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Marvel Legends Infinite Winter Soldier Review
Marvel Legends Infinite Winter Soldier Review
Published by Aether_Fenris
Marvel Legends Infinite Winter Soldier Review

I literally just got home from seeing Captain America: Winter Soldier and I have to see, it's pretty amazing. I really never cared for Cap as a character but this movie changed my mind on him. It is also the cinematic introduction of the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes. What better time to review his Legends figure?

The first thing I have to say about this figure is that it actually has a lot of unique parts and molds. Some figures tend to reuse parts from older ones, but as far as I know, Winter Soldier has his own unique mold. I do kind of wish that some of the details were painted a little more, like his jacket, but in the end this is a really detailed figure and I'm happy with it.

Right off the bat, my first complaint is his gun. It's this big, red sniper rifle that is super unrealistic. Maybe this was to keep parent complaints down for people who bought these for their children, because God forbid the next generation should know what a rifle looks like, but that argument is rendered moot by the fact that Baron Zemo, released in this same wave had a realistic pistol, and so did Red Skull (although Red Skull also included a second, wonky looking pistol). Even worse is that Bucky can't even properly hold this gun. I borrowed some more realistic guns from other figures, and they work quite nicely with him.

Winter Soldier also includes a second head which is his unmasked face. This is a neat inclusion but I would have preferred if there was a single head and the mask and goggles their own accessories. There are several scenes in the movie where the soldier removes his goggles, leaving his half mask on, and you can't replicate that. On the plus side, the face is very screen accurate.

Bucky has a decent bit of articulation with a couple of minor annoyances. the head is on a ball swivel, and he can look left and right pretty well. His hair, however, prevents much upward and downward movement. The vest around his chest is removable if you so desire. The shoulders are on a ball without a hinge. This is a rarity for a Legends, and I guess it was because they didn't want to break up the painted on soviet star on his left arm. even so, it feels a bit lazy for it to not be included on the right. He does have a pretty useful bicep swivel, though, and the elbows are double jointed. The hands are unfortunately not hinged. The ab joint allows for some nice forward motion, but little backwards. /his belt is its own separate piece, which is neat. It includes a sculpted in knife, but it kind of sucks that he didn't come with a knife accessory and functional sheathe. The waist is on a cut joint, which I usual hate, but the belt keeps the sculpt break from being noticeable. The T-jointed hips are alright, but could have better range. The waist joints are the usual cut joints but again this figure actually pulls them off without breaking the sculpt much. The knees are double jointed, and the feet are on swivel hinges, but are lacking rockers.

I am overall satisfied with Winter Soldier and for the $20 he costs me, he's pretty great. Most of my annoyances have logical reasons for being in place, but some are a bit inexcusable. Winter Soldier is not the rarest figure in the line, but he's not common either, so if you look for him online you may have to pay above MSRP.

+very screen accurate
+sculpt is well preserved

-a knife would have been nice, and I wish the goggles/mask were seperate
-some articulation given up for sculpt
-his gun is ridiculous
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