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Marvel Legends Infinite Superior Spiderman Review
Marvel Legends Infinite Superior Spiderman Review
Published by Aether_Fenris
Marvel Legends Infinite Superior Spiderman Review

So this is actually the first review I've written of a non-Japanese action figure. You might also be wondering why I'm reviewing Spiderman when my reviews always focus on video game character. Well, first off, Spiderman has been in videogames longer than some of you have been alive, and secondly I really would like to expand away from only reviewing game characters. I'll leave that up to your feedback, however.

Marvel Legends is actually a very important figure line. Started in 2002 by Toy Biz, the line sought to produce highly articulated Marvel heroes, and while it succeeded in this, the sculpts in the early days were kind of...well, bad. The line has since been taken over by Hasbro, and has also seen a number of improvements over the years in terms of sculpting. Marvel Legends actually help pioneered advanced articulation, and pretty much every modern line owes something to Legends.

Sorry for the glare on the box, this was the best picture I was able to get. The Marvel Legends Infinite series has a new box design that I really like. It features tabs on the back allowing you to open the side and slide out the tray housing the figure. This preserves the box for future storage. I know that sounds like such a simple thing, but most domestic figures come in packaging that you can't open without mutilating. A welcome change to the Legends line's previous cards and blisters.

Superior Spiderman is from the comic book series...well, Superior Spiderman. In this series, Peter Parker actually dies, and Doctor Octopus inserts his mind into Parker's body aiming to be a better superhero and better person than Parker was. So technically, this is a Doctor Octopus action figure. What a twist! Superior's paint apps are pretty spectacular and all the line work on the web pattern came out nice and clean. I did notice some small paint errors on his waste, though. The sculpt is undeniably spider man. A small but built frame and slender proportions lend themselves well. The hands are in a gripping position, although he includes nothing to hold, and he actually comes with an extra set of hands. The Infinite series really stepped things up by including stuff like this, and it seems like Hasbro is finally catching on. The extra set is none other than his web shooting hands!

Alternatively, Spidey can totally rock out with these. I only wish I had a Figma Miku or Yui to put in this image.

Let's talk articulation, because this guy has plenty. The head is on a swivel hinge that gets some of the best range I've ever seen out of any figure. the shoulders, while on a ball peg allowing them to rotate, also come on a really awesome hinge that allow you to bring the arms inward or outward. Spidey also has a bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, and swivel-hinge wrists. His ab crunch is easily the best I've ever seen - this thing gets insane range. At the waist as well as both hips he has a cut joint for rotation, but like most figures with cut joints they break up the sculpt too much when utilized. I really wish they would find an alternative to this, as cut joints are very outdated at this point. the legs are on a ball pegged T-joint and the knees are double jointed like the elbows. Finally, the feet are on some really great ankle rockers with awesome swivel range. This figure lends itself very well to crawling poses due to most of these new joints that get such great range...or, ya know, twerking.

fun fact: Some collectors actually refer to this figure as 'Twerk Spiderman'

Superior Spiderman is an excellent sign of things to come from Marvel Legends future, and because of him I went and checked out some other Marvel Legends Infinite offerings from both this and the Captain America: Winter Soldier line. With the Guardians of the Galaxy line set to debut later this year, I couldn't be more excited. This figure also includes a build-a-figure part for Ultimate Green Goblin, but I'm not talking about that figure, or at least not now. Superior Spiderman can be found at most department stores, toy stores, or online for $20-$25, and is well worth the price of admission.

+very few paint errors
+Mind blowing articulation
+Shows much improvement from previous Spiderman figures

-cut joints are gross
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By Zero on 03-21-2014, 10:29 PM
Good review, mang. I've actually been looking at this one.

I'm not a Superior Spidey hater.
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By Aether_Fenris on 03-21-2014, 10:31 PM
Originally Posted by Zero View Post
Good review, mang. I've actually been looking at this one.

I'm not a Superior Spidey hater.
Thanks. In the case that someone does dislike Superior, I'm pretty sure that the amazing Spiderman figue from this way is just a pallette swap, but I don't own one to confirm that. Since you've been gone a while, you should look back at my other figure reviews. I did a bunch of Figmas and D-Arts.
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By Zero on 03-21-2014, 10:59 PM
Oh really? Cool. Will do.
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By Nintenduendo on 03-21-2014, 11:31 PM
I really love your reviews on the figures. They're highly informative and very entertaining.

Dat Spider-booty tho
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By SanePsychoSuper on 03-26-2014, 05:16 PM
Keep up with the figure review. I really love them. Besides being informative, they're pretty entertaining. lol
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