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Ten of gaming's biggest controversies and f***-ups of 2013
Ten of gaming's biggest controversies and f***-ups of 2013
Published by Megas75
Ten of gaming's biggest controversies and f***-ups of 2013

Whether you thought this was a great year for gaming, or think this was one of the worst years in recent memory, between the anti-consumer practices, studio closures, and people not knowing when to shut up on Twitter, it's hard to argue that this year was one of the most controversial ones within recent memory.

Some moments, however, have left massive scars on the gaming community causing rifts between not just gamers, but with publishers and developers as well. With the year coming to a close, lets look back on some of the biggest incidents that left a scar on the industry

Wii U's poor sales and shitty advertising and 3rd party support

A year. Nintendo had an entire year to turn things around for this console, and yet they still managed to screw up hard. Let me gets this out there, I love Nintendo and the Wii U, but that doesn't stop me from calling them out on their stupidity, Like the name for the console, it's an idiotic name that's even worse than the Xbox One. That said, they had an entire year to get people hyped for the Wii U. For God's sake, they brought back Pikmin, a series people have been waiting nearly a decade for to return, a new IP with Wonderful 101, something Nintendo has always been been criticized for for not having, and Super Mario 3D World, which many people have claimed to be one of the best Mario games ever. Yet, there are still people who still think it's simply a Wii peripheral, no knows what it is, and many 3rd parties developers are avoiding it like a plague, with EA noticeably slinging mud at it. While the sales are starting to pick up with 2014 looking to be a promising year, the fact that the Xbox One and PS4 are already beginning to outpace it in lifetime sales is not a good sign. Perhaps they should begin on more games that fans have been absolutely begging for*coughstarfoxcoughfzerocough*

Rayman Legends delayed, gets curb stomped by GTA V, suffers in sales

You'd think Ubisoft would've learned their lesson after releasing Rayman Origins sales suffered after being released the same year as the critically acclaimed Skyrim, but lo and behold, they're even more idiotic than ever before. Originally made as an exclusive for the Wii U, Rayman Legends was set to release in February 2013. However, a mere 3 weeks before launch, Ubisoft announced that the game would go multiplatform and be released sometime around mid September. Now this normally wouldn't be an issue as the Origins was also a multiplatform, except that they also delayed the then-already-finished Wii U version in the process. This caused anger across the internet with even the developers of the game going on strike to get the game released on the date intended. Instead of releasing the game as a heavily advertised timed exclusive on a console starving for good games at the time, they released it around one of the same time one of the biggest franchises in gaming, GTA V, leading it to get crushed in sales. The real kicker? It still sold the best on the Wii U. Just imagine how better the game would've done if the game was released as originally intended
Hopefully they will finally, finally learn with Watch Dogs

Aliens Colonial Marines, Gearbox

Aliens Colonial Marines looked like a dream come true for Aliens fans. A game being made by the developers of the critically acclaimed Borderlands and the Brothers In Arms series. The gaming community has pretty much forgiven them for the Duke Nukem Forever debacle, they didn't even think that history would even repeat itself. But alas, it somehow got even worse for Gearbox. When the game finally released, it was subject to lukewarm reception, citing poor story inconsistent with the Aliens franchise, bad A.I., loads of bugs and glitches, unbalanced gameplay and poor graphics. Speaking of which, the first thing that started poping up was that the final game looks very inconsistent with what was shown in the trailer. I mean sure, the old saying is true, "this demo/trailer does not represent the final product." but if that's the case, then how in the flying **** does the final product manage to look worse than the trailer/demo? It gets worse as people find out that the game wasn't even made by Gearbox, but by TimeGate. And to top things off, while this rumor hasn't been confirmed by Sega or Gearbox(which probably makes them look worse), an anonymous source(claiming to be an employee) told Destructiod that Gearbox was taking resources and people that Sega funded them for the game, and used said resources for the Borderlands, which in turn caused some bad blood between Sega and Gearbox. Everything surrounding this game(and also reopening some wounds caused by DNF), has severely hurt Gearbox's reputation, but one thing is for sure, whether you still like Gearbox or not; never believe in Randy Pitchford's lies.

Simcity(2013) - Unable to connect

DRM seems to be gamings biggest issue, and the recent Sim City proves why it's an unpopular idea. People were already wary of the game being fitted with DRM, and the launch confirmed all of their fears, with the game being unable to connect, many people losing their data, leading to a launch even worse than Diablo III(which was also criticized for similar issues). And it doesn't help that a developer at Maxis has already said that the game didn't need DRM, but EA and Maxis just wanted to put it in anyway. While fans have already been working on mods and patches to help make the game play offline, it's still another black mark on EA's continuous ****-up streak. On the mean, time enjoy this

Nintendo vs Lets Play-ers

I was hesitant to put this on here, since my stance on this is kinda iffy. Long before Google's more recently launched Copyright assault on all Let's Players and gamers on Youtube, Nintendo was notorious for claiming ad revenue on people who did let's plays on various Nintendo games. While some like Chuggaaconroy for example simply brushed it off and continued to do his let's plays, many others began to protest Nintendo unless they returned the ad revenue. While some could claim that the games were property of Nintendo, at the same time others claimed Let's Plays to be free advertising for Nintendo(something they could really used). While Nintendo returned the ad revenue, this disaster soured the relation ship between Nintendo and its fans.


2013 was probably the worst year for Microsoft, starting it off with their former creative director Adam Orth, who began championing DRM practices. Before the Xbox One was announced, may people feared rumors saying it was going to feature many anti-consumer practices, one of which included always online DRM. Adam Orth, who he claimed was joking around with a friend, began defending DRM by talking about how everything is always online and how everyone should "deal with it". He then when on to talk down on people who live in places with poor internet conections "Why on earth would I live there?", "everyone should get with the times and get the internet, it's awesome". He lastly finished off his twitter remarks by saying things like "Sometimes the electricity goes out. I will not buy a vacuum cleaner.", "The mobile reception where I live is spotty and unreliable. I will not buy a mobile phone.".
Perhaps he should've finished it off with "Sometimes you will get fired. I will not find a job", as this stunt caused him to lose his job at Microsoft, and their journey from then on to the Xbone launch would be a rough one

Phil Fish calls it quits

Ah yes, Phil Fish, a guy the gaming community loves to hate. The developer of the critically acclaimed indie game Fez, has been the subject of a lot criticism due to his remarks towards PCs, Japanese game developers, and the likes. However shortly after Fex II was announced, he cancelled the project shortly after an incident with "The Annoyed Gamer" of Gametrailers. Along with that he also announce that he is also leaving the gaming industry. He claims it was due to all of the abuse and harassment he's received for all of the comments and remarks he's made since he's began on FEZ. There has also been many campaigns for bringing back the game and Fish, including a letter Cliff Blezinski. While I think Fish is always welcome back and people should lay off on him, he should lay off twitter and keep his comments to himself, because at that point he's just setting himself up for it.

GameScam - Xenoblade and Metroid Prime Trilogy's outrageous price

Xenoblade Chronicles is not only considered one of the best games of the Wii, but also one of the best RPGs of the generation. Likewise, Metroid Prime Trilogy is often considered one of the best collection of games in history. The demand for these games are still strong with people going to great lengths to get them. A couple months back, GameStop announced that they were going to reprint them for anyone who missed out on buying them. Unforutnately, Gamestop had to be Gamestop and began selling said reprints at a ridiculous $90 price point. This article does a great job explaining the whole debacle, and unfortunately, since Gamestop is the only retailer that even sells Xenoblade, that means that they are free to whatever they please with the stock. The same probably applys to Metroid Prime Trilogy since they were the only ones who demanded the reprint

Capcom is still Capcom

Capcom used to be one of the most beloved gaming companies in the industry, but sometime during the 7th gen, they just went straight into the crapper. With all of the bad decisions they've been making, this has caused them to be in the red financially, with only $152 Million in the bank, and for a company as big and iconic Capcom, is really bad. What's worse is that they continue to make the same boneheaded decisions that caused them to get this financially hurt in the first place by placing even more efforts into DLC and the mobile gaming market. Even when they do something right, like the recent release of Monster Hunter 4, which was a financial success for Capcom, something they needed. What do they do with all the money they get from all of that cash? Use it to fund another studio for mobile games. Let that sink in.


Almost everything Microsoft went about with this system was a disaster, so it only makes sense for them to be number one on this list. When the Xbox One was first announced there were so many fears among gamers that were more or less confirmed with the system reveal. Always online DRM, the inability of the resale of games, a mandatory and unwanted peripheral that is always watching and listening to the player, and an over-emphasis on everything but the video games. Even E3 was still bad for them, despite showcasing a library of great looking game titles, the anti-consumer practices still lingered on everyone's minds, along with their former CEO Don Mattrick just not knowing when to shut up, and often giving info or making comments that made the situation even worse. it got so bad, they finally removed the DRM, the anti-used game system, and made the Kinect optional via patch. While the system looks more appealing, the fact that it was removed through a simple patch makes me wary that Microsoft may one day bring back these policies through another patch in the future. Regardless if they do or don't, it still marks as one of the most disastrous console reveals of all time. And it easily marks as the biggest screw-up of 2013

Were there any big incidents this year that you remember quite (un)fondly?
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By Brandyn on 01-04-2014, 02:59 PM
Bump, since I was so derpy I forgot to approve this.
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By Mable on 02-18-2014, 07:34 AM
Ha! I love it when Americans get angry over 'overpriced' games. Only $90 for the entire Metroid Prime Trilogy?!
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By Konata on 02-18-2014, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by Mable View Post
Ha! I love it when Americans get angry over 'overpriced' games. Only $90 for the entire Metroid Prime Trilogy?!
Haha this is great. Aus prices really do suck.

I remember getting the Metroid Trilogy for 30 on release date.
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