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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Strategy Guide
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Strategy Guide
Published by Aether_Fenris
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Strategy Guide

1. Introduction
2. Game Guide
A. And So It Begins...
AA. Hero's Cave
AB. The Maku Tree
B. Gnarled Root Dungeon
C. The Rod of Seasons
D. Snake's Remains
E. Intermission 1
F. Poison Moth's Lair
G. Intermission 2
H. Dancing Dragon Dungeon
I. Intermission 3
J. Unicorn's Cave
K. Intermission 4
L. Ancient Ruins Dungeon
M. Intermission 5
N. Explorer's Crypt
O. Intermission 6
P. Sword & Shield Dungeon
Q. Intermission 7
R. General Onox
3. Heart Pieces
4. Rings
5. Connectivity Features

1. Introduction
I'd like to start by saying the Oracle duo are some of my favorite Zelda games, and I think they are quite overlooked. With their recent release on the 3DS' virtual console, I thought it might be a good idea to wrote guides for the game. I have not yet decided rather to make this a singular guide for both games, or to give Ages its own. Regardless, since Seasons canonically takes place first, this guide will be written under the assumption that you are playing it prior to Ages. I hope my guide is of use to you!

2. Game Guide

A. And So It Begins...

The game begins with Link awakening mysteriously in the land of Holodrum by a young woman named Din. You will soon be in control, at which point you should walk one screen to your right. Here you will notice quite the enthusiastic group of travelers. Talk to everyone once, and then talk to Din a second time to dance with her. Before long, General Onox will poop your party, and kidnap Din.

So, it turns out that Din was the oracle of seasons, and now the seasons are...basically nonexistent, as the world is thrown into chaos. Impa will soon reveal herself as not the troupe's cook, but the aid of Princess Zelda of Hyrule. Furthermore, she will inform Link that it is his duty to rescue Din.

AA. Hero's Cave

so, our goal is to visit the Maku Tree, but we've got to take care of a couple things before we can do that. Go south 1 screen to find yourself in Horon village. We'll be back here in a bit, but for now head west 2 screens, then jump down the little ledge you see. You can't fight the Octorok's here yet, as you are unarmed. Go left 1 screen from here. If you have taken any damage, enter the cave here to be healed by a fairy. If not, continue to the sandy area and east another screen. The door you see here is the entrance to the Hero's Cave.

In the first room, some Keese will be flying around, but like the Octorok's before, there isn't a whole lot you can do about them, so just avoid them and head right 1 screen. In this eastern chamber, the doors will slam shut upon entering. Simply push the block in the middle of the room in any direction to open them. Enter the northern door.

In this room, you will find some blocks and narrow paths. Push the block near you upwards and walk along the path carefully. Eventually, you will come on two blocks. Push the left block down, and then the right block to the right. Continue along the path until you reach the eastern door.

In this room, you will have to avoid some Gels and Keese. They shouldn't pose too much of a threat anyway. Head to the easternmost part of the room and step on the button, which will reveal a treasure chest yielding a small key. After retrieving this object, high tail it back to the room with the 3 doors and center block.

This time, take the south door after you push the block. There's a secret to this room, but you can't do anything here now. Head east and unlock the door.

There are a bunch of Gels in this room, so try to avoid them. step on the button near the top to open the norther door, and work your way around to it, avoiding the Gels. Walk up to the chest in the following room to retrieve the Wooden Sword. You will automatically be warped outside of the dungeon, but we're not quite done with it yet. Head up to the ledge above where the two Octorok's are. Take them out if you wish. Use your sword to slash the bush, and jump down into the well.

You are now back inside the Hero's Cave on a previously inaccessible ledge. Open the chest for 30 rupees, which you'll be spending very soon. Hop down, push the block, and head south. Now that you have the Wooden Sword, you can take out the keese in this room. Once all 3 have been defeated, you can push the top left block south. This will reveal a staircase. Take it, and retrieve the Gasha Seed here. More on Gaha Seeds later. When you're ready, head back to Horon Village.

AB. The Maku Tree

You should be entering Horon Village via the west. From here, go east one screen and south two, and then enter the shop. Buy the shield for 30 rupees. From here, keep heading East until you find a large wooden gate. Use the Wooden Sword in front of it.

Use the sword to pop the Maku Tree's "snooze bubble" for lack of a better word. After a lengthy conversation, he will give you the Gnarled Key, which will grant you access to the next dungeon.

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By Beasty on 07-04-2013, 12:06 PM
love this game, know allot about it to but my English is not good enough to make guides like these..
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By jfreakofkorn on 07-09-2013, 08:14 AM
cool game ....
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