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Figma Aigis Review
Figma Aigis Review
Published by Aether_Fenris
Figma Aigis Review

You may remember that Labrys is my favorite persona character, and my Persona 4 Arena main. Aigis is my secondary main from that game, and coincidentally is also Labry's younger sister. a Newer generation of Anti-Shadow suppression Weapon, Aigis relies on projectiles but also has a much more polite and dignified demeanor than her sister.

Because the box has to house all of her weapons, Aigis' box is actually roughly twice the size of a standard Figma box. Funny, because like Labrys, Aigis is quite small in stature. She features similarly dainty limbs and a small, soft face. Of course, as a heavily armored android, Aigis is anything but soft.

Aigis, reporting for duty!

Aigis has excellent paint application.the gold on some of her robotic parts really pops against the soft white of most of her body. her eyes, while small, a very expressive and she has lots a neat little details sculpted in, like the thrusters on her hips.

Standing by!

Aigis' articulation is marvelous, featuring lots of free moving ball joints. she really exemplifies the almost doll-like nature of Figma articulation and robotic nature of her body hides joints with precision. Her head is on a hinged rocker that allows her to look down quite a bit, though not so far up. She can also turn her head left or right and tilt as well for some really expressive poses. At the shoulder, Aigis has very exposed ball joints that get amazing range, but they don't stand out at all, due in part to her pauldrons. The pauldrons are also articulated, but there are small and quite loose. I do not display Aigis near the edge of my shelves, because if she were to take a dive those pieces would surely be lost. Aigis lacks a bicep swivel, but the elbow hinge can turn enough that you don't need one. the elbow is that classic Figma disc shaped joint that works so well. At the wrist, Aigis has a hinged peg allowing for 360 degree rotation and inward as well as outward movement. Aigis' chest is ball jointed allowing her to rock left and right, turn her upper body, and lean, though very slightly. The hips are y-jointed and get awesome range just like the shoulders, while the knees are the same as the elbow joints. Aigis' can actually sit, something a lot of Figmas have trouble pulling off. Aigis' feet reach just above her waist with the knee at full backward bend, so it gets some good range as well. Speaking of feet, however, Aigis' pointed feet do not allow her to stand on her own. Along with an included Figma stand, she also includes two clear pieces that allow her to balance.

Do you find my default feet to be insufficient?

Now we get to move on to those awesome weapons! Aigis' can actually have all of her weapons equipped at once, though this weighs her down quite a bit, so I don't like to do it. How do you accomplish equipping such large weapons even if it's just one, though, you might wonder? There s a piece on Aigis' back that removes to reveal a peg hole which an expansion piece with 3 peg holes can plug into.

Installation complete!

the first weapon she comes with is her rocket launcher! There are no effect to make it look like it is firing, however. It's quite detailed, which each missile bay being sculpted and painted. It is on a hinged arm, so it can be adjusted as needed. Unlike in the game, even if you bought multiple figures you could never display her with all 4 of her proper launchers.

Orgia mode activate!

She also includes her grenade launcher, which is actually hollowed on the inside and is on a similar hinge to the missile launcher. It also has 2 wires connecting it to the arm that, while a great detail, are very fragile. thought you were going to air combo her? How about no.

Providing backup!

Her last weapon, and my personal favorite, is her machine gun. this thing is huge and super detailed! Also included is a blast effect part that can attach to any of the barrels. This gun also has wires like the grenade launcher, so be careful.

Locking on!

Full auto!

As you may has noticed, Aigis includes 2 faces. One is calm, and peaceful while the other is screaming or angered. Both are very well sculpted and detailed. While she does only have 2 face plates, I can forgive it due to the awesome weapons she includes. You may have also noticed the extra hair piece with the visor. This piece is actually the first example of Figma quality control problems I have yet to run into. Not surprising given their high standards - even minor paint errors cause figures to be marked as defective if caught. The pieces that slide into the back of the head connecting it to the face had too much excess plastic. I remedied this by cutting off the excess with an exacto knife.

Like most Figmas, Aigis includes several sets of hands and a tree to store them on. She comes with 2 closed fists, 2 saluting hands, 2 open hands, 2 grasping hands and 2 hands made specifically for holding her Gatling gun.Of course, she also comes with a figma bag to store these parts in, but I purchased my Aigis secondhand and the bag was not included.

Labrys-senpai...please come peacefully.

Aigis is really packing heat, and that's honestly her coolest feature. That's not to say she wouldn't be a great figure even without them. It's obvious a lot of care and delicacy when into the sculpting process to make her as screen-accurate as possible. It is disappointing that she cannot stand on her own, but it's really hard to hold it against this figure. Right now, your only hope for obtaining Aigis is the secondary market where she generally fetches the hefty sum of $80-$100. Quite an investment, but luckily I found someone willing to give me an excellent deal on her.

+amazing sculpt details
+great paintwork
+accessories are exemplary

-Cannot stand on her own
-accessories create balance issues

Next time, I'll be doing my first review of a domestic figure...oh, and it can twerk.

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By Alice on 03-19-2014, 10:48 PM
I've never even played Persona and I want that figma.
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By Nintenduendo on 03-19-2014, 11:54 PM
*snickersnicker* Orgia mode.
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By Aether_Fenris on 03-20-2014, 08:52 PM
It isn't even pronounced that way, lol
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