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Tekken 3
Tekken 3
Published by Jason
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Average 89%
Tekken 3

Released in 1998 by Namco, this installment in the legendary series would prove to dominate over the one before it. Big time! Some consider it to be one of the best fighting games for the the PS1. The graphics have been souped up royal. They are much, much sharper and with an enormous amount of color usage and shade in all the right places. There are much more new moves that are easily executed with great speed and flow. Almost all of the classic characters are present and with a few new ones. Being able to change the fighter's clothes is also available. The backgrounds were courtesy of Kodak which made for wonderful backgrounds in all of the stages. The sound just kills! Very suitable for a fighting game indeed. As with most titles of this genre there is a difficulty setting that will suit every player from amateur to expert. The opponents you face "Learn". If you continue to dish out the same attack all the time, the game will pick it up and defend accordingly to help avoid "Cheesy" wins. Just like in 2, there are many different game modes. Some are hilarious, others are awesome!

This game has tremendous replay value. With all of the different modes and difficulty levels, there's much more to discover each time you play a new game. The game offers rewards depending on the choices you make with the modes and characters you choose. The endings are just stunning! In my opinion, the best endings I've ever seen out of all of the titles in this series that I've played. The programmers really offered a sweet treat to those who complete the game. The graphics of the endings will blow you away! Some of the character's martial arts styles are dead on accurate. If you are into TaeKwonDo, chances are you will identify with Hwoarang and maybe even recognize some of his kicks. If you are a wrestling buff, you might like using King. The various modes in the game are as follows: Time Attack, Team Battle, Practice Mode, Survival Mode, Tekken Force Mode and Tekken Ball Mode. The Tekken Force Mode is a blast! You can choose any character (Even True Ogre) you want and play a game that goes in stages which culminate into an interesting ending. The stages sort of scroll left to right in the same way as they do in the Capcom game Final Fight It's not as easy as it sounds. Each stage will test your skills to the max so it's important to use a character that you are really familiar with. The treasure waiting for you at the end will make all of your hard work worth it. If you haven't already played it by now, give this one a shot. PS1 titles are starting to get valuable and tougher to get. My 2 local EB Games don't even have any PS1 titles for sale. Nor does another local store that sells used PS1 titles.




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By Brandyn on 04-16-2014, 09:12 AM
While I like 2D plane fighters more, I can certainly see Tekken's appeal. I love Tekken 6 and 3D. I want Tag Tournament 2 but was told it is already discontinued.
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By Aether_Fenris on 04-17-2014, 12:55 PM
Get Tekkend Tag 2, Brandyn, it's amazing.

3 might be technically the best of the PS1 era, but I'll always prefer Tekken 2.
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