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Unlimited - Teaser

Hey guys. :3 My friend and I are in the process of writing a supernatural horror called Unlimited. It's about two best friends, Chloe and Sophia. Chloe finds a book, and after she reads from it, she becomes possessed by the spirit inside of it. I'll post the prologue as a teaser until we finish the story.

Maggie sat on her porch. People called her the "crazy lady." She wasn't really such a terrible person. But every time a person would come near her or her house, she instantly knew she had to scare them away from the evil that lied inside her and her home. Kids with costumes on were all over her neighborhood. Most people knew to skip her house, per their parents advice. She was glad that most people caught on. But there were always a few who didn't and she knew Halloween was the perfect time to get her point across. She was dozing off in her peeling rocking chair as a girl dressed as a princess approached her. Before she could even say trick or treat, Maggie awakened and with a terrifying look in her eye, she hissed at her, sending the girl running away with tears in her eyes. She figured that was enough for one night, so she decided to go back inside and go to bed. But she also knew there was no such thing as a peaceful nights sleep.

The warm air in Maggie's room turned frosty almost instantly as her window blew open with a loud crash. It rattled back and forth, digging into her beige-painted walls until she quickly got up to close it and jam the window closed with an old stick. This had been a regular thing for judging by the gash that the window created. Maggie's grey hair was down to her shoulders by now. No one had expected her hair to go such an old color at such a young age. She was only fifty-three, but she had the appearance of the oldest woman alive, probably even worse that that.

Her left eye was grey, like it was filled with a dense fog that was never to be cleared. Right under that same eye, a red vein ran down her entire body, starting there, running all the way down and finally stopping at her toe. Her teeth were almost entirely gone, the final one barely hanging on, yellowed and rotting out of her mouth. The only thing in her room was her bed, and that's exactly where she went back to. She grabbed her white sheet and stretched it over herself as she tried to close her eyes for sleep. That was until she heard a menacing laugh come from her closet. It didn't even make her jump, since she'd come to greet this as familiar.

With a sigh, Maggie got back out of her bed and opened her closet. The creak could be heard from a mile away. It was a sound that she hated. The only thing she hated more was the item inside, a brown, leather book with a burning woman engraved on the front cover. Before she could even grip it, the book blew open right to the middle page. The letters glowed ominously as she read from the book, her voice weak.

“As I sit and read this hour, I accept this book and all of it's power..-”

But she once again refused to proceed. It had been 15 years since she had read the book the first time. She tried to resist it's power before, but it only made her condition worse. The book had a strange ability to make pick it up since she read the first time, but she always managed to find the will to stop. But that's all she had the power to do. The book had taken everything form her. Her life, her daughter. Sitting there that night, she had a different perspective on things. She had nothing left to live for, so why keep reading? She quickly shoved the book to the ground. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her face, like going through acupuncture but the needles never stopped going further in.

She got up and walked away from the book and stumbled into the hallway. Ruby red blood seeped from the inside of her mouth into her lip. It smeared around as she tried to wipe it away. The blood was caused by one thing, her final tooth had finally come out. With a sigh, she dropped it to the ground. The book would punish her every time she refused to read. The pain was always just too much, so she'd continue to read. But she wasn't going to do it this time. Her hair fell down to the floor as more and more started to fall out. She managed to make it down her steps and into the living room. Everything was rotting, she hadn't replaced anything there in years. She couldn't even eat since the book, and it wouldn't let her die.

Her eyes were almost sunken into her face. The wrinkles made her nearly unrecognizable, like she were a drug addict or had a rare disease. Her limbs were were skin and bones, her ribs visible. She was going to do something that she tried desperately to do before, but always too afraid too. She was going to destroy the house, and she had also come to terms with the fact that she would have to be in it. Her chest was in excruciating pain as she tried to light a match in the kitchen. If you rubbed your finger across the countertops, it would be instantly covered in grime.

Even with hardly any strength, she managed to light the match. She threw it at her curtain, causing the bottom to catch a flame. The pain was too much at this point. She fell to the floor, only able to crawl. The flame spread from the curtain around the house. Her entire living room was on fire at this point. The scorching heat caused Maggie to sweat. She used the last ounce of her strength to grab a picture off the counter. It was a picture of her daughter as a child. The glass was cracked, caused from when she dropped it after the book punished her. She held it closely to her, the tears running down her face. “I'm so, so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen.” She crawled as closely to a wall as she could, the flames finally overtaking her. The flesh melted off her body, and with her flesh, a black cloud flew out her her mouth. It went back to the book upstairs.

The fire department were soon on the scene. They spent a large amount of time trying to put the fire out, but it was too late. It was almost like the place never existed. Everything was gone except a small amount of charred wood surrounding the foundation. Nothing remained.. Except for the book. But the burning woman was no longer on the cover. It was completely blank, the words inside gone and the cover just plain leather. It was the only thing remaining in the ashes of Maggie's home. She was free, but no one could predict who would be next. The neighborhood people watched as the smoke billowed from her house. The crazy lady was gone, and no one was surprised. No one knew that she wasn't so crazy after all.
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