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The Green Mile
The Green Mile
Published by Jason
Author review
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The Green Mile

This film released in 1999 by Warner Bros. Pictures was produced and directed by Frank Darabont It was based on the novel by Stephen King. The story is set in the 1930's, and is about a black man wrongly accused of killing two young girls when in actuality, was trying to save their lives. The father, looking for the girls sees blood by the door to their home. In a panic, he and some friends grab their rifles and head out to find them. From a distance they see a black man named John Coffey played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan sitting in the field holding two dead bloody young girls and he is crying saying that he tried to "Take it back" . It is made clear later on in the movie what he meant by "Take it back." He is then turned over to the police and sent to death row, also known as the Green Mile. It is there where Coffey meets the guards and the other prisoners. Upon his arrival to prison he is escorted in by what the viewers will see as the movie progresses, a complete jerk named Percy Wetmore, brilliantly played by Doug Hutchison This hemorrhoid has relatives in high places which he thinks gives him carte blanche to do whatever he pleases on the job. The senior guard played by Tom Hanks, is named Paul Edgecombe. His right hand man Brutus "Brutal" Howell , played by David Morse hates Percy more than anyone and has had to be calmed by Edgecombe on a few occasions.

Much to the surprise of the guards, Coffey is a meek and polite man with a heart of gold. In a couple of scenes, it is shown that Edgecombe is suffering from a urinary issue causing him much pain to urinate. It's business as usual around the mile until a new prisoner arrives who is a hyper badass criminal with a fondness for causing trouble. When a couple of guards go to the hospital to pick him up, he pretends that he is drugged out of his mind. Drooling and all. The guards fall for it and then escort him back to the mile. After a few steps in he drops his ruse and turns into a crazy idiot causing Brutus to knock him out with his nightstick. Not before he kicks Edgecombe in the balls though. (As if Edgecombe isn't suffering in that area enough already.) He is taken away by the rest of the guards leaving Edgecombe on the floor in much pain. This is where Coffey asks him to come over to the cell. Edgecombe proceeds to do so and is asked by Coffey to come closer. He does so. At that point, Coffey grabs his genitals and the light fixture begins to shine like you wouldn't believe. Edgecombe feeling so much better after the experience is able to urinate like normal with much relief. The movie then shows Edgecombe arriving home and begins to seduce his wife. They have sex multiple times because Coffey "Took Back" Edgecombe's illness, thus healing him by absorbing his pain and then expelling a cloud of what appear to be bees. If I say any more it will ruin the fun for those who haven't seen it. This movie is without a doubt one of the most powerful and brilliantly put together movies I've ever seen. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it. You'll be glad that you did. It is a very emotional movie with an awesome cast!


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By Genolinkero on 04-15-2014, 05:21 PM
Loved this book/movie/review!

One of my first Stephen king reads, and by far my favorite.

Keep it up!
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