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Mac Miller
Published by Killua
Author review
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This album is Mac Miller's second major album after Blue Slide Park, and it will be crucial in his future as an artist. It was my personal most anticipated album of the year and is by far his most deep piece of work. Without further delay let's get into it!
Track List
1.The Star Room
3.I'm Not Real
5.Bird Call
7.I Am Who I Am (Killin' Time)
8.Objects in The Mirror
9.Red Dot Music
11.Watching Movies
12.Suplexes Inside Of Complexes and Duplexes
14.Someone Like you
(Bonus Tracks)

-Tyler The Creator
-Schoolboy Q
-Action Bronson
-Earl Sweatshirt
-Vinny Radio
-Niki Randa

Track by Track Review

1.)The Star Room
Holy shit is all I could think when this song began to play first on his album, the beat is chilling and so deep, so, so deep. This song sets the tone for the whole album and is simply beautiful. He expresses himself perfectly. He made it now, he's rich he's famous everything is perfect right? Wrong, something is still bothering him but what? He doesn't know, or maybe he does he's still figuring shit out. He just wants to do him but is it the right thing to do? Did he lose his way, the very thing he vowed not to do?

After The Star Room this song actually really disappointed me, it still holds meaning and his lyrics are dope as **** at times. I think what bothers me about this joint is the beat it's repetitive and annoying. He also detours a little lyrically and raps a little bit about his money and bitches which I don't have a problem with usually but this album is just not for that it doesn't fit the theme well.

3.I'm Not Real
Ohhh man do I love the beat for this track but again it's another disappointing track for me. The song itself has so much potential, I know for a fact Mac could of ripped this shit in half but he decided to go a different route with it, in my opinion he could of saved the experimental shit for a different track because this would have been the best song on the album if he would of rapped like he meant it. Still a dope joint though, just sort of mediocre.

4. S.D.S.
This song gets back to the message of the album and really picks things back up for me. It's a good song with a very strange beat and sample. S.D.S stands for Somebody Do Something and that's basically what the song is about he is contemplating on this world we live in. He speaks of it's chaos and evil and he simply wants somebody to do something about all of it. In fact maybe he can.

5.Bird Call
This is my least favorite song on the album and that's a good thing honestly. That's because this song is not even bad, it's just not amazing. So the fact that it's the worst in this piece of work really speaks for the rest of the album. This song is about Mac messing around and being weird it holds no real meaning he's basically just ****ing around.

**** yeah! This is where the album completely picks up and everything from this song onwards is sick as hell. I love this track as well, it reminds me of the old Mac and he tears it up. What he's basically doing in this song is reminiscing of his journey to where he is at yet. It's really great and definitely one of the best on the album. The addition of Ab-Souls verse is awesome to see as well and he really contributes to the vibe of the song.

7.I Am Who I Am
Deepest song by far, Mac is brutally honest with himself and his fans in this track. He speaks of being depressed and he wonders why is it him who is living this dream. He doesn't want to be done any favors and he doesn't want to be treated as anyone but himself. He's no one special basically. This song is beautiful and Niki's vocals in the track are absolutely gorgeous.

8.Objects in the Mirror
This song is about being so in love with someone to the point where you want to leave everything else in the rearview mirror and exist only with your significant other. Forget the bullshit and live in peace with the only one that you truly love. Another very pretty song and easy to relate to.

9.Red Dot Music
"It must be the drugs that got us doing crazy shit." Is he a physcho or is all these drugs that got him thinking so deep and doing such crazy shit. He loves the feeling of drugs but at the same time he knows he has a red dot on his head and at anytime the gun (drugs) could fire and kill him. So why does he continue? Well it must be the drugs... Regardless I ****ing love this song it's probably my favorite on the album.

Another mess around song about doing crazy shit being young and ****ing lots of ladies basically. It's pretty dope to see Schoolboy in this joint though and he makes the song alright. The beat is ****ing sick too.

11.Watching Movies
Decent song with nothing too interesting. Basically watching him live his life is exactly like watching some crazy ass movie.

12.Suplexes Inside Of Complexes and Duplexes
This whole song is about him not giving a **** about anything anymore. To understand this song you have to know a little about Mac. After his first album Blue Slide Park got bad rep he fell into deep depression. This song is basically him saying **** the world I'm going to do exactly what I want either you like it or you don't. He's sick of being nice, he's gonna be a little more selfish. It's a great song and he flows nasty as hell in it. It's really good stuff.

This song is the saddest on the album it's about the loss of his friend Remmy, and his memories of him. It also potrays the transition from being kids and not having a worry in the world to becoming adults and everything changes and you begin to realize how dark the world is. "It's a dark science when your friends start dying." The guitar solo at the end is awesome too. It's another great song all in all.

14.Someone Like You
This is a good song and helps you understand what he's going through with all this new found fame.

Another one of my favorites, it's about the complexity of life and trying to understand it all. But in reality we really can't so we should just live and have faith that it'll all work out.

This is another track about love and the happiness it brings. It puts him in a surreal state of joy and zen. This is the first song ever that Mac actually sings the whole thing. A lot of people don't like it but I personally thought the track was dope and very pretty.

This is the only bonus track I'm going to review because it's the only one that is worth the time. This tracks beat is made by the rapper Tyler The Creator and it is the very first beat of his that has actually been used so it holds signifance in that way. Other than that it's a hype song that you can goof off to.

The Verdict
Mac's sophomore album did anything but disappoint it's his most personal work to date and brings you inside his thoughts and fears. You really can understand him better after listening to this album and as always Mac didn't let his fans down. This album was an absolute musical masterpiece and is definitely worth checking out. However if you're new to Mac Miller I suggest checking out some of his other music first to get a sense of his style and better understand where he's coming from.

Here is my favorite song
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By Konata on 07-01-2013, 05:37 PM
I might listen to some of them but from what I've already heard his flow isn't really my thing.
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By Rai17 on 07-02-2013, 02:28 AM
I own this album, got it as a gift. I think the most played Mac Miller song I have in my iPod is only one he's featured in: Ariana Grande's "The Way".
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By SanePsychoSuper on 07-02-2013, 10:47 AM
Not really my type of music, but listened to the video and it wasn't bad.
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By Killua on 07-02-2013, 12:21 PM
Thanks guys for actually taking the time to check this out. I'll have another review up by the end of the week and it won't be rap.
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By Rai17 on 07-02-2013, 01:20 PM
It can be any genre, you'd be amazed at the taste of music in this forum.
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By SanePsychoSuper on 07-02-2013, 01:29 PM
No problem, Killua. And I'm sure we all have varying tastes in music and other subjects. Still nice to try something different every once in a while. ^.^
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mac miller, wmwtso

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