Shop. Unlike the regular axe, it never breaks.

Golden Axe - The best axe, acquired by purchasing 50 or more saplings from Leif. Along with never breaking, this axe chops faster.

Silver Slingshot - Acquired from a balloon present. Shoots 2 pellets

Golden Slingshot - Also acquired from balloon presents, shoots 3 pellets.

4. Mayor Duties
As was mentioned, in this game you are the mayor - at least if you're the first or only player on the file. However, before you can be of real influence, you must receive a 100% approval rating from the town residents. To view your current approval rating, you must sit in your chair at the mayor's office. To raise your rating, do the following things:

-Design a new flag
-Change the Town Tune
-Water flowers
-Pull weeds
-Write on the bulletin board
-Donate to the museum
-Sell at Re-Tail
-Recycle garbage at Re-Tail
-Interact with villagers regularly

Once you have the permit, you can begin having a real influence on your town. This starts by issuing an ordinance, which can be any of the following:

"Keep Town Beautiful" - Flowers will never wilt, much like the original animal Crossing game, weeds will be less plentiful, and you will never have a cockroach problem. Unless you're really into gardening and hybrids, this is fairly useless.

"Early Bird" - Villagers wake up earlier, but also go to bed earlier. Furthermore, shops open earlier, but again, close earlier. this is a good option if you have a lot of free time in the morning, but not the rest of the day.

"Night Owl" - Shops stay open way later, and villagers also stay up much later. This is great for those of you who have more free time at night, or like to stay up late. I personally will be picking this option.

"Wealthy" - Items sell for much more bells in your town, but prices of goods also reflect this.

Furthermore, you can do "Public Works", which lets you build things in your town. There will be much more on this in another portion of the guide.

5. Closing

this concludes Part 1 of my guide. I hope you are enjoying this game as much as I am, and again, please contact me if youhave any questions, comments, or concerns. The Second aprt to this guide will include the following information: Shops and how to unlock them, Island information, Special Characters, and villager list, a list of events and a calendar, house upgrades, and a Public Works list.
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By Rai17 on 06-11-2013, 03:12 AM
So that's how you play Animal Crossing..
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