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Raiden Revoltech Review
Raiden Revoltech Review
Published by Aether_Fenris
Raiden Revoltech Review

Welcome to yet yet another one of my Figma revi-...actually this time, it isn't a Figma, but another Japanese action figure brand known as Revoltech! Throughout this review I will not only be reviewing Raiden, but also making many comparisons to the Figma line. Revoltech's name is a play on the term "revolver technology, and is in reference to the signature joints used in this line. The joints are tight ball joints that make a distinctive click when adjusted.

I know I normally kick things off with a shot of the figure in its box, but I couldn't get the clear top layer to fit back on properly, so this is the ebst I could get.

This Raiden figure is based on his Metal Gear Rising incarnation, so if you've yet to play that then this figure may look a bit off to you as it is actually quite different from his Metal Gear Solid 4 design. I apologize for the over-saturation in the following pictures - Raiden's skin is apparently very photo shy.

I'll skin you!

Calm down, Jack - I'm talking about my camera. The artists really went out of their way on this sculpt. Raiden Is loaded with detail like you wouldn't believe. All of the various fibers along his muscles are individually sculpted and detailed. Even things like his sword were obviously crafted with careful attention to detail. Compared to a Figma, Raiden looks just as good, but at the same time it is very obvious he is from a different line. Both lines are incredibly detailed, but they have their own little traits.

Raiden is articulated at the head via a ball joint that has an extremely great range of motion. His head can tilt, and rock into just about any position you would want it to. His hair is also separated into 2 sections, allowing him to look down even further. The coolest point of articulation in this area, though, is the eye. By removing Raiden's faceplate, you can use a small plastic tool included with him (or a toothpick) to rotate his eye into any position. The eye can also be removed and replaced with a red one.

Raiden is equipped with 2 visor pieces - one of each side of his head. They appear black at a glance, but if viewed in the right light, they are actually a dark amber. These pieces are easy to knock off when you're trying to pose him, and they are easily lost, so take care when working with his head. They can also be purposefully removed, so that you can install the visor's other mode via a replaceable hair piece, and that, frankly, is awesome.

So far so good...this guy know's what he's talking about!

At the neck, Raiden is able to move forward and back. It's helpful in some ways, but in certain poses it can make the neck look elongated. His shoulders are actually one of his more impressive parts to me. There are attached diagonally on a doubled hing join that allows them to shift up and down, as well as in and out, giving him a very wide range of motion. These joints are six millimeter variants of the revoltech joints, and while they don't produce as satisfying of a click as the standard eight millimeter joints, it's still present. The elbow joints are a single balled version of these same joints. All of the hands are on a hinge that has excellent back and forth range, but no in and out range at all - something I miss from the Figma line. Several of his hands also fit rather loosely, which can definitively be an annoyance. Included are a pair of grabbing hands, a pair of fists, a pair of gnarled open palm hands, a pair of karate chop like hands, and a single throwing hand, meant for use with his knife. Both the sword and knife fit into a sheath that attaches to Raiden's waist via a double ball joint, and then again on a single ball joint. This sheath can be moved to suite just about anything.

Raiden has 2 waist hinges - one above his abs and one bellow. While the bottom joint simply rotates a bit, the upper one gets some great forward motion, but little backwards. His legs are attached at the hip on a standard Revoltech joint, allowing them great rotation as well as back and forth motion. It is still limited compared to Figma, though. For comparison, Samus' feet can easily reach to just above her waist when in their full backwards position. The knees has the same joint as the thighs, and while just as functional it is a bit exposed. Viewed from the back, or any angle that really exposes the joints very much at all, they look very odd. Finally, the feet are on another 6mm variant that will allow you to rock and pivot his feet in any possible way. He is lacking toe articulation, however, and while I'm normally not a fan, this is a character that it would suit and that I think they could get away with doing it on without harming the appearance at all.

Is that annoying video game critic gone yet?

Raiden is packed with a ton of accessories. Of course there is his sword, knife, and all those aforementioned hands ass well as the visor, but he also has some other goodies to go over. Raiden comes with a cardboard box, for starters. Fans of the Metal Gear series should require no explanation. He also included 2 watermelon halves(a reference to Metal Gear Rising's trailer), and a small peg piece that allows Raiden to hold his sword with his feet. While this is cool since it's a signature move of his, getting him into any kind of position involving this stance is pretty difficult. I had to use his included stand to assist me.

Not as difficult as getting you to shut up...

Be quiet and eat your melon, Jack.

Say somethin'? I was busy cutting this melon...

He also includes a smaller stand that I can find no use for, and n effect part that seems to be for things hitting the ground. Apparently this is something included with tons of Revoltechs that many collecting are getting sick of, so I won't go into much detail about it.. Finally, he includes a small plastic container to keep all - or at least most - of this stuff in. It's not nearly as useful or as spacious as the bags included with Figmas.

Can I go back to my shelf now?

+Looks ****ing epic for lack of any better descriptive term
+More points of articulation than I can count
+Tons of accessories
+The movable eye is genius

-Difficult to pose sometimes
-loose hand joints
-weird knee joints

See you next time, when I will be returning to Figma to review my main, as well as favorite character from Persona 4 Arena. (Also, I hope you guys like these comics, because they are a lot of work)


(for the record, the blood is digital - I would never put theatrical blood on my expensive figures)
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By Aether_Fenris on 01-26-2014, 03:20 AM
I am aware that the last image is a broken link. I have tried to fix this, but I get a "no data received" error when I try.
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By Gareth on 01-26-2014, 07:43 AM
Great review as always, covered everything. I love these figure reviews keep them going. Comic is great btw
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By SanePsychoSuper on 01-26-2014, 09:44 AM
Really loving these figure reviews. Loving the lil comics too!
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By Aether_Fenris on 01-26-2014, 03:11 PM
Thanks, folks. I will probably hold off on Labrys' review until close to the end of the week.
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By Brandyn on 01-28-2014, 12:05 AM
These are pretty cool. Keep them coming, Cubey.
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