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Marvel Legends Ultimate Green Goblin Review
Marvel Legends Ultimate Green Goblin Review
Published by Aether_Fenris
Marvel Legends Ultimate Green Goblin Review

I mentioned in my Superior Spiderman review that he came with a build-a-figure piece for Ultimate Green Goblin. Build-a-figure's are ussually very large, with some exceptions, having pieces packed in with the rest of the wave. In this case you needed the following from the Amazing Spiderman 2 wave of the Marvel Legends Infinite series: Either Carnage or Toxin, Electro, Amazing Spiderman, either Black Cat or Spidergirl, either Beetle or Boomerang and Superior Spiderman...the result is this!

Goblin is HUGE, and towers over other Legends figures the way a BAF should! This dude is hulking!....literally. Some of his parts are resculpted from an old Hulk BAF, and we all know how big The Hulk is. I just really hope this guy is going to be in the upcoming Spiderman movie because frankly, this looks nothing like the Ultimate Green Goblin I know.





So, comic book accuracy aside, this guy has some impressive detailing. All of the runs in his muscles are sculpted, as are veins in his arms. His teeth are meticulously sculpted and painted, giving him a nice little snarling look. My problem is the lack of paint on the rest of him. they painted his spikes and horns a sort of bone color, why not give his fingers and toes the same treatment?

Goblin's head is on a simple ball joint, but it has enough range to get the job done. The large abdominal joint gets good twist range and some decent forward motion, but can't go back at all. The spikes on the shoulders don't get in the way of the swivel-hinge at all, but at the elbow his double-joint is effected, essentially becoming single jointed. That isn't a big deal at all, and doesn't impede his possibility. With enough force and patience, you CAN get the second joint to move, though it's uses are few. The hips are also ball hinged and the knees are double jointed. The feet are on really good ankle rockers and get way more range that you will ever need them to. the only real annoyance is the flame pieces on his arms and back. They aren't actually attached, but are rather simple laying on him, which means you usually have to take them off, pose him, and reattach them.

I was actually going to review this figure last in the line, but I just decided to trade him a figure I want much more, and thought I'd go ahead and review him. this figure is certainly not bad. The articulation is decent, and he looks quite intimidating, but the character simply does not appeal to me. You can generally buy these complete for $35-$50 online, but of course the most fun way is to buy the various figures to complete him yourself. On a side note, if I had good modding skills, I'd totally make a Ganon out of this!

+surprisingly nimble for its size

-lack of paint
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By Pokeman on 03-23-2014, 09:34 PM
That is not the green goblin I am used to seeing at all
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By Aether_Fenris on 03-23-2014, 10:41 PM
that's what leads me to speculate the this iteration is from the upcoming movie.
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