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Published by Cloud7
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Average 98%

Yep Turok.......Turok!!!

Okay so the is a very detailed story and it does deliver the are probably asking what goods.........well play the game!!!! But yeah the story is very good you take control of the main character Joseph Turok on a mission to a backwater planet to detain Kane leader of Wolfpack and Turok's former mentor. All was going as planned when the ship was attacked and crashes on the planet! What is left of the crew and Turok is left on the planet.............and it is not a so quiet is full of Dinosaurs and all types of different monsters and they are still determined to finish the mission. But along the way you see flashbacks to when Turok was in Wolfpack and how exactly corrupt it was and still is. But now he is in the Whiskey Company.....yes I said it right and I was laughing when I heard the name of it! I will not spoil the last boss but I will tell you that you see it about 20 minutes into the game............and you have to kill it with a knife. But yeah the story is awesome and I give it a 9.5!

Graphics yup graphics. Okay so they are perfect in the game and if you can see I don't shizy video games like *cough* but yeah like every other game I play the graphics are top notch and I am going to try to keep it that way if I can and yes I am going to try hard! lol the character models are awesome in the game and the Mohawk=cool!! But yeah besides the character models there are the dino's which are well constructed masterpieces and very deadly btw but masterpieces none the less! I give the graphics a 10! And if you couldn't tell by the pictures I am putting it is a game made by Touchstone yes the movie company!!!

Now controls and gameplay. OKay so this game runs on the Unreal Engine too but it is more modified than the one for the Gears of War game and yes it works well with the game. One of the modifications that was made was to the camera if you get attacked it goes to the 3rd person view for many reasons. Like Gears it has the action button for you basic stuff it has more buttons to work with in this game though. Now for the part I have been waiting eagerly to cover is the weapons of the game. For the first weapon in the game it a Machine gun which is useful for a bit.....but my most favorite weapons are the Knife and the Bow...most people are probably reading this and are like "WTF you choose a Knife and a bow over Machine guns, rocket launchers, Flame throwers, and chain guns!!!!!!" and I have an answer for that they are better than the guns for most you got 10 raptors around you and you got the choice between the knife or a Machine gun the natural choice would be the gun but not for me and if you know what is good for you then you will use the knife. One reason I love the knife is because you can kill raptors with one hit kills and nearly every other thing except for one thing and I am not going into that for spoiler reasons. And FYI the Bow is better than the rocket launcher Yes I am not is so much better and play your cards right and get the drop on an enemy and you can pin them to a wall. There is one gun I keep around and it is the shotgun! Once you find one don't let it go because it comes in handy for so many being the flare launcher because you can distract Dino's with it! Also one of my favorite things to do is make something that is called a meat fountain.............yes fountain!!! Well I rambled on long enough I give it a 10!!!

Sound..............well I liked it! It is very interesting when telling when an enemy is close or far because the sound makes it all! The Dino's roaring will scare the heck out of you if you are not expecting it and there are times that it does happen and if you have surround sound then you can tell the direction that the enemy is coming from and it is very useful! and the music is not too bad that is the only beef I have with it because it is recycled from other games I have played! But I give the sound a 9.5!

Overall this is a very good game and if you are over 17 go grab a copy and start the huntbut remember this important rule and I quote!! "Dinosaurs eat meat, you are meat RUN!!!!!"

Now some video's!!!

I hope you enjoyed the review more coming soon!

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By Mario on 09-10-2008, 07:53 AM
Another good review Cloud...I remember the first turok game. Glad to see ya back doing more good reviews!
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By marvman3 on 09-10-2008, 09:19 AM


Marvman remembers this series when it first came out for the N64...

It was one of the best FPS games of that era.
Under Konami Marvman thinks....

It introduced us to a lost world filled with Dinosaurs,
and savages.

Using a bow, numerous guns, and others Marvman can't remember.

It was rockn.

Now this one continues the tradition.

Its dissapointing its not on the Wii as well....

But thats understandable.

Great review again Cloud.

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By SeanMi on 10-05-2008, 10:35 AM
i heard the game wasnt that good. and it got a low score (not by you)
but nice review!
Last edited by SeanMi; 10-05-2008 at 10:37 AM..
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By Xice on 10-05-2008, 08:34 PM
Nice review and Game
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