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Madden NFL 09' All-Play - Review
Madden NFL 09' All-Play - Review
EA Sporting All-Play on NFL
Published by marvman3
Author review
Average 84%
Madden NFL 09' All-Play - Review

A franchise that has long been synonomous
with sporting greatness, has lost some of
it's luster in the last couple of years on the Wii.
Electronic Arts has shown a lack
of commitment in carrying on the torch
of John Madden Football games.
This year's edition has dissapointed yet again......

Madden NFL 09' All-Play


Madden NFL brought to you by EA sports;
is celebrating it's 20th anniversary.

The first edition in this long standing
and famous franchise, made it's debut in 1988
as John Madden Football for the PC;
it was a failure in most retrospects.

But with every year since it's initial debut,
it has gotten improved, grown, differentiated,
added many new features, and gotten better
by leaps and bounds....

It is now as successful; if not more than;
as the legendary NFL coach it was named
and inspired by.......70's Raider Legend,
John Madden.

Madden NFL is no doubt THE flagship game
of Electronic Arts, as it was their very first
game franchise ever that turned a profit.

Winning many awards, acclaim from gamers
and sports fans.

Madden is the epitome of video gaming
sport perfection.

So how does this year's Wii Madden version fare?

Let's go take a look...


The first thing that hits ya as soon as ya see the cover
of the new Madden, is that it's outdated,
and the name is sorta different....


One, any football fanatic would know that Brett Favre
is not a Packer anymore, and that he is now a Jet.
So the game was already outdated,
even before it hit the shelves....

Second, there is an "All Play" subtitile underneath
the main one.

What the heck is All Play???
Well, it's EA's new Wii marketing and gaming strategy.
Basically it's telling you that it's for "dummies".
People who don't know crap about football,
or how to play a football sim.
Geared towards casual football fans,
and trying to appeal to a wider gaming audience.

The gameplay has been simplified to quicken the pace,
and releave any stressfulness an introductory gamer
would have towards the game.

So in essesnce, it maskily coincides with the subtitle of
the game. As EA tries to get everyone into the mix.
Well, lets take a look at what the features for
Madden 09 are; courtesy of

Key Features

Step into the world of pro football like you can experience only with the legendary John Madden

Play like a pro no matter what your skill level with the Adaptive Difficulty Engine that tailors your experience to suit your proficiency

Hone your skills in the Virtual Training Center, featuring a holographic environment designed to help you fine-tune your game

Execute plays and celebrations like never before with the Total Control Animation System that delivers the most authentic gameplay ever in the series

Receive customized feedback from EA Sports BackTrack to learn from your mistakes as you play and correct them so you can achieve total dominance on the field

Access stats, customized tips and in-game options without pausing the game and losing your momentum by using the new Options OnDemand Picture-in-Picture

Battle it out on the gridiron with up to 32 teams in Online Leagues,complete with trades and statistical tracking

For 1 to 4 players

Yep, Yep, all good.
But those bulletpoints in Red Bold Italic are NOT,
Marvman repeats NOT in the Wii version of Madden arse thru a straw....
Instead Wii get......

Courtesy of Gamestop


Fun, Accessible EA SPORTS All Play—With or without the Nunchuk,
anybody can dominate the game like a pro with EA SPORTS All Play.
An all-new Wii exclusive playcalling system featuring simplified one-button
controls and new assisted player movement make Madden NFL 09 the most
accessible Wii football game ever.

All-New 5-on-5 Mode—Neighborhood-style tackle football jumps to life exclusively
on the Wii. Fastpaced gameplay and a smaller playing field deliver high-scoring
games that are over-the-top and inyour- face. A new custom field and
arcade-style NFL players await you!

All-New Playcalling—Players of all skill levels can be competitive by
calling plays from three unique playbooks, ranging from Easy to Advanced.
Intelligent Coach Tips provide instant feedback to help you become
a better player on the fly.

Call Your Shot—Unleash the power of the Wii Remote by creating your own
passing plays in realtime. Select a receiver then point to a spot on-screen
showing players where to run.

Celebrate Your Success—Score a touchdown or deliver a drive-killing sack
to trigger all-new celebration moments. Pump up the crowd even more by
creating your own signature celebration using the Wiimote or Nunchuk.

Improved Tackling System—It’s now even easier to pull off momentum-changing tackles
on defense. Swing the Wii Remote in any direction and watch as your defender targets
in on the ball carrier and lays down a bone-jarring hit.

Riiiiigggghhhhtttt.....We get an "Improved tackling system".......
and a new 5 on 5 mode.....Wow..........groundbreaking.......
in fact A BIGTIME IMPROVEMENT from the the last two Wii ass.....thru a straw.......

Why damnit EA are ya not giving Wii hardcore NFL fans,
the kind of Madden offering you have on other consoles???
Piece of ****.


Now off to the scores!

Graphics: 8.3 - The graphics and
visual presentation have actually improved
since the last two iterations, but not much.
You can barely see the fans faces in the stadium.
The referee is your Mii. Lame.
The players all look the same.
And the menus are all bland, and unexciting.
In fact basically the menus are all the SAME.
Except dur, we got Brett Favre (who is a freakn Packer) everywhere.
The 5 on 5 mode looks better than the other modes,
but thats bout it.
Comparing the visuals here to the PS3
and Xbox 360 versions.....
this version is severly last generation.

Storyline/WiFi: 7.7 - Who needs a storyline,
when ya got Franchise, and Owner's mode?
Well at least a dumbed, watered down version
of it that's been fed into our mouths the
last few years on the WiiWii.

Yep, Wii get a lame version once again
compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Wow.........
Superstar mode = SAME; Mini Camp Mode = SAME;
Madden 101 = SAME. See a freakn A trend here?
Yep. Sucks ass thru a straw..... As for the WiFi
aspect of it, EA still uses their crappy Wii Wifi
servers for this. Nuff said. Lame.
EA, get a better WiFi sevice for goodness sakes.

Controls/Gameplay: 8.6 - Wii controls.
Some ASSpects of it work just fine.
Like flicking the nunchuck left or right to
make the carrier juke, or swinging around
the WiiMote to lay a big hit on defense.
But others; particularly flicking the WiiMote
to pass; don't feel as responsive as they should.
Where a fraction of a second can mean the
difference between success and failure.
But it does seem to work well with
the new option called "Call Your Shots".
Where basically it's an interactive Hot Route
which you can give to a particular back or reciever.
Use the WiiMote to point at the screen,
direct his route; zigzag patterns, in-outs,
corner arounds, fly patterns, come backs,
crosses, and fades; all up to you.
Your the QB, make the audible. Very cool.
It's seriously very useful during WiFi contests.
Sweet. But in Marvman's opinion.
Why the **** can't we use a GCN controller
to play Madden? Seriously, a regular controller
works extremly well for these kinds of games,
except for Golf and Hockey.
Please let us use a GCN controller next year.

Music/Sound: 8.7 - Probably the strongest suit of this game, well except for the commentators. The sound effects are great. You hear everything that goes on downfield. The players talk smack, the arena annoncer is good, the arena shakes and stirs with the chants from the fans, the QB motivates his teamates, and even your WiiMote makes sounds. What? Marvman got sacked! Well, **** You! Nice. But what really irks Marvman about the audio is, the stupid announcers.....John Madden and Al Micheals. Regurgitating the same piece of **** phrases and sayings from the last 7 years.....
It's gotten so bad, that they don't even say the player's name's half the time. "Number 80 scored a Touchdown! Bam!" Wow..... Number 80......
Sucks ass thru a freakn A straw.
PS3 and Xbox 360 (tired of talkn bout them) now have Tom Hammonds, and Chris Collinsworth. And we are stuck with Madden and Micheals???
Although with that aside, the soundtrack and musical presentaion rocks.
From the very first time you boot in the disc into yer Wii yer treated to the cover title of this year's Madden;
"We made it".

The soundtrack is stocked with tracks from Linkin Park, Disturbed, Good Charlotte, Gym Class Heroes and.......****'s the complete list.....
  • "Stand Up for Rock 'N Roll" -- Airbourne
  • "We Made It" -- Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park
  • "Inside the Fire" -- Disturbed
  • "Lucid Dreams" -- Franz Ferdinand
  • "Worlds Away" -- From First to Last
  • "I'm Home" -- Gym Class Heroes
  • "Undead" -- Hollywood Undead
  • "The Mirror's Truth" -- In Flames
  • "Don't Stop" -- Innerpartysystem
  • "Millionaire" -- Izza Kizza
  • "ABC's" -- K'NAAN
  • "Burnt" -- Kardinal Offishall ft. Lindo P
  • "Blackout" -- Kidz in the Hall
  • "Wax On, Wax Off" -- KOVAS
  • "Never Wanted to Dance" -- Mindless Self Indulgence
  • "Hey Yeah" -- Rev Theory
  • "Wolves at the Door" -- Senses Fail
  • "Devour" -- Shinedown
  • "The Real World (Demo)" -- The All-American Rejects
  • "Like Knives" -- The Fashion
  • "Hammerhead" -- The Offspring
  • "Into the Mouth of... We March" -- Trivium
  • "Diamond Life" -- Tyga
  • "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures" -- Underoath
  • "Breakdown" -- Wale ft. Southeast Slim
  • "Workin'" -- Young Dre, The Truth ft. Good Charlotte
To sum it up, pretty good audio wise.

Overall Rating: 8.3 - Marvman has come to the point where there isn't really anything else he could add or say. Underwhelming visuals, recycled commentary, occasional stupid AI, qurky controls, updated roster,
a thrown in 5 on 5 mode, and a radical new "Call your shots" option summarize this title.

It's completey the same game as last years except,
Favre is now a Jet, Jeremy Shockey is a Saint,
Ryan is a Falcon, and Micheal Vick is in jail.
If you don't have a Madden title yet for the Wii,
this is a good title to start.
If you already have the 07 or 08 edition, stay away,
just download the updated rosters online.

EA has failed us yet again.

The Madden Curse Continues.....

Published by
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Rockn Dude
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By Princess Elle on 08-28-2008, 11:57 PM
Awesome review Marvman!

Love the song Btw!
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By Cloud7 on 08-28-2008, 11:58 PM
Nice review Marv!
Reply With Quote
By Skreamo on 08-29-2008, 12:18 AM
Thanks Marvman! I was gonna buy this game. I'll just save my money for Guitar Hero 4 XD
Reply With Quote
By Mario on 08-29-2008, 08:47 AM
Good review man....Will have to think twice about buying this one. I hate seeing Favre in a jets jersey. He should be in the Green and Gold.
Reply With Quote
By Jamez on 08-29-2008, 08:58 AM
Good review.

But still I would never buy this!

American Football!

Not my thing! :P
Reply With Quote
By marvman3 on 08-29-2008, 09:21 AM
Member reviews
Average 84%

Originally Posted by Mario View Post
I hate seeing Farve in a jets jersey.
Dude, ya spelled Brett's last name wrong....

Reply With Quote
By Mario on 08-29-2008, 09:43 AM
That is what he gets for leaving the packers.... I was practicing my ebonics.
Reply With Quote
By Skreamo on 08-29-2008, 09:54 AM
lmao XD
Reply With Quote
By Spirit on 08-29-2008, 10:04 AM
Love your game reviews marvman. Not much of a fan of football games. _....._

Meh brother may enjoy this.
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