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My Aquarium - WiiWare Review
My Aquarium - WiiWare Review
Hey Ma, me's gots some fishies on TV.
Published by marvman3
Author review
Average 85%
My Aquarium - WiiWare Review

A WiiWare "Game" that really isn't a "Game".
If not more of a Fish Tank Simulator.
One of the first of it's kind. Unique, and Special.

My Aquarium


Where to begin?

Having been previously released on the European Virtual Console
on August the 15th, last month.

It has recieved rabid success on a casual scale.

And now US gamer's will know why.

How can this be called a game?

Well, it's not.....technically.

Just a virtual screensaver of sorts,
and it actually has that feature.

The roots of this title,
stem from Nintendo's cult hit "Endless Ocean".

Having both similar aquatic ideas, and themes.

But this title bears non of that adventure,
or deep sea diving exploration "Endless Ocean" had.

Let's take a brief closer look.


From the very get go,
you'll see that this title has some serious "game".

It takes only 500 points to download off of the WiiWare sevice,
but uses 228 blocks of your precious memory.

Not bad for a "virtual screensaver" huh?

But even before all that,
you could of taken a look at My Aquarium's info-mercial
in the Nintendo Channel on your Wii Menu.

It's quite impressive.

The Title screen appears,
and you soon get the beginning feeling of relaxtion.

The best looking title screen Marvman has seen so far,
very soothing on the eyes.

After that,
you'll begin in an empty fish tank.

Where it's up to you on how you want it arranged,
what you want in it, how it works, and the mood.

Everything is so easy to set up.

And very understandable.

You have 6 different aquariums you can have running at
the same time, if you choose to.

Each can be different,
or you may set up a theme. All on you.

When you start your aquarium,
you begin with the floor type. (Gravel, Sand, etc.)

Next you have the background. (Ocean, Coral, etc.)

Then you have the lighting. (spot light, green light, etc.)

After those stuff,
you may choose the arrangement of the inner tank.

Coral? Driftwood? Plants? Ferns?

It's all up to you.

Make it a good home for your fish,
and something easy to look at.

Before you go to sleep.....

Next, you might select the type of fish to put
in your virtual tank.

From Hogfishes, to Clown Fish, to Jelly fish.

There are dozens among dozens of fish.

40 in all, but in the beggining only 14 may you select.

You'll have to unlock them as time goes on.
So it's something to shoot for.
And a nice feature as to create replay value.
(hopefully we can get even more fish, as DLC content is undetermined)

After that, your all set.

You may also want to select the song that you want your
aquarium to gel with.

There are 35 different songs in all.
All songs in the classical genre, ranging from Bach to Beethoven,
to Mozart. Very smooth, and one of the best features of this title.

Although, Marvman wished he could add some custom
tracks to the aquarium, but the included music fits well.

Now look at your creation.

You made it.

Feed your fish and plants with 3 types.
(Fish Powder, Plant Powder, Earthworms)

Just relax, and lay back, as your new found fishes
make a new life in their new aquarium....

It soon gets very relaxing, and soothing.
Especially if you have a good Televison set.

Perferably a Plasma, or HD.
And the Classical music playing on Hi-Fi, Dolby Sorround Sound
in the background......

Your in aquatic heaven. Zone Out.


Let's take a look at the scores.

Graphics: 8.8 - Excellent Fish Flavored Visuals. If you have the right setup, and the right lighting. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a real fish tank and this.
The coral, the sand and background of the tanks all look good. The fish have great animation, although at times
they do move around in circles....don't know if real fish
do that in real life. But it's amazing how life like it all seems. One of the best visuals on WiiWare so far.

Storyline/WiFi: 7.0 - Won't bother with this. But the Wii Connect 24 feature it has regarding the Weather Channel is
a very intriguing idea. How it works in conjunction with your aquarium and the real world weather? Marvman has no idea. Storyline? Pretend your fish have lives. End of Story.

Controls/Gameplay: 8.7 - Easy, and Very Simple. It's all explained, it's all very easy to master. No other modes here, except keeping your fish alive, and sharing your custom aquarium with Wii friends. Anyone wana share with Marvman?

Music/Sounds: 9.1 - One of the strongest suits of this title. All the sounds you'd expect from an aquarium.
Which is "nothing". But add some bubbles, and your there.
Marvman has never been a fan of classical music,
but this soundtrack is so freakn A good, and fits well with the setting it litteraly cures your stress, and MAKES you relax. Can't ask anything more from a game, that actually
requires you to relax.

Overall Rating: 8.4 - For 500 Wii Points. This is a steal, in Marvman's opinion. As soon as he saw this "game" and read all about it. Researched the details, he knew it was something unique. So after downloading it, he's been "hooked". Excuse the pun. Just for the ability to relieve tension, and give you something to look at once a day to ponder, it's worth it. Marvman never had a REAL fish tank,
so this was a shocker. Worth it. Although, it depends on your tastes.

Whoever's Aquarium it will be.

It will conquer.

Published by
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By Spirit on 09-02-2008, 10:53 AM
Amazing screensaver and thanks for the review.
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By Mario on 09-02-2008, 11:38 AM
Great review Marvman..... For only 5 bucks this is a bargain on the Wii..
Reply With Quote
By smashfan120 on 09-02-2008, 04:22 PM
I totally wanna get this.
Reply With Quote
By Mario on 09-08-2008, 08:09 AM
I purchased this. For 5 bucks its kinda cool. Much better having a aquarium tank like this. No cleanup work. Poor man's aquarium.
Reply With Quote
By Spirit on 09-10-2008, 03:50 PM
I enjoyed your review.
Reply With Quote
By Spirit on 09-19-2008, 12:36 PM
i bought this because of the review

glad i did.
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