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Home Alone SNES games
Home Alone SNES games
Keep the games, you filthy animals.
Published by Brandyn
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Home Alone SNES games

It's not quite Christmas yet but, what the heck. Let's take a look at this one for fun, shall we? Now, some things just don't go together. Water and oil, Superman and Kryptonite. Apparently, Maculay Culkin and Nintendo is one of those combinations. This is Home Alone for the Super NES, one of the games that was the bane of many childhoods thanks to parents and grandparents who either didn't know any better, or were too cheap to spend a few extra bucks on Super Mario World.

Just like the movie, you're Kevin McCallister...I think. Apparently they couldn't even be bothered to at least color his shirt red like the burglar battle scene in the movie. Anyway you are Kevin and it is your job to run around the house and protect the valuables from the burglars.
To do this, you need to go from room to room and check every drawer, cabinet, and...toilet...for the valuables. You can only carry a certain amount before you need to deposit the the valuables you have on you down the laundry chute a couple stories onto the hard, concrete floor below. Hopefully this kid doesn't get end up working at a rare antique store or something.

Once you have secured all the valuables, you will earn the key to the basement. Down there you will have boss battles against iconic villains from the film such as the giant rat, the ghost, and the giant spider. I learned that ghosts can be defeated by simply throwing bricks at their head. And they say games aren't educational. Seriously, I think the McCallisters have bigger problems in the house than burglars. Anyway, upon defeating the boss you move on to the next wing of the house to rinse and repeat.Enemies include an assortment of generic mobsters who I certaintly do not recall from the movie, as well as Harry and Marv themselves.

To the game's credit though, it is actually a step up from most other movie based games. The graphics are colorful and decent for the time, the music is actually kind of catchy. But, being a little bit better than most other movie games isn't saying much, and this was a rather disappointing stocking stuffer. Most of the "valuables", which include an unhealthy amount of candelabras, trophies, green chaos emeralds, and even "exotic pets", are pretty easy to find. Only some of them take a slight bit of thinking to attain.

The combat in this game is done through things like slingshots, baseballs and...BB Rifles. Okay I have to admit, running around the Home Alone house killing bad guys with BB rifles as Kevin is pretty awesome. The game gets extra points just for that. But these weapons run on ammo and when the ammo is gone, you are down to your main weapon...the squirt gun. What do you mean you don't remember the part from the movie where Kevin runs around using a squirt gun on the robbers? Amusingly, they double over when squirted and grunt in pain, which makes me worried about what the liquid in the squirt gun actually is.

Mercifully, the game is only four levels long so there really isn't that much harm done. It does have alot of cathartic value as well, as you may have guessed. Plus, what's arguably the best game over screen ever, which is fitting since it's the same face we made after playing the game anyway.
But don't worry, there is a sequel.

Told you it was the best game over screen ever.

Home Alone 2 on the SNES. Yes, they tried again. Rather than making the game a collect-a-thon though, this one is a straightforward platformer.
It kicks off in the Plaza Hotel, taking place in the scene where Kevin comes back to the hotel after having been chased through the city by Harry and Marv, only to be chased out of the Hotel by the staff for using a stolen credit card. Apparently, risking capture by the burglars was a more enticing option than simply explaining to the police that he needed a place to stay while in New York.

It was in this game that I first witnessed child strangulation, which is what happens if the Consierge catches you. I like how they start you off right next to him. Home Alone 2 is home to one of the most bizarre levels in gaming history, which is this Hotel stage. Here, you will do battle against evil vaccuums, luggage, and even the bellboys and maids are out to kill you. Reserve your room today!

This game is only four levels long as well. I am still a little scared to go to New York City the way this game portrays it. Apparently, Central Park (level 2) is full of killers hiding in bushes waiting to pop out and shank anyone who walks by. Level 3 is the burglar battle sequence where you run around the Uncle's rennovated house and kick the crud out of Marv and Harry with traps. Everytime you take them out you get a key, until you get the final key you need to leave the house. This all culminates in a showdown in the branches of the giant Christmas Tree at Rockafeller, after a jog through New York which consists of being chased by the burglars while dodging floating trash can lids, flowerpots that always fall from every windowsill you run under, and TVs that are inexplicably hanging from ropes and fall when you walk under them.

The graphics are a step up from the original though, and at least Kevin looks marginally like he did in the movie. And to be fair, the controls are actually pretty decent. This game gets points for having one of the most amusing game weapons ever: A bazooka that fires boxing gloves. One thing that is hilarious is that the credits to the game are actually viewed before the title sequence, as if the developers know you likely won't want to finish the game.

So in short, yeah Home Alone and video games aren't a match made in Heaven. But the games are kind of like guilty pleasures for me. Especially given the sheer cathartic value. Plus...I mean BOXING GLOVE BAZOOKAS.
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By Megas75 on 05-13-2014, 12:17 AM
I always thought this was kind of a fun game, even if it's not the best
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By JemStar on 05-13-2014, 06:47 PM
Haha, awesome review. I don't recall seeing ghosts or giant spiders either.
I really want these games now, lol.
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