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Army Of Darkness
Army Of Darkness
Published by Jason
Author review
Movie Rating
Average 85%
Army Of Darkness

You wouldn't think that by looking at the images that this movie is a comedy. It was released in 1992 and stars Bruce Campbell as Ash. A man who was accidentally sent to the past. Before this happens, he had to cut one of his hands off taken over courtesy of demonic forces, before the infection spreads.This is one of the funniest damn movies I've ever seen. With one good hand, a gun and chainsaw he must find his way back to his time. He is now stuck in medieval times with a bunch of scared townsfolk. They attempt to kill him by tossing him into a pit where a ferocious monster resides. About to be killed, someone tosses the chainsaw down to Ash were he then proceeds to kill the monster with it.

In order to get home he must help the people find the Necronomicon. A book with special powers that they need to save their kingdom from evil forces. The wizards in the town give him a few words that he must say exactly in order to take the book. As he sets out for the location he comes across the stone shelf which has 3 copies of the Necronomicon to choose from. Of course Ash forgets the words given to him and decides to speak gibberish combined with coughing in the hopes that it will work. It doesn't. He just guesses and picks one of the books. It comes to life and bites down on his hands flapping its pages and everything. He returns to town without the book. Much to everyone's chagrin. The people are now doomed. Evil forces combine and set out to take over the kingdom of these poor folks. I'll leave it here. I don't want to ruin any fun for the viewers who haven't seen it.

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