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D-Arts Mewtwo Review
D-Arts Mewtwo Review
Published by Aether_Fenris
D-Arts Mewtwo Review

Mewtwo was actually the first D-Arts Pokemon to be released, and was met with great excitement at launch. Despite his various issues, Mewtwo made the way fro move detailed and articulated Pokemon, from the previously releases Gen I starters to the coming Lucario.

Mewtwo's box is the same size as Venusaur and Blastoise and looks just as sleek. You may notice the silver sticker on the front, because this Mewtwo is from the initial launch. This means he includes a little extra. Gee, I wonder what it could possibly be...Unlike the other D-Arts Pokemon, Mewtwo's name is the same in English as it is in Japanese, so the box simply displays his English name.

Mewtwo's paintjob is quite reflective, so forgive me if my photos look a little washed out. Mewtwo's sculpt is extremely accurate, from his alien-like hands to the menacing scowl across his face. As you probably expected, though, there are some quality control issues here. My Mewtwo has multiple tiny paint error.s None of them are glaring or noticeable, but they are there. I can tell they tried to do some shading like they did with Charizard, but the paint on Mewtwo's sculpt goes on a bit thicker and makes it much less impressive.

Let's talk articulation, because Mewtwo has plenty of it! Mewtwo is ball jointed at both the top and base of the neck, giving his head lots of range to look just about any direction you could desire. This is assisted by the fact that the "hose on the back of his head is not really attached to anything, and is made of a soft PVC plastic. Instead of being attached, it simply fit into a hole on the back of the head, allowing it to bend where needed. Mewtwo also features a ball joint at the chest with an awesome range of motion. the waist is on a swivel, but is extremely limited. The shoulders are also ball jointed, but are limited due to the design on Mewtwo's "shoulderpads". Near this joint is a bicep swivel, and the elbows are on a very unnatural looking disc joint. I have no idea why they went with this design, because it really cuts into the sculpt and looks quite jarring. The hands are on tiny ball joints, and each finger is individually ball jointed. While it is kind of neat being able to manually move his fingers into varying poses, it does cut up the sculpt a bit and I would have preferred spare hands. Mewtwo's legs are on a staple joint of S.H. Figuarts' humans characters - a ball join that can be dislocated and moved downward for greater range. However, doing this leaves an unnatural gap and I prefer to just always leave mine in the up position. The knees, if they can be called that, are on ball joints and the toes on a swivel. Finally, we have Mewtwo's tail, which is impressively segmented into 10 ball joints and has some pretty amazing range of motion. When viewed from certain ranges, this tail can look very disjointed. This backs up my point from my Charizard review where I said in order to give his tail a better range of motion, they would have had to cut up the sculpt a lot more.

Moving on to accessories, Mewtwo includes very little. He comes with a shadow ball effect part and an extra hand designed to peg into it. This hand can be used to replace either the left or right hand. My shadow ball pegs in rather loosely, but it does function, however my main complaint about this piece is that rather than being a sphere it is somewhat disc like. It looks pretty pathetic at certain angles, but luckily Lucario's Aura Sphere is going to be an actual sphere.

Mewtwo also includes a Tamashe stage with a Pokeball on it, as all D-Arts Pokemon do. He also includes and arm and clip for the stand. Unlike the other Pokemon that include clips, Mewtwo can actually utilize it to create floating poses. I never feel too confident in the clasp's grip, though, and prefer to borrow Figma clips.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to own a first run Mewtwo, you also get a small figurine of Mew! Mew can fit onto the Tamashe arm and float next to Mewtwo, but features no articulation. Unfortunately 2 arms are not included, so if you want to have them both attached you'll have to borrow one from another figure.

Mewtwo, for all his problems, still looks pretty badass. Plus, there isn't likely to be a better Mewtwo on the market for some time, if ever! Mewtwo has been discontinued, and as such his prices are going up. He is generally found in the $60 range, which isn't marked up too badly from the original retail. Mew is at this point the deciding factor when it comes to price, and a first run Mewtwo is probably going to run in the $100 range, but I wouldn't recommend paying the extra because Mew is not all that impressive.

+Accurate sculpting
+lots of articulation

-Paint issues
-Tail looks very disjointed
-Elbows could have looked much better
-Shadow ball is pathetic

Join me next time as I take a look at the best secretary I've ever had!...well, the only secretary I've ever had, but still!
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By Brandyn on 03-03-2014, 11:02 PM
Nice. Mewtwo looks pretty cool.
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By Aether_Fenris on 03-04-2014, 01:50 PM
He looks pretty cool. I only honestly keep my D-Arts Pokemon because they're the only real Pokemon action figures in existance. I'm glad S.H. Figuarts is picking up the rest of the line, and I honestly hope Figuarts remakes Mewtwo at least.
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By JemStar on 03-04-2014, 02:21 PM
Looks pretty badass. It's a shame they've been discontinued. Nice review, as always.
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By Pokeman on 03-04-2014, 05:41 PM
o dang that looks cool
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By Mable on 03-05-2014, 04:32 AM
I always prefer when toys can stand on their own rather than those support stand things, so this is cool
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