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The Bling Ring
The Bling Ring
Who knew Paris Hilton kept her house keys under the mat?
Published by Rai17
Author review
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Average 90%
The Bling Ring

Before I start this I'll just go ahead and put it out there that I'll be giving some key points away. I mean this is a film following actual events, and the moments that transpired in the movie were announced publically through the news, E!, TMZ, and other popular/reliable media sources. And of course, Alexis Neiers' reality TV show pretty much covered everything the movie was based off of. A friend of mine invited me to see this and I honestly wasn't expecting the acting to be this good. Not to mention the soundtrack. But we'll get to that in a bit.


Trying to fit into an alternative high school around the Hollywood Hills, depressed teen Marc Hall befriends Rebecca Ahn (who has problems of her own which landed her in the same school) and the two gather their friends to being mapping out a series of burglaries with the victim roster including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and several other A-List celebrities.


The Plot

I don't know why people are hating on Sofia Coppola. Most reviews out there have stated that due to the lack of the characters connecting with the audience, the movie was doomed to mediocre ratings from the beginning. I concur though, I think it's what made the movie work. I mean, it followed the true events chronologically. It told the story, it did its bit. Getting the audience too involved with the characters on a deeper lever would've not only gotten the audience sidetracked, but imagine the time it would've taken? Seriously. We scratched the surface with the characters, and at the rate the movie was going, that was completely fine. You could survive watching the film without having a character from the story serving as a narrator. Speaking of characters...

The Cast

Coppola's known for bringing in fresh new faces into her film, and The Bling Ring was no exception. Katie Chang (playing Rebecca Ahn) [based off of the real-life Bring Ring leader Rachel Lee] portrayed her character flawlessly; the movie clearly shows her bad habit of stealing slowly evolve from petty shoplifting to stealing purses in unlocked cars to being the mastermind behind the Hollywood Hills Burglaries. Israel Broussard playing Marc Hall (based off of the real-life Nick Prugo) had me at wide-eyed during the entire film. Israel isn't a stranger to the cameras, but playing a depressed teenager insecure about his looks and robbing houses to gain his friends' approval seemed to come naturally. One of the only A-list actresses (apart from the legendary Leslie Mann) in the film that honed in on her character in such an accurate way that it gave me chills, was the one and only Emma Watson playing Nicki Moore who's "loosely" based on Alexis Neiers. You know, the one who got famous out of all of this? And has her own blog and reality show? Yeah, her. Emma's Nicki Moore apparently exaggerated Alexis' obsession with fame and her craving to become a star herself in order to live the lifestyle celebs do, and that they only accentuated her worst attributes. But...she robbed Paris Hilton's house. A couple times. And only got a slap on the wrist and a couple nights in jail. Of course they'll highlight the bad moments in the movie, but they also left in that she's devoted to her church and education. Clearly the bad outweighs the good though. Nicki also made this movie perfect with the way she delivered her line that parallels what Alexis said during the Hollywood Hills Burglary trials. And I quote: "I'm a firm believer in Karma and I think this situation is a huge learning lesson for me... I want to lead a country one day for all I know." Word for word, the line was executed perfectly. So the casting couldn't have gone any better in my opinion.

The Soundtrack

One thing both my friend and I agreed on is that the music that accompanied this film was perfect. Beyond perfect. It was thematic. It was a blend of old, new, and indie. It was psychedelic when it needed to be, and pumped up when it was necessary. The official soundtrack includes Kanye, M.I.A., Chris Brown and 2 Chainz, and tracks by Deadmau5, Phoenix, Point Never and Azealia Banks. Like the movie "Drive", the music was just as fun to listen to as it was watching what was happening. A perfect blend between cinema and music should always be praised.


I'd give it a 10. But that would mean that nothing went wrong. So I'd take or add a .5. The film, unfortunately, abruptly ended too. I can't give it anything lower than an eight because of this particular scene, where Marc and Rebecca break in to Rachel Bilson's house. The shot never moves, like an observer from afar, just gives us a view of how the teens break in room by room in the transparent house, and make their silent escape. So yeah. The plot gives it a nice score. The soundtrack gives it a better score. And this scene makes it perfect to me.

Hope you guys and gals catch it in theatres, and if not then rent it as soon as it comes out!
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By Nintendo on 06-28-2013, 12:08 AM
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postyoshi lol nub

You know nothing.
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By Rai17 on 06-28-2013, 12:38 AM
Originally Posted by Nintendo View Post
You know nothing.
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By SanePsychoSuper on 07-04-2013, 05:52 PM
I've never even heard of this. I may check it out if it comes to Netflix, theaters are too pricey for me. xP
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By Rai17 on 07-04-2013, 08:09 PM
If anything I'll send ya the DVD
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