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Kirby's Adventure 1993 NES
Kirby's Adventure 1993 NES
Published by smashfan120
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Kirby's Adventure 1993 NES

In dedication to kirby I will write in Pink. Ok so we all know and love Kirby the pink puffball.He/She made many games but Im gonna go old school and review one of his/hers first classic adventure,Kirby's Adventure for the Nes.This game was released in 1993.

Just as any other game.You control Kirby as you clear each level and finally defeating a boss after a few levels.You get to suck and copy abilities.These two things are what made Kirby who is today.There are many levels to entertain you and they also have minigames that you can play once throughout the whole game.After Completing the levels and Boss you face Arch Nemesis Metaknight.After that everything in Dreamland is restored to normal.

Sorry for the short review its just that all this all I can write since this game is old.Anyways I will now rate the game.

Overall Rating
This game has really good graphics for an NES game! Of course it was made closer to the end of the NES era so it's obvious that the people that made it had better technology to use than the people that made Duck Hunt, but still the graphics are good! Alot of the graphics look cartoonish and colorful which is very fitting for a Kirby environment.

It's basic sound for a game like this, if Kirby shoots a laser you'll hear a Tseeerrrr! sound and if Kirby spits fire you'll hear a kind of Fwooom! sound. So nothing really fancy, but the music is a good translation of what you hear on the Game Boy version Kirby's Dreamland.The musicc is also very catchy and Amusing.

I played the Wii version so I used a GC control.Its really easy simple.
A- jump B-Swallow and Just move with the buttons.Its so easy my 6yr old sister plays it.

Its really like all the other Kirby games same fight boss beat bad guys and save Dreamland.Its still a great no matter what.

Its a very good game that lets any player of any age enjoy it.Not so sure about old people.For a NES game it looks very good and is very fun.Anyways enjoy
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By Xice on 09-25-2008, 11:43 PM
Ohh I have this Game..for my Wii It's a Nice Little game for me...
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