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Super Mario 64 Review
Super Mario 64 Review
Published by diamond655
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Average 73%
Star Man Super Mario 64 Review

Super Mario 64 is a game where you try to collect Stars to unlock new doors. At the start, you enter through a pipe. The controls are easy to remember like the back of my hand. Yoshi appears after you beat the game, on the rooftop. He tells you a note from Nintendo and gives you 100 lives and a special Triple Jump.

At entrance to the castle, Bowser will say:
Nobody's home-now scram!
And don't come back! Gwahaha!"

and you decide to stay. I thought story had a little to be desired, but I love the 90's 3D Graphics.

I love the games you can play to get to the stars. Koopa the Quick's race is challenging yet fun. And you can make hilarious YouTube videos by failing the race with him. You also have to race a big penguin down a slide, beat the clock down another one, and even collect 100 coins for more stars.

The First Star

Collecting the first Star is fun and challenging. First, sneak past the Chain Chomp. Then, get across the balancing bridge(custom named) Then, scale the mountain. If you fall you have to start over. There are shortcuts in the flowerbed and the holes in the wall.

At the top, you must face the unruly King Bob-Omb. Remember, press B to punch or grab Bob-Ombs. To get the King to lose, get behind him and press B. This will pick up the King. Then press it again to toss him to the mat, or the joystick can let you walk around. Tossing the King off of the side of the mountain will cause him to come up and claim that you were cheating by tossing him off the mountain. After the first time, his turning speeds up a bit. You will need to then do a backflip jump to go over his head, and THEN grab him. Upon defeat, he explodes and gives you the star.


In conclusion, while story falls behind a little, the game is overall amazing. I would recommend this to any fan of Mario, old or young.
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By jfreakofkorn on 11-08-2013, 07:23 AM
im going to have to get my hands on it and try it ....
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By Aether_Fenris on 11-08-2013, 11:25 AM
This isn't really a review so much as your opinion in short. Try looking at other well received reviews on the site for inspiration.
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