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Mario Super Sluggers
Mario Super Sluggers
Published by Jason
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Mario Super Sluggers

The programmers of this game really went to town to ensure that this release for the Wii has very much to offer the Nintendo fans. Developed by Namco Bandai games and released in North America on August 25th, 2008 this game is packed with cool features and is a long one depending on how far the player wants to take it. One cool feature is that you aren't required to use the Nunchuk controls. You have the option of just using the remote instead. It's a preference thing among the gamers. This game is fantastic in every way except that it is very frustrating in parts. It's a difficult game to master. Some missions are just brutal to complete. To say that this game is a challenge is a understatement of the greatest magnitude. It will put all of your skills and patience to the test, but you are richly rewarded for your effort. The sound is great! The remote and television combine for an awesome auditory experience. If I have one complaint, it's that using the remote to walk around is a little annoying at times. When it comes to the music I wouldn't change it for the world. It's classic Mario. The manual that comes with it is very thorough and easy to understand. The game also hosts a bunch of cheats and codes for the player.

At the main menu the player is given 6 choices: Exhibition, Challenge, Minigames, Toy Field, Training, and Records. They're pretty self explanatory.The features in the game include: Specialized batting and pitching that allows the player to choose what types of pitches he or she throws and the same thing goes for batting, giving the player a choice that he or she feels comfortable using depending on the situation during a game. This game has a little north of 60 playable characters. Each with their own special skills on the playing field. Every character has these. Some have special abilities like "Super Jump". This ability is very handy in the outfield. Yoshi has an ability called "Tongue Catch". This allows him to use his tongue to catch the ball even when he is a little further away from it than the other players are because of its reach. Another important feature is "Chemistry". How well players play together depends on their chemistry. Chemistry, both bad and good, affects characters near each other in the field, as well as the batting order. When choosing your roster, check for a little icon resembling a music note to see which characters play well together. Bowser Jr. wants to take control of every stadium on the island. The object is to build up a strong team and defeat him so he can't cause anymore crap. The more good chemistry your players have, the better chances you have of winning.

Not every potential character will ask you to complete a scout mission. Some will join if you do them favors or for finishing certain levels in the game. Some are secretly hidden throughout the island. Some characters you encounter are referred to as "Bosses". These characters are much like your party members you would see in an rpg like Final Fantasy. Bosses are different than the other characters you recruit for your team. When you are walking around you see only the leader of your party. You start the game off with Mario. After completing a certain mission, a boss character such as Donkey Kong will join your party. After that, you can now switch back and forth as the leader. Every boss has a special ability that can only be used if they're the leader of your party. Mario's is being able to go down pipes that lead to certain things and places. Donkey Kong's special ability is smashing barrels apart looking for stuff such as gold coins or even a secret character hidden in a barrel.

This game has a ton of unlockables and secrets that do some awesome stuff! Almost every action you take can result in unlocking something. If you buy Luigi's flashlight at the store, it unlocks his mansion which turns out to be a stadium also. You can unlock characters, stamps, items, and the list goes on. Always make sure to visit every shop. Most just sell cards that characters can buy to use before a game starts to improve their performance. There's one called "Power Bat" I believe, that gives the chosen player a 50% increase in their batting ability that lasts the entire ball game then disappears, but always check every store you find. Some sell rare items that you can only buy at that particular place. Even special items. Other than this, I really don't have much else to say. What's left is just things the player will learn by experience.




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By Mario on 06-06-2014, 04:58 PM
Good review as always kid, be sure to put this on in the ROTM.
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